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9. By Felix Geyer

Add link_ntrack-libnl_to_libntrack.patch: Link ntrack-libnl to libntrack
as it uses symbols from that library. This caused kded4 to be unable to
load the module and enter an infinite loop. (LP: #750554)

8. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

* New upstream snapshot.
* debian/patches/dead-loop-fix.patch: dropped, included in snapshot.
* debian/control: replace libnl-dev Build-Depends with libnl3-dev.
* debian/control, debian/rules: use autoreconf since this is a snapshot.
* debian/libntrack0.symbols: add missing ntrack_info_human_banner symbol.

7. By Scott Kitterman

* Add debian/patches/dead-loop-fix.patch to fix infinite loop if route
  oif/nhopif is NULL (LP: #755608)
  - One source of high/100% CPU usage in KDE

6. By Matthias Klose

debian/libntrack-qt4-1.symbols: Add additional symbol generated by g++-4.5.
Calling dh_makeshlibs with --c4 seems to be wrong.

5. By Alexander Sack

* Upload new upstream release 011 to debian experimental

Packaging Changes:
* build depend on python-gtk2-dev for hardy; this will work for hardy and later fortunately
* package libnl module in ntrack-module-libnl-0 and provide ntrack-module-0
* libntrack0 depends on ntrack-module-libnl-0 | ntrack-module-0 to ensure
  some backend is installed

Upstream Changes:
* New upstream release for ntrack-011
 + {011} Release 011
 + update NEWS for 011 release
 + [merge] merge fix for lp:693500: make distcheck fails on hardy - lp:~asac/ntrack/lp693500
 + gobject: improve test-gmonitor-recycle.c by testing two life-cycles in one run
 + [merge] merge fix for lp:693214: ntrack hardy build and runtime issues from lp:~asac/ntrack/lp693214
 + BUILD: eliminate NULL and set AM_LDFLAGS everywhere to unbreak old autoreconfs - lp:693215
 + start ntrack 011 development
* New upstream release for ntrack-010
  + update NEWS for 010 release
  + gobject: ship a python wrapper as mtest-gmonitor-py as part of check_PROGRAMS
  + BUILD: enable maintainer mode by default so make dist doesnt fail
  + gobject: add license for gobject/pyntrack-module.c
  + gobject: explicitly link tests against libntrack.la since they now use ntrack_init directly
  + glib: explicitly link tests against libntrack.la since they now use ntrack_init directly
  + common: enable MAINTAINER_MODE define in common/Makefile.am for ntrack.c
  + gobject: extend python monitor test to make use of ntrack_init
  + object: rename pyntrack-module exception type to NtrackException
  + gobject: add a wrapped ntrack_init func to pyntrack module that sys.argv as argument
  + modules: link ntrack-libnl1.la and ntrack-libnl2.la against ../common/libntrack.la to make python module loader happy
  + modules: drop trailing / from ntrackmodulesdir definition
  + BUILD: build modules/ after common/ source and allow modules/ to depend on common/
  + qt4: make test use QNtrack::init
  + qt4: add QNtrack::init as wrapper for ntrack_init to API
  + gobject: make tests use ntrack_init
  + glib: make tests use ntrack_init
  + common: make tests use ntrack_init
  + glib: add license to recyle test
  + BUILD: enable AM_MAINTAINER_MODE automake feature in configure.ac
  + common: add ntrack_init function to ntrackbase.h that adds a couple of potential in-source locations to the backend search list iif in MAINTAINER_MODE
  + common: fix modules not looked for in MODULES_DIR; the plugin search loop iterator got accidentially bumped twice in one loop run
  + gobject: update copyright for 2010 modifications in gobject
  + common: update copyright for 2010 modifications in common/test
  + common: update copyright for 2010 modifications in common/
  + common: update NTRACK_LT_VERSION = 3:3:3 for libntraakc.so
  + common: use GCC visibile pragma to hide private functions from common/ntrackarch.h
  + common: rename private ntrack-arch.h => ntrackarch.h
  + common: consider build-tree modules/ directory before MODULES_DIR for typical ntrack tests
  + modules: create top level modules/ source directory and move ntrack-libnl.c there
  + common: trigger rebuild of libntrack.la if ntrackarchapi.h changes
  + common: first step towards public plugain api; factor backend API to separate header: ntrackarchapi.h, see lp:692327
  + common: drop ntrack_monitor_arch_event_f typdef from private ntrack-arch.h; its identical with ntrack_monitor_callback_f from public api
  + common: add ntrack-arch.h to libntrack_la_SOURCES
  + common: build ntrack-libnl.c as ntrack-libnl1.la and ntrack-libnl1.la modules - lp:692245
  + common: use plugin delegate functions in ntrackmonitor.c
  + common: add backend plugin code to ntrack.c and introduce glue functions for ntrack-arch.h API
  + common: add support for libnl-2.0 and use by default; keep compile time fallback support for libnl-1 - lp:686554
  + common: code cleanup and indent in setup_smart_handle of libnl backend
  + common: start using nl cache mngr for main handle as well; eliminate cache refills
  + common: remove unused/commented code in ntrack-libnl.c
  + common: fix how we set binary_addr for dst_filter; also set prefixlen on dst_filter
  + gobject: use pyntrack-gmonitor.override from $(srcdir) to fix failure when building in build/ dir - lp:661769
  + start ntrack 010 development
  + {009} Release 009
  + update NEWS for 009 release
  + common[test]: add license and indent boilderplate for recyle test
  + common[test]: ifx recycle test include to fix build failure in make distcheck
  + add support for moc binary if moc-qt4 is not available - lp:653882
  + gobject[test]: add license header to test-gmonitor-recycle.c test
  + add explicit ./configure flag for with/without-<binding> - see lp:654221
  + qt4: use ntrack_monitor_put to properly unref the monitor in QNtrack destructor
  + gobject[test]: add recycle test that verifies that unrefing a gmonitor works
  + glib: remove forgotten debugging output during gsource finalization
  + glib[test]: add simple gsource recyle (aka lifecycle) test to auto testsuite
  + glib: hook up ntrack monitor refcounting and implement proper gsource lifecycle
  + common[test]: add auto-run recyle test that pokes the monitor and arch refcounting facilities a bit
  + common: introduce refcounting to monitor singleton api; old code is supposed to still work; free arch backend if refc becomes 0
  + common: improve error loggin for nl_connect; factor that code to a helper func
  + common[arch]: extend backend api to require _ntrack_arch_free; implement this in ntrack-libnl.c (lp:612868)
  + gobject: change type of 'state' member in NTrackGMonitorPrivate from ntrack_state_t to NTrackGlibState
  + gobject: add missing G_END_DECLS to ntrack-gmonitor.h - see lp:594794
  + common: add missing NTRACK_END_DECLS to ntracklist.h - lp:594794
  + add 2010 to copyright years mentioned in README license header
  + start ntrack 009 development

4. By Alexander Sack

* New upstream release for ntrack-008
 + qt4: add include guards to QNtrack.h (Closes: #589341)
 + qt4: don't define func parameter names for QNtrackListener slots to
   to avoid warnings of unused variables; thx to Sune Vuorela for the bug
   and guidance
* upload with medium urgency to RC bug in testing fixed.

3. By Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* Versioned this way on request of maintainer
* New upstream release
  * Fix build of backend (Closes: #589344)
  * Thanks to Davi Leal who prepared the same fix for the 006 branch

2. By Alexander Sack

Initial packaging for ntrack-006 (Closes: #570853)

1. By Alexander Sack

Import upstream version 006

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