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33. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-09-12

debian/control: Move depends on python-scapy to Suggests

32. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-09-09

actions/eth_speed: Disable by default to not experience connectivity
loss on certain network configs. (LP: #730210)

31. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-08-24

debian/control: Suggests python-scapy instead of Depends.

30. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2011-08-19

* bin/powerwake:
  - fix the powerake mac caching methodology, which was somewhat broken

29. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-08-09

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* sbin/powernapd:
  - make sure that powerwake-now works, even if a system has gone into
    powersave mode by other means (erhm, gnome-power-settings, erhm)
* actions/01cpu_online:
  - drop the nasty sleep 10 hack around gnome-settings-daemon bugginess;
    doesn't seem to be a problem at this point in Oneiric; If this bug
    shows back up, we need to solve it in a better way
* actions/video:
  - drop incorrect inline docs
* config:
  - now that the default is powersave mode, adjust the absent time and
    grace period; it takes fractions of a second to go in and out of
    powersave mode
* actions/00flag, debian/powernap.upstart, sbin/powernapd: LP: #829618
  - use a flag in shared memory that notes the powersave status of the
  - set/remove that flag in the 00flag script in the pm-utils suite
  - set/remove/query that same flag in powernapd itself
* debian/control: LP: #637635
  - depend on anacron, to better handle server cronjobs on systems that
    might have been asleep
* powernap/monitors/InputMonitor.py: LP: #826278
  - test device path existence before opening, fixes nasty crash

28. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-07-01

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Add Initial PowerNap (powerwaked) Server Capabilities:
  - powerwake/*: Add module and Initial ARPMonitor (LP: #737479).
  - powerwaked.conf: Add config file.
  - powerwaked: Add daemon.
  - powerwake-monitor: Add tool to add, delete, list, etc.
* Package powernap-server:
  - debian/control: Add powerwaked, powerwake-common, powernap-server
  - debian/{powerwaked,powerwake-common}.install: Add
  - debian/powerwaked.upstart: Add upstart job.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* bin/powerwake:
  - only seed the arp cache if the argument is not already a mac address

27. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-06-20

actions/01cpu_online: Delay disabling of CPU's when machine is Desktop
to allow it to apply template and not crash.

26. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-06-09

* Add support for port ranges to TCPMonitor (LP: #760729)
  - powernap/monitors/TCPMonitor.py: Add support.
  - powernap/powernap.py: Ensure that ports are now passed as strings.
  - config: Update to reflect new feature.
* debian/control:
  - Bump Build-Depends on debhelper.
  - Change python supported version.
  - Update Bzr-VCS to current.
  - Set Dustin as Original maintainer and set myself as maintainer.

25. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2011-06-02

* sbin/powernap, sbin/powernapd:
  - add an indicator to show when powernap is engaged, remove after waking
* === added directory debian/source, debian/source/format:
  - add this back in (got a fix for release scripts)

24. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-06-01

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format
* Switch to dh_python2 instead of dh_pycentral
* sbin/powernap: ACTION_METHOD is now passed as an argument.
* Second Stage Action Method (LP: #711521)
  - config: Add config options.
  - powernap/powernap.py: Add loading of config values.
  - sbin/powernapd: Add logic to handle second stage action.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* config: remove trailing whitespace
* debian/source/format, === removed directory debian/source:
  - drop these for now, as they're breaking the release scripts

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