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88. By dobey on 2011-09-27

* New upstream release.
  - No watches needed on parent folders (LP: #838111)
  - Root is always subscribed (LP: #842839)
  - Unicode path asserts failing (LP: #845009)
  - Local Rescan is putting non-UTF8 paths into syncdaemon (LP: #696901)
  - IOError in tritcask metadata (LP: #776386)
  - Missinglogin_email_password on Linux (LP: #831043)
  - Unsubscribing share and deleting content triggers unlinks (LP: #820353)
  - Only make the link if it doesn't exist (LP: #833812)
  - Client restarts on SSL connection error (LP: #833388)
  - Stop logging sensitive data (LP: #837488)
  - Add delay to the hash queue (LP: #838104)
  - Crash if no keydir stats for inactive file (LP: #848224)
  - Use correct desktop file for launcher progress bar (LP: #851187)
  - Folder nesting check is incorrect (LP: #854776)
  - Should have a --version switch for u1sdtool (LP: #379841)
* debian/control:
  - Update versions of some dependencies to be more correct
  - Recommend ubuntuone-installer needed for Unity launcher integration

87. By dobey on 2011-08-25

* New upstream release.
  - Work correctly with static and GI bindings of gobject (LP: #829186)

86. By dobey on 2011-08-12

* Update gir1.2-unity requirement, and make it a Recommends again
* Update ubuntuone-storage-protocol requirement

85. By dobey on 2011-08-09

* New upstream release.
* debian/*:
  - Removed obsolete pycompat file
  - Removed ubuntuone-client-gnome deps and binary packaging, as it was
    moved out to separate project upstream.
  - Updated copyright to remove obsolete file reference
* debian/patches:
  - Removed patches which have been included upstream.

84. By Didier Roche on 2011-07-08

* debian/patches/01_dont_crash_on_zg_crash.patch:
  - fix crash when zg is crashing on initialization (LP: #807203)
* debian/patches/02_build_with_new_flags.patch:
  - remove a set unused variable making the build failing

83. By dobey on 2011-06-24

* New upstream release.
  - Launcher progress bar is uninformative (LP: #779851)
  - libsyncdaemon header breaks compilation in C++ (LP: #801263)
  - Install extensions to correct ABI directories (LP: #800723)
  - Never sees NetworkManager connection (LP: #791548)
* Replace gconf-defualts with a gsettings schema override for g-s-d plug-in
* Convert to dh_python2
* Don't hardcode the ABI version for the g-s-d plug-ins directory

82. By dobey on 2011-04-27

* Use Depends instead of Recommends to pull in Unity API (LP: #770379)
* New upstream release.
  - Remove patches already included in upstream
  - Uploads fail due to starvation (LP: #767466, #766102)
  - Logging defaults to DEBUG, should be INFO (LP: #765441)
* Require new version of ubuntuone-storage-protocol for LP: #767466

81. By dobey on 2011-04-25

Fix the Recommends for Unity API (LP: #770379)

80. By dobey on 2011-04-21

[Chris Coulson]
Only free the GconfValue when it is not NULL (LP: #767825)

79. By dobey on 2011-04-20

* 01_broken-sso-dbus-api.patch:
  - Fix the broken usage of SSO D-Bus API (LP: #764646, #759197)
* 02_check-enabled-before-dbus.patch:
  - Check that file sync is enabled before D-Bus connection (LP: #759714)

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