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417. By Colin Watson on 2011-07-07

* Add --config=Mode:0644 to debconf-copydb call, as otherwise we leave
  /var/cache/debconf/config.dat mode 0600 in the installed system,
  breaking the first run of some package management frontends
  (LP: #442941).
* Automatic update of included source packages: partman-auto 93ubuntu16.

416. By Colin Watson on 2011-04-22

Add __init__ methods to ubi-timezone's PageDebconf and
PageNoninteractive classes, so that they have controller attributes
(LP: #769081).

415. By Evan on 2011-04-21

Disable the alpha warning. Whoops.

414. By Evan on 2011-04-21

Pretend to be online in tests. Fixes build failure.

413. By Colin Watson on 2011-04-21

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Fix missing import on the partitioning page.
* Repack debs in apt-clone.
* Disable the upgrade/reinstall option when no Internet connection is
  available. See LP 766171 for details.
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Don't ever show scrollbars in the slideshow. The window growing
  slightly is not ideal, but still better than this. See LP 529201
  for details.
* Defend against temporary mountpoints not existing before attempting
  to remove them (LP: #759716).

[ Colin Watson ]
* Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup
  1.57ubuntu20, grub-installer 1.60ubuntu3, partman-auto 93ubuntu15.

412. By Evan on 2011-04-19

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* bin/ubiquity-dm: use correct KDE wallpaper path

[ Colin Watson ]
* Don't copy keyboard-configuration questions to /target in OEM mode, and
  reset any values that come from the live filesystem build. oem-config
  will ask them later, and copying these confuses it (LP: #741304).
* GTK frontend:
  - Avoid a crash if the automatic partitioning page is never displayed.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Remove the 'Bootloader device' line. See LP #726740.
* Do not reset the bootloader choice unless it's absolutely necessary
  (LP: #756920). Thanks St├ęphane Graber!
* Move installation of the nvidia driver to after the removal of
  unneeded kernels. Divert update-initramfs for the duration and
  trigger it afterwards (LP: #759804).
* Make the 'name already exists on the network' warning message not
  block the user from moving forward (LP: #760884).
* Briefly shut down the debconf database to flush any changes before
  starting the parallel database (LP: #761094).
* Fix removal of slideshow packages for non-GTK frontends
  (LP: #745607).
* Set the locale again after the timezone page so that the slideshow
  can have country-specific translations (LP: #758658).
* Automatic update of included source packages: base-installer
  1.116ubuntu2, choose-mirror 2.37ubuntu2, console-setup 1.57ubuntu19,
  flash-kernel 2.28ubuntu19, user-setup 1.28ubuntu15.
* Update translations from Launchpad.

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Show the oem-config slideshow in oem-config rather than the ubuntu one.
* Uninstall the oem-config slideshow after install is done (LP: #759935).

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* Disable ubiquity panel for openbox session.

[ Mackenzie Morgan ]
* Make radio buttons use label wording for screen reader (LP: #749653)

411. By Evan on 2011-04-13

Fix broken home directory lookup (LP: #759401).

410. By Colin Watson on 2011-04-12

Don't check for debconf database locks when ubiquity is itself running
inside a debconf frontend (LP: #758858).

409. By Evan on 2011-04-12

* Clean up after the langpacks state on multiple runs of the installer.
* Prefer biggest_free over resize always now that we make sure the
  biggest_free choice offers at least 5GB (LP: #758236, LP: #652852).
* Determine the home directory of the target user when copying the
  network configuration (LP: 745607).
* Select all the ubiquity slideshow packages for removal, and do not
  error out if none can be found (LP: #745607).
* Update translations from Launchpad.
* Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup
  1.57ubuntu18, migration-assistant 0.6.10.

408. By Evan on 2011-04-11

[ Colin Watson ]
* Handle keyboard layouts with only one variant (LP: #711926).
* Make sure to set a new variant default when changing keyboard layout
  (LP: #745137).

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Deal with the confirmation key being translated in jockey-text
  (LP: #757208).
* Update translations from Launchpad.

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