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119. By Chris Coulson on 2011-10-08

* We need to keep the postinst magic for the distribution.ini folder ->
  symlink transition permanently to handle upgrades from Natty, as Natty
  users are upgrading from the the same upstream version of Firefox as
  Oneiric, and always will be. This means that we can't rely on the install
  location changing during the upgrade (LP: #869311)
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in

118. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-28

* New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_7_0_1_BUILD1)
  - Fixes LP: #861664

* Add Mongolian and Swahili to locale blacklist. These aren't meant to be
  built on the release channel, but they still appear in the upstream
  - update debian/locales.blacklist
* Drop the temporary postinst magic for the distribution.ini folder ->
  symlink transition. The new upstream release means that the install
  location changes, so this is redundant now
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in

117. By Micah Gersten on 2011-09-26

* Really fix LP: #858683 - Clean up the symlinks for users who upgraded to
  7.0+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu2; This means checking for everything before the
  -0ubuntu3 revision since the -0ubuntu2 users already upgraded
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in

116. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-25

* Fix LP: #858683 - All search engines disappear. Handle the directory ->
  symlink conversion in the postinst script
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in

115. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-25

* Fix LP: #858683 - All search engines disappear. Revert the change to move
  distribution.ini, it seems to need some extra postinst magic to make it
  upgrade correctly and not break everything. Not for a Sunday morning though
  - update debian/rules

114. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-24

* New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_7_0_BUILD2)

* Move distribution.ini to a stable install path in Oneiric for now, so it
  can be diverted without breaking during upgrades
  - update debian/rules

113. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-17

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_7_0b6_BUILD1)

* Fix LP: #848211 - Firefox 7 beta displays wrong language in about:addons.
  Don't incorrectly omit the addon manager translations from the tarball

112. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-12

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_7_0b5_BUILD1)

* Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0.1
* Only install channel-prefs.js on aurora/beta, where we need it for
  Test Pilot
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/firefox.install.in
  - update debian/apport/firefox.py.in
* Don't error out whilst creating the source package if mozilla-devscripts
  or cdbs aren't installed. This enables us to create source packages
  on machines which don't have these available
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/mozclient/firefox.mk

111. By Chris Coulson on 2011-09-05

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_7_0b4_BUILD2)

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Update globalmenu-extension to 2.0
  - Only update a menu in realtime if it's parent is opening. For all other
    times, just invalidate the menu. Avoids spamming dbus everytime
    something changes in the menu
  - When removing a menuitem from its parent, check that the index is
    in-bounds. Should fix a frequent crash on startup, although it doesn't
    explain how it gets in to that state in the first place
  - Add the ability to turn on debugging without building Firefox with
    debugging on
* Add upstream patch to only add ENABLE_JIT=1 to CXXFLAGS if any of trace/
  method/yarr jit is enabled. Fixes a build failure on PPC
  - add debian/patches/only-add-ENABLE_JIT-to-CXXFLAGS-if-jit-is-enabled.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Add upstream patch to fix build failure with ENABLE_YARR_JIT=0
  - add debian/patches/build-fix-for-no-ENABLE_YARR_JIT.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Add upstream patch to work around a linker bug
  - add debian/patches/compile-pldhash-as-C++.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

[ Jamie Strandboge <email address hidden> ]
* AppArmor
  - debian/usr.bin.firefox.apparmor.11.04: update for
    /sys/devices/system/cpu (LP: #819479)

110. By Chris Coulson on 2011-08-30

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_7_0b3_BUILD1)
  - LP: #837557

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