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169. By Michael Vogt

[ Adam Conrad ]
* On armel, call update-apt-xapian-index with '-u' to keep the CPU
  and I/O usage low. We would do this on all arches, but there's a
  regression risk here, but that's better than killing slow systems.

[ Michael Vogt ]
* cmdline/apt-key:
  - fix apt-key net-update, thanks to Marc Deslauriers and
    Adam Conrad for the code review (LP: #857472)

168. By Michael Vogt

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* apt-pkg/deb/deblistparser.cc:
  - fix crash when the dynamic mmap needs to be remapped during
    LoadReleaseInfo (LP: #854090)

167. By Michael Vogt

[ Colin Watson ]
* ftparchive/cachedb.cc:
  - fix buffersize in bytes2hex

[ Marc Deslauriers ]
* SECURITY UPDATE: Disable apt-key net-update for now, as validation
  code is insecure.
  - cmdline/apt-key: exit immediately out of net_update().
  - CVE number pending

166. By Michael Vogt

* methods/https.cc:
  - cleanup broken downloads properly (just like http)

165. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* apt-pkg/acquire-item.h, apt-pkg/deb/debmetaindex.cc:
  - fix fetching translated package descriptions (including the newly
    stripped out english ones) by adding OptionalSubIndexTarget

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* apt-pkg/acquire-item.cc:
  - if no Release.gpg file is found try to verify with hashes,
    but do not fail if a hash can't be found
* apt-pkg/indexrecords.cc:
  - fix Acquire::Max-ValidTime option by interpreting it really
    as seconds as specified in the manpage and not as days
  - add an Acquire::Min-ValidTime option (Closes: #640122)
* doc/apt.conf.5.xml:
  - reword Acquire::Max-ValidTime documentation to make clear
    that it doesn't provide the new Min-ValidTime functionality

164. By Michael Vogt

* cherry pick r1825 from lp:~mvo/apt/mvo:
  * apt-pkg/contrib/configuration.cc:
  - fix double delete (LP: #848907)
  - ignore only the invalid regexp instead of all options

* cherry pick r2165 from lp:~donkult/apt/sid:
  [ David Kalnischkies ]
  * cmdline/apt-get.cc:
    - output list of virtual package providers to c1out in -q=1
      instead of /dev/null to unbreak sbuild (LP: #816155)

163. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt ]
* cherry pick revision 2173 from lp:~donkult/apt/sid

[ David Kalnischkies ]
- M-A:same lockstep unpack should operate on installed
  packages first (LP: #835625)

162. By Michael Vogt

[ Michael Vogt
* merged lp:~jr/ubuntu/oneiric/apt/bzr-get-rename, thanks to
  Jonathan Riddell

[ David Kalnischkies ]
* lots of cppcheck fixes
* apt-pkg/packagemanager.cc, apt-pkg/pkgcache.cc:
  - ignore "self"-conflicts for all architectures of a package
    instead of just for the architecture of the package locked at
    in the ordering of installations too (Closes: #802901)

161. By Michael Vogt

* debian/control:
  - fix VCS location
* methods/mirror.cc:
  - include the architecture(s) in the query string as well so
    that the server can make better decisions

160. By Adam Conrad

Merge change from Robert Collins to upgrade ubuntu-keyring recommends
to a hard dependency to match Debian behaviour and fix LP: #816606

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