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5. By Micah Gersten

* fix LP: #636014 - Fix synopsis for flashgot to include Thunderbird,
  Abrowser, and Seamonkey; Thanks to Matthew Paul Thomas for the suggestion
* fix LP: #645339 - Drop transitional and removed packages from Recommends

4. By Benjamin Drung

Rebuild to pick up new features from mozilla-devscripts 0.21.

3. By Andrea Veri

[ Andrea Veri <email address hidden> ]
* debian/control:
  - maintainer set to pkg-mozext team, John moved to
  - m-d bumped to 0.16~
  - bumped dh to level 7
  - binary name changed from flashgot to xul-ext-flashgot as
    per http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianMozExtTeam.
  - refreshed depends and added missing fields. (recommends / provides)
  - removed icedove / thunderbird as depends, they are no more needed.
  - made a dummy transitional package for binary name change.
* debian/compat:
  - dh bumped to level 7.
* debian/rules:
  - cleaned up a bit
  - removed deprecated fields and updated to match m-ds 0.16 requirements.

[ Benjamin Drung <email address hidden> ]
* Update vcs links to new location.
* Convert direct source change into bump-max-version.patch.
* Add debian/watch.

2. By John Vivirito

[ John Vivirito <email address hidden> ]
* New upstream version 1.2
* Removed chrome/flashgot.jar!/content/flashgot/FlashGot.exe:
  We have no reason to build with any Windows content.
* Removed chrome/flashgot.jar!/content/flashgot/FlashGot.cpp:
  due to a non-free license
* Removed chrome/flashgot.jar!/content/flashgot/DAP.cpp:
  Only useful to Internet Explorer
* Removed chrome/flashgot.jar!/content/flashgot/Flashgot.h: It has no license
* debian/rules:
  - uncommented MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS to fix addon install
  - removed all browsers from MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS
* debian/control:
  - demoted xpi:depends to satisfy mozilla-devscripts version 0.15
  - removed all browsers from depends
* Added .bzr-builddeb/default.conf dir with revision id info

[ Andrea Veri <email address hidden> ]
* First package's upload on Debian unstable.
* debian/control:
 - added myself as co-maintainer
 - removed ubuntu-specific fields
 - DM-Upload-Allowed field added.
 - Bumped debhelper level to latest 7 and Standards-version.
    to 3.8.3, now the package follows latest policy.
 - Bumped mozilla-devscripts to latest 0.15 to use its new
    features. (such as ${xpi:Depends})
 - added ${xpi:Depends}: this is a new feature introduced in latest
   mozilla-devscript's package.
 - added some Debian-specific fields like Homepage and vcs-browser.
* debian/copyright:
  - FSF address updated, fixing a lintian warning.
  - added a reference about where you can find a GPL copy inside
    Debian systems, fixing a lintian warning.
* debian/rules:
   - removed the extra license file using the latest
     mozilla-devscript 0.15 package.

1. By John Vivirito

Import upstream version 1.2+dfsg

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