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87. By Adam Conrad on 2011-09-30

No, really, s/SDP4430/Panda/ on the ucm/Panda configs (LP: #820466)

86. By Adam Conrad on 2011-09-29

* Duplicate ucm/SDP4430 configs as ucm/Panda configs, reflecting the
  fact that Pandaboard now has a non-generic card name (LP: #746023)
* Comment out AMIC PDM Switch config from ucm/Panda/record, as that
  device seems to have stopped existing in recent kernel versions.

85. By Steve Langasek on 2011-08-11

releasing version

84. By Steve Langasek on 2011-08-11

Split the python-based mixer into a separate package, so our Multi-Arch
libasound2 is actually co-installable.

83. By Steve Langasek on 2011-07-21

* Merge changes from Debian svn:
  - Bump to debhelper compat v8.
  - Remove debian/tmp prefixes from .install file.
  - Add multiarch support:
    + Build-Depend on debhelper 8.1.3.
    + Add Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends} to libasound2.
    + Declare DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH and use it to define $libdir.
    + Add an explicit --with-plugindir argument to base plugindir on the
      multiarch dir.
    + Update libasound2-dev.install.
    + Mark libasound2 Multi-Arch: same.
  - Break current versions of packages providing ALSA plugins.
  - Remove libasound2's .la file, as any reference will be now broken.
  - Remove unneeded Suggests and Conflicts from -udeb.
  - Set Section to debian-installer.
  - Replace versioned conflicts with Breaks, and remove some obsolete ones.
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no further changes).
  - Update upstream URL in copyright file.
  - Use versioned pointer to LGPL 2.1 licence.
* Drop the hard-coded versioned dependency on libc6-i386. If we don't need
  this as a pre-depends for cycle breaking, we don't need to declare it at
  all since shlibdeps will do the right thing.
* debian/patches/multiarch-safe-dlopen-search-path.patch: compile in
  the ALSA search path instead of relying on ld.so.conf.
* With the plugin path corrected, drop the existing ld.so.conf snippets,
  removing them on upgrade.
* Spell out the plugin dir path: the build system fails to expand
  substitutions, and '${libdir}' is obviously not present on the

82. By Luke Yelavich on 2011-05-06

* debian/control: Update Vcs-Bzr field
* debian/rules, debian/libasound2.install: Change the way that smixer files
  are installed, following on from the changes made in the addition of an
  libasound2 udeb

Cherry-pick changes from debian ALSA svn:

[ Jordi Mallach ]
* Switch to architecture wildcard 'linux-any'.

[ Elimar Riesebieter ]
* Provide libasound2-udeb based on a patch from Samuel Thibault. Thanks.
  (closes: #613092)
* Added armhf to supported arch's of libasound2 and libasound2-dev
  (closes: #596968)

81. By Luke Yelavich on 2011-04-11

Add ALSA UCM config files for omap4 (LP: #746023)

80. By David Henningsson on 2011-03-28

lp178442-ICE1712.patch: Makes pulseaudio succeed in opening
ICE1712 chips such as Maudio 2496 and Delta 1010LT.
(LP: #178442)

79. By Luke Yelavich on 2011-03-21

alsa-lib-ucm-allow-values-to-be-read-from-devices.patch: Refresh to include
various fixes to the initial patch, as well as some further fixes from
Jaroslav Kysela

78. By Luke Yelavich on 2011-03-17

* alsa-lib-ucm-allow-values-to-be-read-from-devices.patch: Patch from the
  alsa-devel mailing list, written by Margarita Olaya Cabrera:
  - ucm: allow values to be read from devices (LP: #736242)

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