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281. By Martin Pitt

etc/default/apport: Disable for final Oneiric release.

280. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/control: Bump GIR dependencies to ensure that we don't run this
  against older versions against gir1.2-glib-2.0, which still have a wrong
  API for markup_escape_text(). (LP: #851450)

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: also check CurrentDmesg for disk errors
  as some package hooks add it
* data/package-hooks/source_debian-installer.py: for dmraid collection use
  attach_root_command_outputs (LP: #856826)

279. By Martin Pitt

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Do not create a DuplicateSignature
  for bugs with a Traceback included as it is redundant

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream release:
  - crashdb.py, crash-digger, dupdb-admin: Drop the concept of "duplicate DB
    consolidation". Such massive queries cause timeouts with e. g.
    Launchpad. Instead, update the status of potential master bugs in the
    crash DB whenever check_duplicate() is called. Note that this does not
    affect Ubuntu itself, just the retracers in the data center.
  - launchpad.py: Fix crash in close_duplicate() if master bug was already
    marked as a duplicate of the examined bug.
  - problem_report.py, load(): Fix missing last character if the last line
    in a multi-line field is not terminated with a newline.
  - launchpad.py: Fix test_marking_python_task_mangle() check to work with
    current Launchpad.
  - apport-retrace: If the user did not specify a --cache directory, create
    a shared one instead of letting the two install_packages() calls create
    their own. This ensures that the apt and dpkg status is up to date, and
    avoids downloading the package indexes multiple times. (LP: #847951)
  - apport-retrace: Give proper error mesage instead of AssertionError crash
    if a report does not contain standard Apport format data. (LP: #843221)
  - fileutils.py, get_new_reports(): Fix crash if report file disappears in
    the middle of the operation. (LP: #640216)
  - apport/ui.py, load_report(): Intercept another case of broken report
    files. (LP: #445142)
  - apport/report.py, standard_title(): Escape regular expression control
    characters in custom exception names. (LP: #762998)
* data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Fix crash if
  prepare_duplicate_signature() does not return anything. (LP: #843911)
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes necessary).

278. By Brian Murray

data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: include apport version in bug reports since
apport contains code for blocking bug reports and source package hooks

277. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream release:
  - dupdb-admin: Add "removeid" command.
  - dupdb-admin: Use the in-memory CrashDB implementation for simple
    operations like dump or changeid, which do not require an actual
    backend. This makes the command work in checkouts without a
  - dupdb-admin: Fix UnicodeEncodeError crash.
  - launchpad.py: Fix crash if a crash report does not have a DistroRelease.
  - Set the default "Apport" title for choice dialogs instead of the default
    apport-gtk title. Thanks Robert Roth. (LP: #608222)
  - apport-gtk: Update markup_escape_text() call to current glib.
    (LP: #829635)
* data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Only set a DuplicateSignature and
  change the source package if we are reporting a package or program crash,
  not for ProblemType == 'Bug'.

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: check the device holding /, /var and /usr
  partitions for I/O errors and if they exist make the bug unreportable
* data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Use attachment OemConfigLog to determine
  whether or not to tag the bug oem-config not information in syslog

276. By Martin Pitt

data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Fix crash on undefined 'version'.
(LP: #837048)

275. By Brian Murray

data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: create a duplicate signature for
ubiquity bug reports using data in syslog

274. By Martin Pitt

[ Brian Murray ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: generate a DuplicateSignature tag for
  distribution upgrades too.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream release:
  - Completely rework apport-retrace to use gdb's "debug-file-directory" and
    "solib-absolute-prefix" settings and only unpack the necessary packages
    in a temporary directory. This makes it possible to use it in a running
    system without actually touching installed packages, does not need any
    root privileges, and stops the requirement of using chroots with
    fakechroot and fakeroot. This is a lot easier to maintain and use, and a
    lot faster, too. As a consequence, drop the chroot module, and update
    crash-digger accordingly. See "man apport-retrace" for the new usage.
    It is now also easier to port to other packaging backends, as a lot of
    the common logic moved out of the packaging API;
    packaging.install_retracing_packages() got dropped in favor of the
    simpler packaging.install_packages(). (LP: #832740)
  - launchpad.py: When searchTasks() times out, exit with 99 as this is a
    transient error.
  - crash-digger: Intercept OverflowError from downloaded compressed
  - crash-digger: Show how many bugs are left in the pool with each new
* Drop debian/local/apport-chroot and manpage, and ubuntu-fat-chroot. These
  are obsolete now with the new apport-retrace.
* Drop debian/local/setup-apport-retracer: Most of it is obsolete now,
  setting up a retracer merely needs an lp:apport checkout and creating an
  apt sources file, we don't need a script for that any more.
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Fix invalid "continue" statement in
  DuplicateSignature code. (LP: #828037)

273. By Brian Murray

data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: remove use of continue when not in
a loop (LP: #828037)

272. By Martin Pitt

Fix crash in GLib.markup_escape_text() call. Patch cherrypicked from
trunk. (LP: #828010)

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