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76. By Scott Moser on 2011-09-13

cloud-publish-image: do not fail if arch is other than i386 or x86_64.
This is to allow 'arm'. (LP: #849093)

75. By Scott Moser on 2011-08-17

* sync with trunk at revision 142
* add symlink for legacy name uec-run-instances to cloud-run-instances
* ec2metadata:
  * use 2009-04-04 version of api, which is present in openstack for the
    metadata url.
  * correctly provide prefix (keyname) for each item if dumping all metadata
* cloud-run-instances: pass '--key' or '-k' to the underlying command
* ubuntu-ec2-run: fix bug where --instance-type would be passed twice
  if the user set it

74. By Scott Moser on 2011-08-11

* sync with trunk at revision 136
* ubuntu-cloudimg-query add additional format data options

[Dustin Kirkland]
* bin/ubuntu-ec2-run:
  - karmic is EOL, hardy still supported, note that we *should*
    use distro-info eventually
  - default to t1.micro instead of m1.small (least expensive, can do amd64)

73. By Scott Moser on 2011-08-04

fix for ubuntu-ec2-run, which was broken in previous upload

72. By Scott Moser on 2011-08-04

* sync with trunk at revision 127
* fix to cloud-publish-image when interacting with older eucalyptus
* bring in 2 new utilities for getting EC2 ami ids
  - ubuntu-ec2-query : command line utility for querying
  - ubuntu-ec2-run : lightweight wrapper around ec2-run-instances
    that utilizes ubuntu-ec2-query

71. By Scott Moser on 2011-07-26

* New upstream release (first upstream release separate from Ubuntu)
* ec2metadata: add '--url' flag for specifying metadata service url
* ec2metadata: update to use metadata api version 2011-01-01
  This adds 'instance-action', 'mac', 'profile'
* ec2metadata: use urllib2 and correctly identify HTTPErrors
* rename 'uec' prefix to 'cloud'
  there are symlinks providing backwards compat that will issue warnings
  - uec-publish-tarball: renamed to cloud-publish-tarball
  - uec-publish-image: renamed to cloud-publish-image
  - uec-resize-image: renamed to resize-part-image
* uec-query-builds: removed

70. By Scott Moser on 2011-07-15

* uec-publish-tarball: accept x86_64 as valid arch input, and pass provided
  arch un-modified to uec-publish-image rather than always changing to 'i386'
  (LP: #779812)
* uec-publish-image: improve searching for existing image. Handle searching
  for either the name or the manifest path, and only search images owned by
* uec-publish-image: register as bucket/basename rather than basename

69. By Scott Moser on 2011-02-25

* make uec-publish-tarball read TMPDIR. Previously it
  read 'TEMPDIR' environment variable. Fall back to using
  that if TMPDIR is not set.
* add utility 'growpart' for rewriting a partition table
  so that a given partition uses available space (LP: #725127)

68. By Scott Moser on 2011-02-19

* uec-publish-image: use --name in euca-register
* uec-publish-image: fix for debug so '-v' will give some info
  (previously needed -vv)
* ec2metadata: fix for ancestor-ami-ids retrieval (LP: #706651)
* uec-run-instances: add '--attach-volume'

67. By Scott Moser on 2011-01-13

uec-publish-image: fix using ec2-api-tools and ec2-ami-tools

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