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30. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Ensure loader doesn't use menu proxy

29. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Add libm to linking to fix FTBFS (LP: #840514)

28. By Steve Langasek

Drop the Breaks: against old versions of libindicator and libindicator3;
there are no file conflicts between the libraries, so this doesn't
accurately reflect the package relationships but does make it harder to
calculate upgrades from natty. LP: #839098.

27. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/rules:
  - update the translations template

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release

26. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Adding support for a secondary activate signal

25. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Fix signals with NULL entries in the loader
  * Adding a comment for setting up debugging options
  * Adding annotations for GIR files
  * Fixing watchers hashtable to detect when we have none
  * Fix testing so no tests are XFAIL anymore
  * Adding a replace mode for testing indicator services
  * Watching new services when the name switches

24. By Ken VanDine

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  * Build Fixes
  * Adding license to test files (LP: #684886)
  * Bump API/ABI versions appropriately and make easier to edit them in
    the future
  * Adding a name-hint to the indicator entries
  * Merging scroll functions into a single good one (LP: #804618)
* debian/*install, control: Changing ABI version number bump in package names
* debian/rules: Making GTK2 the special case as GTK3 is default now
* debian/*install: Fixing pkgconfig file names

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/rules
  - Simplify the dual builds with cdbs
  - Fixed package names to match soname
* debian/*.install fixed paths to work with the dual builds change
* tools/Makefile.in
  - Fixed path for xsessiondir
* debian/control
  - Fixed package names to match soname

23. By Ken VanDine

* debian/libindicator3-dev.install
  - Don't install the headers twice, we only need them in libindicator-dev
* debian/control
  - Make libindicator3-dev depend on libindicator-dev (LP: #3803136)
  - Bump standards version to 3.9.2

22. By Ted Gould

* New upstream release.
  * Adding the ability to know the environment the indicator
    object is in. (LP: #703555)

21. By Ted Gould

New upstream release.
∘ Don't check for TargetEnvironment on the desktop group

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