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53. By Ted Gould on 2011-09-28

* New upstream release.
  * Fix memory leak (LP: #690668)
* Drop debian/patches/lp_690668.patch: Merged upstream

52. By Ted Gould on 2011-08-25

* New upstream release.
  * Fix naming of "Clear" item
  * Fix alignment of items to there is a consistent gutter
* debian/patches/lp_690668.patch: Updating

51. By Ted Gould on 2011-08-18

New upstream release.
∘ Fix drawing of triangles and capsules in GTK3
∘ Fix Emesene statuses (LP: #817504)

50. By Ken VanDine on 2011-08-12

* debian/rules
  - run intltool-update to update the translations template

49. By Ken VanDine on 2011-08-11

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  * Add an item to clear the alert
  * Choose mail applications based on the default application
  * Clear based on middle click

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/control
  - Bumped build depends for libindicate to >= 0.5.90
* debian/rules
  - Fixed configure arg for gtk version

48. By Ken VanDine on 2011-08-05

* debian/control
  - Dropped recommends for gwibber now that it is seeded
* cherry picked r220 from trunk
  - Make sure to insert in the right locations
* cherry picked r221 from trunk
  - Making mail applications based on the default mail client not a
    hardcoded desktop file.

47. By Ken VanDine on 2011-07-31

* debian/control
  - Added recommends for gwibber, it got missed when we dropped indicator-me
    should get removed after we get it seeded properly

46. By Michael Vogt on 2011-07-29

* debian/control:
  - use conflicts against indicator-me

45. By Ken VanDine on 2011-07-14

* New upstream release.
* debian/control
  - Added Replaces indicator-me
  - Added build depends for libtelepathy-glib-dev
  - Added new binary packages, libindicator-messages-status-provider-dev,
    libindicator-messages-status-provider1, and each provider
  - Make indicator-messages recommend indicator-status-provider-mc5
* debian/libindicator-messages-status-provider1.symbols
  - Added symbols file

44. By Ken VanDine on 2011-07-08

[ Ted Gould ]
* New upstream release.
  * Update for libindicator 0.4

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/control
  - Bumped build depends for libindicator to >= 0.3.90

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