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47. By Chuck Short on 2011-11-17

* New upstream release, this is a stable updates release of Nova.
  This update fixes various issues with networking issues, OS API
  issues and EC2 API issues amongst others. Fixes include:
  + Make sure to recreate gateway for moved ip. (LP: #859587)
  + Put fully qualified domain name in local-hostname.
    (LP: #854614)
  + Fix the grantee group leading for source groups.
    (LP: #859679)
  + Call endheaders when auth_token is None. (LP: #856721)
  + Remove db_pool complexities from nova.db.sqlalchemy.session.
    (LP: #838581)
  + Raise InssufficentFreeMemory. (LP: #851374) (LP: #858679)
  + Don't leak exceptions out to users. (LP: #874472)
  + Make snapshots work for amis. (LP: #873156)
  + Make snapshots private by default. (LP: #850389)
  + Snapshots/bacups can no longer happen simultaneously.
    (LP: #727502)
  + Adding backing file copy operation on kvm block migration.
    (LP: #850602)
  + Check if host list is not empty before trying to weigh
    the hosts. (LP: #861310)
  + Enforce snapshot cleanup. (LP: #861582)
  + VDI is not resized to instance_type local_gb on
    initial boot. (LP: #845714)
  + Adds the tenant id to the create images response Location
    header (LP: #862672)
  + OS api consoles create() broken. (LP: #862633)
  + Deallocate IP if build fails. (LP: #837687)
  + Stop returning correct password on api calls.
    (LP: #868360)
  + Handle pidfile exception for dnsmasq. (LP: #865399)
  + Make sure unknown extensions return 404. (LP: #869153)
  + Ensure non-default FLAGS.logfile_mode is properly converted to
    an octet. (LP: #862969)
  + Explicit errors on confirm/revertResize failures. (LP: #856527)
  + Adds ext4 and reiserfs to _mount_filesystem(). (LP: #870495)
  + Improve access check on images. (LP: #863305)
  + Auto assigning floating IPs. (LP: #834633)
  + Fix typo in scheduler. (LP: #883233)
  + Fix deletion of instances without fixed ips.
  + Fix file injection of OSAPI rebuilds. (LP: #881649)
  + Fix adding bulk create fixed ips.
  + Retry failed SQL connections (LP: #876663)
  + Updated NoAuth to account for requests ending in /
    (LP: #882742)
  + ajax_console_proxy_port needs to be an integer.
    (LP: #884527)
  + Newly created network has no uuid.
    (LP: #861160)
  + Fix KeyError when passed unknown format of time.
    (LP: #883253)
  + Add local storage of context for logging.
    (LP: #879582)
  + Fix nova logs everything to syslog twice.
    (LP: #884863)
  + Fix nova-ajax-console-proxy crashes on shutdown.
    (LP: #884534)
  + Fix exception.KeypairNotFound usage correction.
    (LP: #885462)
  + Undefine libvirt saved instances. (LP: #814561)
* Dropped patches:
  + debian/patches/fqdn-in-local-hostname-of-ec2-metadata.patch:
    Applied upstream.
  + debian/patches/backport-recreate-gateway-using-dhcp.patch:
    Applied upstream.
  + debian/patches/block-migration-needs-copy-backingfile.patch:
    Applied usptream.
  + debian/patches/backport-snapshot-cleanup.patch:
    Applied upstream.
  + debian/patches/fix-lp863305-images-permission.patch:
    Applied upstream.
  + debian/patches/security-fix-lp868360.patch:
    Applied upstream.

46. By Chuck Short on 2011-10-12

[Scott Moser]
* Removed db_pool complexities from nova.db.sqlalchemy.session (LP: #838581)

[Chuck Short]
* debian/patches/fix-iscsi-target-path.patch: Fix ISCSI target path patch.
  (LP: #871278)
* debian/control: Either install xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 or
  xen-hypervisor-4.1-i386 for nova-compute-xen. (LP: #873243)

45. By Robie Basak on 2011-10-05

* debian/patches/backport-libvirt-console-pipe.patch:
  - Patch updated to fix race on instance termination (LP: #868349)

44. By James Page on 2011-10-04

* debian/nova-common.postinst:
  - Set permissions recursively on /var/lib/nova to nova:nova for new
    installations (LP: #865169).
* debian/patches/backport-libvirt-console-pipe.patch:
  - Patch updated to use correct patchset from upstream - incorrect version
    was uploaded in -0ubuntu4 (LP: #832507).

43. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-30

[James Page]
* debian/nova-common.postinst:
  - Exclude mounted LXC rootfs filesystems within /var/lib/nova from
    user/group ownership changes (LP: #861260).
  - Ensure that primary group for 'nova' user is 'nova' so that files
    created by this user have the correct group ownership.

[Adam Gandelman]
* debian/nova-common.postinst: Restrict permissions of /var/log/nova
  (LP: #862816)

[Ante Karamatic]
* Add /usr/sbin/ietadm to sudoers (LP: #861547)
* debian/control: Fix typo in Vcs-Bzr

[Chuck Short]
* debian/patches/backport-libvirt-console-pipe.patch:
  Move console.log to a ringbuffer so that the console.log
  keeps filling up. (LP: #832507)
* debian/patches/backport-lxc-container-console-fix.patch:
  Make euca-get-console-output usable for LXC containers.
  (LP: #832159)
* debian/patches/backport-snapshot-cleanup.patch:
  Enforce snapshot cleanup. (LP: #861582).
* debian/patches/fix-lp863305-images-permission.patch:
  Fix image access control. (LP: #863305)

42. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-27

[Adam Gandelman]
* debian/nova-common.postinst: Create 'nova' group, add user to it
  (LP: #856530)
* debian/nova.conf, debian/nova-compute.upstart.in: Move reference of
  nova-compute.conf from nova.conf to nova-compute's argv. (LP: #839796)

[Chuck Short]
* debian/patches/backport-recreate-gateway-using-dhcp.patch:
  Makes sure to recreate gateway for moved ip. (LP: #859587)
* debian/control: Update Vcs info.

[ Scott Moser ]
* debian/patches/fqdn-in-local-hostname-of-ec2-metadata.patch
  Make the 'local-hostname' in the EC2 Metadata service contain
  the domainname also. (LP: #854614)

41. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-23

[Chuck Short]
* debian/rules, debian/control: Use dh_python2
* debian/control, debian/series,
  + Change the default from iscsitarget to tgt.
* debian/control, debian/series,
   + Change from socat to netcat.
* debian/patches/block-migration-needs-copy-backingfile.patch:
  Fix block migration by needing to copy backing_file.

[Monty Taylor]
* Install a new paste config to enable deprecated auth.,

40. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-22

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release.
* debian/control, debian/nova_sudoers:
  + Add iputils-arping and add /usr/bin/apring.
* debian/nova_sudoers: Clean up missing binaries.

[Monty Taylor]
* debian/control:
  + Add vlan to nova-compute

39. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-20

* debian/nova_sudoers:
  + Fix typo in nova_sudoers.
  + Tabs vs Spaces.
* debian/nova.conf:
  + Use force_dhcp_release.

38. By Chuck Short on 2011-09-16

* New uptream version.
* debian/rules: Dont fail tests.

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