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31. By Jeremy Bicha

Fix last update which caused onboard to always start by default
(LP: #858988)

30. By Jeremy Bicha

Disable autostart in GNOME Shell so that onboard doesn't conflict
with the build-it onscreen keyboard

29. By Luke Yelavich

Add autostart desktop file so onboard loads when on-screen keyboard is
enabled in the accessibility applet of control center

28. By Francesco Fumanti

  * Request for sponsorship: New release available (LP: #802027)
  * Don't crash when the icon fails to load.
  * Construct GtkAdjustments before the objects they are referenced in. Works
    around regression caused by
  * Update README about themes and macros
  * Import translations from launchpad on 25th June 2011
  * debian/control and debian/rules:
      Convert build system to dh7 and Python helper to dh_python2; code from
      Barry Warsaw (LP: #788514)
  * debian/patches:
      Set Ambiance as default theme by using the provided configuration
      mechanism; Ambiance is the theme designed for Ubuntu Natty
  * debian/copyright:
      Add the year 2011

27. By Barry Warsaw

Convert to build system to dh7 and Python helper to dh_python2.
(LP: #788514)

26. By Martin Pitt

No-change upload to build against fixed dh_scour. (LP: #690994)

25. By Martin Pitt

No-change rebuild to optimize PNGs.

24. By Francesco Fumanti

  * Feature freeze exception request to update to new release (LP: #621374)
  * Make onboard follow keyboard layout changes (LP: 526791, LP: 65626)
  * Save onboard geometry on quit instead on configure-events (LP: #596248)
  * Improve handling of missing dependency for the clicks (LP: #524148):
      - Use soname instead of linker for libXi in X11.py
      - Add dependency on libxi6 to break package build if necessary
      - Get current version of soname for libx11 from environment
      - Respect DISPLAY environment variable in KeyboardGTK.py
      - Add debian/README.source with info about libxi6 and libx11
  * Do not crash if icon of IconPalette is missing (LP: #538109)
  * Fix Menu key, Delete key and Insert key
  * Qualify the import of our X11 module
  * Make strings in our X11 module translatable
  * Some cleanup by remove trailing spaces
  * debian/control:
      - Update email address of original maintainer
      - Set minimal required version for python-virtkey to 0.60.0
      - Add libxi6 to Build-Depends
      - Add libxi6 and libx11-6 to Depends
  * debian/copyright:
      - Add hosting site
      - Add section with upstream authors
      - Update license information to GPL 3
  * debian/watch:
      - Add watch file
  * debian/README.source
      - Add README.source file

23. By Francesco Fumanti

  * New upstream release (LP: #603220)
    - Fix import of our X11 module
    - Save onboard geometry on quit instead on configure-events (LP: #596248)
  * Add patch to hide the desktop files
  * debian/control: update standards-version to 3.9.0

22. By Luke Yelavich

debian/patches/01_disable_menu_icons.patch: Hide the onboard icons from the
applications menu, to bring onboard in line with other assistive technology

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