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23. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-09-23

[postinst|prerm|postrm]: appended "2>/dev/null" onto 2.5.1-5 additions.
Thanks to Till Kamppeter for this suggestion.

22. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-09-14

Corrected DRIVER_REGEXP value for automated PPD updating. (LP: #836278)
Thanks to Till Kamppeter for spotting this!

21. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-09-13

* Modified the force-reload loop in [postinst|prerm|postrm] to end with ||:
  rather than with ||true for consistency with other maintainer commands.
* Added a wait loop in [postinst|prerm|postrm] to ensure that CUPS reloaded.
* Added 'cupsenable' and 'cupsaccept' steps in [postinst] to ensure that
  the PDF queue is up and running before we can manipulate it. (LP: #805947)
* Added 'cupsdisable' and 'cupsreject' steps in [prerm|postrm] to match.
* Refreshed all patches using the .quiltrc from Chapter 3.1 of the NM Guide.

20. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-08-29

* Migrated CDBS patch management from simple-patchsys.mk to patchsys-quilt.mk.
  + Adopted the short README.source from Quilt for Debian Maintainers as-is.
  + Added a Build-Depends on quilt.
* Added to [debian/patches]:
  60_Debian_623743.patch "support supplementary groups" (Closes: #623743).
* Updated [debian/copyright] to reflect recent upstream contributions.
* Implemented automated PPD upgrading for CUPS (>= 1.5.0-3). Backports
  will simply ignore this script; no Depends version required.

19. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-04-24

* Remove the superfluous -E option to the queue creation loop. This was
  unnecessary to access the localhost plus it sometimes makes automated
  installs fail. (Closes: #614713,#539156).
  Many thanks to Daniel Reichelt for finding this long-standing issue!
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no change required).

18. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-03-16

* Refreshed our config patch to reduce the diff with upstream to a minimum.
* Implemented a CUPS queue purging loop in [postrm] to remove all traces of
  CUPS-PDF in the CUPS configuration after a package purge. (LP: #573667)

17. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-02-19

* New upstream release.
  + Dropped 60_cups-pdf_remove-contrib-SELinux-HOWTO-bashisms.patch (merged)
* Dropped 70_cups-pdf_support-pdf-workflow.patch
  + This patch has received more criticism than praises from the end-users,
    because it enssentially renders the Ghostscript options in cups-pdf.conf
    useless, plus it no longer applies cleanly to the upstream code.

16. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2011-01-04

* Updated my contact info in [debian/control|debian/copyright] files.
* Fixed "please compile with large file support" (Closes: #604930).
* Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no change required).

15. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2010-06-18

Revert permission fix from 2.5.0-15. Let CUPS handle this by itself.

14. By Martin-Éric Racine on 2010-05-27

* Changed ownership of /var/spool/cups-pdf/ANONYMOUS from nobody:nogroup
  to root:lpadmin (Closes: #582441).
* Fix the permissions of /usr/lib/cups/backend to 0700 (LP: #580837).
  FIXME: this directory's permissions really should be fixed by CUPS.

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