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13. By Jamie Strandboge

* debian/patches/0001-add-chromium-browser.patch:
  - add various accesses for newer chromium versions (LP: #1091862)
  - add a child profile for xdgsettings (LP: #1045986)
* debian/put-all-profiles-in-complain-mode.sh: deal with existing flags

12. By Micah Gersten

* fix LP: #989184 - Firefox 12's launcher script is not allowed in
  abstractions/ubuntu-browsers; This was a regression from the firefox
  path changing to a non-versioned path in the Firefox 12 packaging
  - add debian/patches/0016-lp989184.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* fix LP: #990931 - Thunderbird is being blocked by apparmor from Firefox;
  This was a regression from the Thunderbird path changing to a non-versioned
  path in the Thunderbird 12 packaging
  - add debian/patches/0015-lp990931.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

11. By Jamie Strandboge

0007-fix-introspection-tests.patch: Add missing introspection regression
test that should have been checked in with the introspection patches.

10. By Jamie Strandboge

* 0004-adjust-logprof-log-search-order.patch: Adjust the search order to use
  just /var/log/audit/audit.log and /var/log/syslog. (LP: #835838)
* 0005-lp826914.patch: fix missing multiarch in abstraction/X (LP: #826914)
* 0006-lp838275.patch: adjust ubuntu-email abstraction for thunderbird 7
  (LP: #838275)

9. By Kees Cook

* New upstream devel snapshot:
  - drop 0002-lp750381.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0004-lp754889.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0005-lp761217.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0100-manpage-typo.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0101-declarations.patch, solved differently upstream.
  - drop 0102-manpage-release-name.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0103-kfreebsd-compile.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop define-path-max.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop indep-build.patch, taken upstream.
  - debian/libapparmor1.manpages: add new function man pages.
* Merge with Ubuntu:
  - drop 0104-python-aa-status.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0105-lightdm.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0106-lp810270.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0107-lp767308.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0108-gnome-mimeinfo.patch, taken upstream.
  - drop 0109-add-profile-repo-info.patch, taken upstream.
* Add af_names-generation.patch to allow arbitrary socket.h file location.

8. By Kees Cook

* debian/po: add new translations:
  - zh_CN.po: Simplified Chinese, thanks to Aron Xu (Closes: 624853).
  - da.po: Danish, thanks to Joe Dalton (Closes: 625252).
  - sv.po: Swedish, thanks to Martin Bagge (Closes: 625264).
  - cs.po: Czech, thanks to Michal Šimůnek (Closes: 625465).
  - de.po: German, thanks to Chris Leick (Closes: 625931).
  - nl.po: Dutch, thanks to Jeroen Schot (Closes: 626269).
  - ja.po: Japanese, thanks to Hideki Yamane (Closes: 626803).
  - it.po: Italian, thanks to Dario Santamaria (Closes: 626836).
  - fr.po: French, thanks to Julien Patriarca (Closes: 626903).
  - es.po: Spanish, thanks to Francisco Javier Cuadrado (Closes: 627031).
* debian/patches/define-path-max.patch: fix Hurd FTBFS.
* debian/patches/indep-build.patch: allow split indep/arch builds.
* debian/{control,rules,non-linux}: add fake parser for non-Linux
  builds so that apparmor-utils is installable (Closes: 625977).

7. By Kees Cook

* debian/control: add sneaky missing Build-Dep on liblocale-gettext-perl
  (fixes FTBFS on some extremely minimal chroots, Closes: 624566).
* debian/patches/0101-declarations.patch: add missing declarations needed
  for sensitive compilers (fixes FTBFS on mips/mipsel).
* debian/patches/0102-manpage-release-name.patch: update manpage release
  names to match others.
* debian/patches/0103-kfreebsd-compile.patch, debian/{control,rules}:
  attempt to build as much as possible (no parser) on non-Linux systems.
* debian/po/ru.po: add translation, thanks to Yuri Kozlov (Closes: 624741).

6. By Kees Cook

debian/copyright: clarify for some full organization names.

5. By Kees Cook

debian/control: move apparmor-modules to Recommends to Avoid
uninstallable situation when AppArmor modules haven't yet been

4. By Kees Cook

debian/rules, debian/apparmor.{postinst,prerm}: ignore init script
failures so that they don't block package installs/upgrades/uninstalls.

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