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157. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
Added patches:
(LP: #867444)
(LP: #864071)
These two patches affect users not having their volume correctly
set on port change (LP: #877954)

156. By David Henningsson

-cal.patch: Update to fix skype regression as well (LP: #865820)

155. By Scott Kitterman

[ Matthias Klose ]
* Drop build dependency on libatomic-ops-dev. Not needed on !ia64.

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Add debian/patches/0102-Always-return-a-three-part-version-number-in-API
  -cal.patch to fix regression in pulseaudio version detection by
  applications depending on the three part version number previously used by
  pulseaudio (including phonon)
    - Cherrypicked from upstream

154. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
* Fix "Parse failure" error with remote sources/sinks,
  thanks to Martin-Eric Racine for reporting/testing! (LP: #852902)
* Fix crash when dbus module does not load (LP: #855729)
* Add more bug fixes from upstream git

[ Daniel T Chen ]
* debian/copyright: Update all shipped sources
* Various xcb_*() bugs already fixed in Sep 2010 (LP: #642030,
  LP: #646583, LP: #646616, LP: #648104)
* Passthrough is supported in 1.0 (LP: #448024)
* PulseAudio + alsa-plugins route through PulseAudio by default
  (LP: #378382)

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* New upstream bugfix release
  - vala: Add has_type_id=false to all enums, structs and classes
  - module-switch-on-connect: Don't switch unlinked sink input and source
  - alsa-mixer: Set "Front" control to 0 dB on headphone path
  - module-equalizer-sink: Use %z for printf of size_t variables
  - module-equalizer-sink: Use = in initialising variables
  - bluetooth/sbc: Use __asm__ keyword
  - module-equalizer-sink: Use correct limit in loop
  - Squash the last gcc warnings
  - Make gcc --std=c99 happy
  - device-restore: Simplify the migration of data to per-port keys.
  - stream-restore: Add in some variable sets that were missing from 9ffa93.
  - stream-restore: Add proper data validity checks to the legacy database
    entry read.
  - formats: The format code should be in libpulse, not libpulsecommon
  - formats: Export more functions needed for a clean build.
  - device-restore: Fix use-after-free error.
  - raop: Use the port supplied by avahi when connecting to RAOP devices.
  - loopback: New modargs: sink_input_properties and
  - bluetooth: Bump DBus version to 1.3.0 and drop conditional code.
  - alsa: Tidy up argument descriptions
  - module-suspend-on-idle: Move vacuum code to core
  - alsa-mixer: Add support for the Microsoft Kinect Sensor device
  - modargs: Ensure modargs can be accessed in their raw form.
  - raop: Properly deal with the name coming from the device.
  - build-sys: Oops forgot to add the Kinect profile to the build system.
  - volume: Rename 'sync volume' to 'deferred volume'.
  - raop: Don't crash if fd is not open when trying to close it
  - doc: Update README with fresh links.
  - doc: Add info about running pulseaudio from the build dir
  - stream: Relax assert for extended API
  - def: Hide server-side sink/source flags
  - volume: Handle varying channel count for shared volumes
  - virtual: Make volume sharing on by default
  - equalizer: Use volume sharing by default
  - echo-cancel: Use volume sharing by default
  - sink,source: Avoid crash by not updating volume on shutdown
  - conf: Make sure module-dbus-protocol is loaded after
  - build-sys: bump soname
  - sink,source: Handle missing in the shared volume case
  - dbus: Don't crash if the module does not load
  - Fix crash in threaded message queues
  - build-sys: Switch to the tar-ustar format (as per a lot of GNOME stuff
    for 3.2) and distribute .xz files.
  - build-sys: bump soname
* Dropped patches, all applied upstream:
  - 0017-Avoid-crash-by-not-updating-volume-on-shutdown.patch
  - 0018-RAOP-Don-t-crash-if-fd-is-not-open-when-trying-to-cl.patch
  - 0019-Make-sure-module-dbus-protocol-is-loaded-after-modul.patch
  - 0100-vala-Add-has_type_id-false-to-all-enums-structs-and-.patch
  - 0101-module-switch-on-connect-Don-t-switch-unlinked-sink-.patch
  - 0102-alsa-mixer-Set-Front-control-to-0-dB-on-headphone-pa.patch
  - 0103-module-equalizer-sink-Use-z-for-printf-of-size_t-var.patch
  - 0104-module-equalizer-sink-Use-in-initialising-variables.patch
  - 0105-bluetooth-sbc-Use-__asm__-keyword.patch
  - 0106-module-equalizer-sink-Use-correct-limit-in-loop.patch
  - 0107-Squash-the-last-gcc-warnings.patch
  - 0108-Make-gcc-std-c99-happy.patch
  - 0109-device-restore-Simplify-the-migration-of-data-to-per.patch
  - 0110-stream-restore-Add-in-some-variable-sets-that-were-m.patch
  - 0111-stream-restore-Add-proper-data-validity-checks-to-th.patch
* Pull some post-1.0 fixes from upstream git master
  - 6878140 (extended: Fix doxygen comment style typos)
  - 6a9272f (sink,source: Avoid unnecessary call to pa_rtclock_now())
* debian/rules: Modules are now in a 1.0 directory
* Update symbols

153. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
* 0017-Avoid-crash-by-not-updating-volume-on-shutdown.patch:
  Fix typo in patch

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* Patch from David Henningssen to make sure module-dbus-protocol is loaded
  after module-device-restore (LP: #843780)

152. By David Henningsson

* Fix crash in jack detection patches (LP: #845468)
* Fix crash when reading volume when sink/source is unlinked (LP: #841968)
* Fix crash in RAOP (LP: #845286)

151. By David Henningsson

Jack detection support, second version, now with HDMI support

150. By David Henningsson

* Dropped patches (applied upstream):
  - 0004-mute-iec958-optical-raw-for-audigyX.patch
  - 0011-lp451635-handle-dove-x0-line-hp-swap.patch
  - 0012-JACK-Load-module-jackdbus-detect-in-default.pa.patch

149. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
* 0018-alsa-mixer-Set-Front-control-to-0-dB-on-headphone-pa.patch:
  Set Front to 0 dB for Headphones (LP: #836921)

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* New upstream bugfix release
  - source: Remove the PA_SOURCE_PASSTHROUGH flag
  - alsa: Don't always suspend/unsuspend on sink-input removal
  - formats: Use correct API to check for passthrough streams
  - alsa: Open iec958 device with NONAUDIO bit set in passthrough mode
  - formats: Fix bad passsthrough check
  - alsa: Fix bad function name
  - daemon: Fix compiler warning about missing function prototype
  - passthrough: We must not plug in a resampler on stream move
  - sink-input: Ensure no volumes are applied for passthrough streams
  - source-output: Ensure no volumes are applied for passthrough streams
  - Revert "device-restore: Make bools not be bit fields"
  - sample-util: Fix off-by-one in error check
  - sink: Add PA_SINK_SET_FORMATS macro
  - build-sys: Fix some LDFLAGS vs. LDADD usage
  - echo-cancel: Add multiple include protection for header
  - echo-cancel: Use pa_streq instead of strcmp
  - echo-cancel: Move speex preprocessing out of the main module
  - passthrough: Fix what volume we set sinks/sources to
  - passthrough: Fix setting volume to unamplified again
  - echo-cancel: Make save_aec modarg a bool instead of an int
  - echo-cancel: Don't allow streams to attach while unloading
  - echo-cancel: Get rid of annoying compiler warnings
  - equalizer: Comment out unused function
  - def: Add a new enum to allow differntiation between sinks and sources.
  - dbus: Use pa_device_type_t rather than an internal equivalent
  - device-restore: Change the API to include type information (sink
    vs. source)
  - device-restore: Split device restore database into two parts.
  - device-restore: Restore volumes on port change.
  - build-sys: bump soname
  - alsa-mixer: Mute IEC958 optical raw for several Audigy models
  - alsa-mixer: Add "Line HP Swap" element
  - JACK: Load module-jackdbus-detect in default.pa
  - Remove offensive part of error message
  - switch-on-connect: Don't switch to a monitor source
  - Fix spelling sucess -> success
  - Set better priorities on input paths
  - introspect: fix typo in default sink/source docs
  - pacat: make pacat respond to cork/uncork events
  - Spelling fixes in public headers
  - More spelling fixes
  - gitignore: Add Orc autogenerated files
  - echo-cancel: Use stream index in debug message
  - Remove extra ; s where they are not allowed in strict C99
  - sndfile-util: Check return value of sf_command for errors
* Pull some further fixes from upstream git master:
  - fb107fc (vala: Add has_type_id=false to all enums, structs and classes)
  - c7bba24 (module-switch-on-connect: Don't switch unlinked sink input and
             source outputs)
  - 9636991 (alsa-mixer: Set "Front" control to 0 dB on headphone path)
  - fc3ddfb (module-equalizer-sink: Use %z for printf of size_t variables)
  - 918f168 (module-equalizer-sink: Use = in initialising variables)
  - 3d04a05 (bluetooth/sbc: Use __asm__ keyword)
  - 647048e (module-equalizer-sink: Use correct limit in loop)
  - dfd706d (Squash the last gcc warnings)
  - 9133c6c (Make gcc --std=c99 happy)
  - 47c9d8c (device-restore: Simplify the migration of data to per-port keys.)
  - e7b65d3 (stream-restore: Add in some variable sets that were missing
             from 9ffa93.)
  - 2b96fdf (stream-restore: Add proper data validity checks to the legacy
             database entry read.)
* Dropped patches, applied upstream:
  - 0017-Make-dbus-error-more-polite.patch
  - 0018-alsa-mixer-Set-Front-control-to-0-dB-on-headphone-pa.patch
  - 0400-introspect-fix-typo-in-default-sink-source-docs.patch
  - 0401-source-Remove-the-PA_SOURCE_PASSTHROUGH-flag.patch
  - 0402-alsa-Don-t-always-suspend-unsuspend-on-sink-input-re.patch
  - 0403-formats-Use-correct-API-to-check-for-passthrough-str.patch
* 0604-ALSA-part-of-jack-detection-and-a-small-policy-modul.patch: Refreshed
* Update symbols files

148. By Colin Watson

* Build-depend on libxcb1-dev (>= 1.6) rather than libxcb-atom1-dev, in
  line with the packaging in Debian experimental.
* Build-depend on libtdb-dev rather than tdb-dev.

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