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255. By Steve Langasek

* don't start on graphics-device-added; reintroducing this reverted the fix
  for bug #615549 from maverick without explanation.
* clean up the completely illegible start rule for debian/gdm.upstart,
  killing off the unnecessary parentheses
* debian/gdm.upstart: when gdm is shut down by a runlevel call, emit an
  upstart event that can be caught by plymouth so it can distinguish
  between the DM shutting down for a runlevel change vs. other causes.
  LP: #854329.

254. By Martin Pitt

debian/gdm.prerm: Stop asking for <dm>/daemon_name debconf question, it
does not exist for lightdm and is not really necessary. Fixes prerm error
and confusing debconf prompts when removing gdm. (LP: #804821)

253. By Gunnar Hjalmarsson

* debian/patches/ubuntu_i18n_oneiric.patch:
  - Unset LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE, and LC_COLLATE if they equal LANG,
    in order to prevent that side effects, when connecting to other
    computers via ssh, appear unnecessarily.
  - Do not override the LANG value resulting from sourcing
    /etc/default/locale and ~/.profile.
* debian/patches/36_language_environment_settings.patch:
  - Not applicable any longer, so we drop it.

252. By Didier Roche

* debian/patches/15_default_session.patch:
  - Set ubuntu as default session

251. By Jeremy Bicha

* debian/control
  - Remove duplicate cdbs build-dep
  - Minor changes to reduce Debian diff
* debian/rules
  - Add configure flags from Debian to correctly handle $PATH
    and locale

250. By Loïc Minier

* New patch, ubuntu_xresources_is_a_dir, fixes loading of Debian/Ubuntu
  style /etc/X11/Xresources/*.
* Update ubuntu_plymouth patch to pass -background none to the Xserver
  instead of -nr which wont be supported in the future; LP: #806857.

249. By Didier Roche

* debian/control, debian/gdm.postinst, debian/gdm.postrm, debian/gdm.preinst
  debian/60xdg_path-on-session, debian/gdm.install,
  - remove setting the xdg path on GDM SESSION as now in x11-common using a
    more generic environment variable shared between gdm and lightdm
  - pre-depends on new dpkg-maintscript-helper to achieve the operation

248. By Martin Pitt

debian/gdm.upstart: Don't start gdm if /etc/X11/default-display-manager
does not exist and lightdm is installed. (LP: #804262)

247. By Martin Pitt

Drop unnecessary libaudit-dev build dependency, which is in universe.

246. By Martin Pitt

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* New upstream version 3.0.0
* Start cleaning for the GNOME3 update
* debian/patches/00git_passwordless_login_crash.patch,
  - those are fixed is in the new version
* debian/patches/08_use_polkit_for_settings.patch,
  - drop gdmsetup, the options should be integrated in gnome-control-center
    (the autologin one is in the user account configuration for example)
* debian/patches/09_gdmserver_gconf_settings.patch:
  - the gconf hack to turn on and off login sounds, that should be
    rewritten use gsettings if wanted, lightdm should also make that easier
* debian/patches/10_xsplash.patch:
  - xsplash was a one cycle hack and has been deprecated since
* debian/patches/24_respect_system_minuid.patch:
  - deprecated with the accountsservice use
* debian/patches/25_update_gconf_directories.patch:
  - the new version use gsettings and that was useful for the
    gdmsetup configuration only
* debian/patches/34_disable_a11y_default.patch:
  - the change was not appropriate for a sru but is fine early
    during the cycle
* debian/%gconf-tree.xml:
  - tweaks to the default layout, those will need to be revisited with the
    new ui and gsettings if needed (no needed if lightdm is the default?)
* Resynchronize some of the files on Debian to lower the difference

[ Gunnar Hjalmarsson ]
* debian/patches/36_language_environment_settings.patch:
  Set LC_CTYPE and LC_COLLATE to the same locale name as LC_MESSAGES
  (LP: #786986).
* Patches adapted to gdm-3.0.0:
  - 15_default_session.patch
  - 30_don_t_save_failsafe_session.patch
  - 32-hide-mouse-cursor.patch
  - 45_time_display_on_greeter.patch
  - 90_register-bin-true-as-URI-scheme-handler-for-several-schemes.patch
* debian/patches/45_time_display_on_greeter.patch:
  Display time on the greeter in a proper format also when
  /etc/default/locale assigns different locales to LANG respective
  LC_MESSAGES (LP: #777264).
* debian/gdm.upstart:
  Export LC_MESSAGES so the weekday gets displayed in the system
  language on the greeter.
* debian/patches/41_pt_time_format.patch:
  Patch deleted (superseded by 45_time_display_on_greeter.patch).

[ Robert Ancell ]
* debian/patches/42_no_ecryptfs_autologin.patch:
  - Only stop autologin if full home directory encryption is used
    (LP: #753707)

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream version 3.0.4.
* debian/control.in: Require accountsservice 0.6.12.
* Drop 90_register-bin-true-as-URI-scheme-handler-for-several-schemes.patch:
  Fixed upstream in a different way.
* debian/gdm.install: install the dummy desktop handler and the
  mimeapps.list to /usr/share/gdm/applications.
* debian/rules: Drop installation of bonobo .server for FUSA, this is all
* debian/rules: Drop installation of debian/%gconf-tree.xml, which was
  removed above.
* Drop 35_langlist_and_lsmess_dmrc_fields.patch: This now needs to be
  reimplemented in accountsservice.
* 42_no_ecryptfs_autologin.patch: Update to gdm 3.0.
* Synchronize patches with Debian:
  - Drop 04_fix_external_program_directories.patch, replace with
  - Add 93_xdg_data_dirs.patch.
  - Add 01_language.patch.
  - Drop 02_x_server_location.patch, replace with 16_xserver_path.patch. Set
    $X_PATH and friends in debian/rules.
  - Rename 05_initial_server_on_vt7.patch to 06_first_vt.patch. They have
    the same purpose, but ours is two magnitudes simpler.
  - Add 08_frequent-users_greeter.patch.
  - Rename 06_run_xsession.d.patch to ubuntu_run_xsession.d.patch; we don't
    use Debian's Xsession script, but upstream's.
  - Rename 11_crash_for_apport.patch to ubuntu_dont_catch_sigsegv.patch.
  - Rename 14_guest_session.patch to ubuntu_guest_session.patch.
  - Rename 20_upstart.patch to ubuntu_upstart_event.patch.
  - Rename 26_no_debug.patch to ubuntu_no_debug.patch.
  - Rename 39_grep_path.patch to 29_grep_path.patch just as Debian did.
* Merge 27_save_root_window.patch and 28_plymouth_transition.patch into
  ubuntu_plymouth.patch, to correspond better with its origin at
* Drop 16_gdmserver_user_manager.patch, this info is now provided by
* Drop 32-hide-mouse-cursor.patch. It never really looked that much better,
  and is unimportant now that gdm isn't even the default DM any more.
* Drop 40_one_lang_option_per_translation.patch: gdm does not show a
  language list any more, thus obsolete.
* 44_xsession-errors_symlink.patch: Fix case of .xsession-errors pointing to
  non-files such as /dev/null. Also rename to
  00git_xsession-errors_symlink.patch, as the patch was also committed
  upstream now. (LP: #771661)
* debian/watch: Look for .bz2 tarballs; upstream stopped publishing .gz
* debian/control.in: Add missing gnome-pkg-tools dependency.
* debian/control.in: Bump Standards-Vesion to 3.9.2.
* debian/gdm.preinst: Add missing debhelper token.

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