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33. By Russ Allbery on 2011-09-01

* New upstream stable release.
  - Rx NAT pings are not enabled until peer has answered
  - Numerous fixes to command argument parsing
  - Avoid crashing on host table exhaustion and defer clients instead
  - Rx connection reference counting is enabled
  - An Rx connection reference count leak is fixed in bulkstat
  - Handle unparsable directory objects
  - Handle Kerberos credential cache errors in aklog
* Generate stub header files that include the actual system header when
  building libuafs instead of symlinking h to the appropriate directory.
  Fixes build failures now that Debian has switched to multiarch and
  moved some of the system headers. (Closes: #639063, LP #831287)
* Fix another Doxygen call to generate a configuration file, and remove
  the generated configuration files after Doxygen runs.
* Update CellServDB to the 2011-08-14 release.

32. By Russ Allbery on 2011-07-24

* Force use of dblatex to build the manual, even if docbook2pdf is
  available, since the latter dies with errors about TeX capacity.
  (Closes: #635306)
* Fix generation of protocol documentation from Doxygen headers.
  Doxygen cannot be called directly on header files and needs a
  configuration file to be generated first. Thanks, Anders Kaseorg.
* Add another dummy rule for ./debian/rules to the kernel module rules
  file to fix another variation of make-kpkg breakage.

31. By Russ Allbery on 2011-06-16

* New upstream prerelease.
  - Don't do unnecessary page invalidation with directories.
  - Flush vcaches in afs_shutdown for better callback givebacks.
  - Fix the vnode type for dynroot FIDs.
  - Fix volinfo -filenames.
  - Fall back to afs3-vlserver for SRV records for afs3-prserver.
  - Fix a client locking issue on ICBS that could deadlock.
  - Fix callback state handling with demand-attach when salvaged.
  - Fix reference leak in GetCapabilities.
  - Document DNS SRV record usage in afsd man page.
* Add a dummy debian/rules rule in the kernel module rules file to fix
  builds with make-kpkg. (Closes: #622260)
* Remove and symlink the copies of jquery generated by Doxygen and add a
  Recommends on libjs-jquery for openafs-doc.

30. By Russ Allbery on 2011-05-15

* Apply upstream patch from http://gerrit.openafs.org/#change,4656 for
  correct reading of files larger than the chunk size.
* Use dpkg-buildflags to get the default values of CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, and
  LDFLAGS. Upstream does not entirely honor these yet, but we're
  getting closer.
* Update to standards version 3.9.2 (no changes required).

29. By Anders Kaseorg on 2011-02-22

* Apply upstream deltas for kernel 2.6.38 support (LP: #675768):
  - [02f2c7cb] Linux: Add autoconf macro for structure checks
  - [a89d6b02] Linux: Add general autoconf macro for Linux kernel
  - [08bb83d9] linux: 2.6.38: New d_op handling
  - [52556d50] linux: 2.6.38: Make d_revalidate RCU-walk aware
  - [ca38c954] Linux: allow compile flags to be passed to AC_CHECK_LINUX_BUILD
  - [5bcc0ea7] Linux: 2.6.38: Adjust for permission inode operation changes
  - [2eca7aef] Linux: 2.6.38: deal with dcache_lock removal
  - [281f5bf5] Linux: 2.6.38: dentry->d_count is not an atomic
* Apply upstream deltas:
  - [c4537f04] Don't count root session keyrings against quota (LP: #723481)
  - [dfcd3fca] Linux: Reduce key_alloc flags confusion
    (from http://gerrit.openafs.org/4033)
  - [01c6e6bb] Linux: install_session_keyring: key_alloc flags are
    unsigned long
    (from http://gerrit.openafs.org/4034)

28. By Russ Allbery on 2010-08-10

* Apply upstream deltas:
  - [639c0e46] ubik: ntohl on reading the replay log
  - [fd19dd09] vol AttachByName should mimic other volpkg errors
  - [ebb6accf] Include com_err.h in dumpstuff.c
* The openafs-fileserver init script now depends on $named since
  apparently the volserver requires DNS during startup. Thanks, Jaap
  Winius. (Closes: #589783)
* Run the DKMS build commands in a subshell to work around a DKMS bug
  that caused the module build logs to be discarded. (LP: #593509)
* Add a status command to the openafs-fileserver init script.
* Update standards version to 3.9.1.
  - Remove obsolete conflicts/replaces/provides on openafs-ptutil.

27. By Russ Allbery on 2010-06-14

* Apply upstream deltas to fix crashes in the file server:
  - [f9e1b702] Do not use AFS_PTR_FMT or %p in 1.4
* Remove the lpia architecture. This was an experiment in Ubuntu that
  has apparently been dropped.
* Add preliminary support for powerpcspe, mapping that architecture to
  ppc_linux26. The kernel build won't work unless uname -m on that
  architecture returns ppc.
* Minor update to README.Debian for openafs-doc: the old IBM release
  notes are no longer included.

26. By Russ Allbery on 2010-05-26

* New upstream release.
  - Support for Linux 2.6.34. (LP: #566956)
  - Fix some possible kernel panics.
* Apply upstream deltas:
  - [c29ac4fe] viced host UUID and address hashing corrections
  - [3fc5c531] prdb_verify -rebuild with supergroups fix
* Adjust get-orig-source to cope with tarballs for patch releases being
  in the same directory as the parent normal release.

25. By Russ Allbery on 2010-05-04

Skip killing processes with files open in AFS if AFS does not appear
to be mounted according to /etc/mtab. Otherwise, we may call lsof
without a specific mount point and kill far more processes than we
intend to. (This code is disabled by default, so this problem would
only be seen by people who enabled it.)

24. By Russ Allbery on 2010-03-26

* Apply upstream deltas:
  - [135e196b] Create missing root directory when ORPH_ATTACH
  - [190ef2cb] volmonitor keep vtrans lock
  - [812dcc2c] Increase the maximum number of sysnames
  - [a123d4ab] Print rxdebug statistics as unsigned values
* If the user configures openafs-client to use AFSDB records for VLDB
  server location, don't prompt the user for VLDB servers for the local
  cell even if they're not present in CellServDB and don't try to add an
  entry for the local cell to CellServDB. (Closes: #575299)

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