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20. By Michael Biebl

debian/control: Make pm-utils dependency [linux-any].

19. By Michael Biebl

[ Frédéric Péters ]
* Enable gobject introspection support. (Closes: #614795)
  - Add Build-Depends on libgirepository1.0-dev (>= 0.9.12),
    gobject-introspection (>= 0.9.12-4~) and gir1.2-glib-2.0.
  - Add package gir1.2-upowerglib-1.0 containing the typelib file.
  - Install gir file in libupower-glib-dev.install.
  - Call dh_girepository for libupower-glib1 in debian/rules.

[ Michael Biebl ]
* Bump debhelper compatibility level to 8 and update build dependency on
  debhelper accordingly.

18. By Jamie Strandboge

No change upload to rebuild against new libimobiledevice

17. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release. Changes since our previous git snapshot:
  - Add an "IsDocked" property.
  - Testsuite: Reduce race condition in history purging check.
  - Update the list of HID UPS devices
  - Fix links to git repository in HACKING
  - Support the power_now sysfs attribute to get time remaining on new
* debian/libupower-glib1.symbols: Add new symbol.

16. By Martin Pitt

* Upgrade to latest git head, up to commit e38cddbb8:
  - Fix compilation eror against Linux 2.6.36
  - Check for and link against libplist. Fixes building with gcc 4.5.
  - Drop unnecessary check for polkit-backend.
  - Fix test suite to work as normal user, by using a temporary directory
    for the history files.
* debian/control: Remove libpolkit-backend-1-dev build dependency again,
  this was only a workaround.
* debian/rules: Move from cdbs to dh. Bump debhelper build dependency to >=
  7.0.50~, as required for overriding targets.
* debian/rules: Disable running the upstream tests during package build, as
  they need a running system D-BUS (which we don't have on the buildds).

15. By Michael Biebl

* debian/patches/00git_dont_poll_serial_port_if_no_wup_adaptor.patch
  - Do not continue to poll the serial port if there is no Watts Up Pro
    adaptor. Patch cherry-picked from upstream Git. (Closes: #586751)
* Drop libdevkit-power-gobject library packages as all reverse dependencies
  have been updated to use the new API provided by libupower-glib.
  (Closes: #595083)

14. By Martin Pitt

* Add 00git_initialize_polkit_gerror.patch: Ensure we've initialized errors
  when calling into PolicyKit. Patch cherrypicked from upstream git head.
  (LP: #648414)
* 00git_fix_double_dbus_return.patch: Unfuzz to apply on top of previous
  patch; now it exactly matches the upstream commit.

13. By Martin Pitt

Add 00git_fix_double_dbus_return.patch,
00git_fix_missing_qos_dbus_return.patch: Fix missing or duplicate D-BUS
return values, which cause crashes. Patches cherrypicked from upstream git
head. (LP: #614119)

12. By Michael Biebl

* debian/control
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
  - Use architecture wildcards for the libgudev-1.0-dev, libkvm-dev and
    libusb-1.0-0-dev build dependencies.
  - Update Build-Depends according to configure.ac.
* debian/upower.postinst
  - Query D-Bus to find out the correct pid of the process claiming
    org.freedesktop.UPower. This way we do not accidentally kill the
    wrong process when being installed in a chroot. (Closes: #594871)
* debian/upower.prerm
  - Stop upowerd on remove. (Closes: #590017)

11. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release:
  - Dynamic testing for enough hibernate swap. (LP: #599352)
  - Port UPower to libusb1 to avoid unfixable crashes. (LP: #522827)
* debian/rules: Build a PO template during package build, for translation
  systems. (LP: #538321)
* debian/control: Switch libusb-dev build dependency to libusb-1.0-0-dev,
  and add libimobiledevice-dev to support the new backend.
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.0; no changes necessary.
* Drop transitional devicekit-power-doc package. It's been in testing long
  enough, and we do not want to carry it into the squeeze release.

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