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8. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-08-05

* Fix segfault when launch swami on a 64-bit machine (LP: #810569).
* Rebuild for fluidsynth transition (LP: #821346).

7. By Alessio Treglia on 2011-04-28

* Team upload.
* Correct small typo in package description, thanks to Davide Prina
  for reporting this (Closes: #609591).
* Remove ladcca-dev from Build-Depends.
* Bump Standards.

6. By mira on 2010-12-03

[ Jaromír Mikeš ]
* New upstream release, reintroduce this in Debian (Closes: #603262).
* Bump Standards version.
* Change to one_space_ style in control file
* Removed debian/dirs file.
* Reworked copyright file.
* Fix watch file.
* Changed control file to build swami-dev and swami-doc package too
* Update debhelper version in Build-Depends.
* Refresh build-dependencies.
* Switch to format '3.0 (quilt)'.
* Add gbp's configuration file.
* Add debian/*.install.
* Removed lines for for operating tarball from debian/rules.
* Changed maintainer, add Uploaders field, improved readability,
  added Vcs-* tags, add Homepage field.
* Change DH compatibility from 4 to 7.
* Add debian/get-svn-source.sh file.
* README.source file added to document how to retrieve new releases
  from upstream's SVN.
* Added cmake as build dep, build system changed by upstream.
* Add debian/swami.manpages, various improvements to the manpages.
* Update address in copyright file
* Fix swami.install file, removed symbolic links from no-dev package.
* Removed bzip2 from build dependencies.
* Added patch for desktop file explicit UTF-8 Encoding
* Symbols file added.

[ Alessio Treglia ]
* Rewrite debian/copyright, fix various issues.
* Switch to DH7 short-form as requested by the sponsoree. Drop CDBS.
* Re-order changelog, drop all unnecessary entries.
* Moves shared libs into libswami0 (shared libraries), rename
  libswami-dev and adjust it properly.
* Fix libraries path, fix installation path of shlibs.
* Add patch to remove suffix from shlibs installation path.
* Remove documentation file, we'll reintoduce that in the future when
* Explicitly set cmake as build system.
* Improve runtimes descriptions.
* Add -DBG package.

5. By Nathan Handler on 2008-08-16

Add debian/swami.desktop and debian/swami.xpm (LP: #258586)

4. By Luke Yelavich on 2007-11-29

Rebuild for libglib1.2 -> libglib1.2ldbl transition.

3. By Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <email address hidden> on 2006-11-17

New upstream version

2. By Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <email address hidden> on 2005-04-20

added replaces and conflicts fields for smurf

1. By Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <email address hidden> on 2005-04-20

Import upstream version 0.9.2

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