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34. By Abhinav Upadhyay on 2011-03-11

debian/tomcat6-instance-create: Eclipse can now be configured to use a user instance
of tomcat6 using tomcat6-instance-create without any additional work.
tomcat6-instance-create will setup all the necessary symlinks to make eclipse work.
(Closes: #551091) (LP: #297675)

33. By Abhinav Upadhyay on 2011-03-09

[ Abhinav Upadhyay ]
* tomcat6-instance-create should accept -1 as the value of -c option
  as per http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-6.0-doc/config/server.html
  (LP: #707405)
[ Dave Walker (Daviey) ]
* debian/control: Updated Maintainer as per policy.

32. By Tony Mancill on 2011-02-09

* Team upload.
* Add Portuguese/Brazilian debconf translation.
  Thanks to José de Figueiredo (Closes: #608527)
* Add patches for CVE-2011-0534, CVE-2010-3718, CVE-2011-0013
  (Closes: #612257)

31. By Tony Mancill on 2010-12-09

* Team upload.
* Update URL for manager application in README.Debian
  Thanks to Ernesto Ongaro (Closes: #606170)
* Add patch for CVE-2010-4172. (Closes: #606388)

30. By Tony Mancill on 2010-12-04

* Team upload.

[ Thierry Carrez (ttx) ]
* Do not fail to purge if /etc/tomcat6 was manually removed (LP: #648619)
* Add missing -p option in start-stop-daemon when starting tomcat6 to avoid
  failing to start due to /bin/bash running (LP: #632554)
* Fix build failure (missing TraXLiaison class) by adding ant-nodeps
  to the classpath.

[ tony mancill ]
* Use debconf to determine tomcat6 user and group to delete upon purge.
  Thanks to Misha Koshelev. (Closes: #599458)
* Add tomcat-native to Suggests: for tomcat6 binary package.
  Thanks to Eddy Petrisor (Closes: #600590)
* Add Danish debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Joe Dalton (Closes: #605070)
* Actually add the Czech debconf template translation.
  Thanks this time to Christian PERRIER (Closes: #597863)

29. By Thierry Carrez on 2010-11-23

debian/control: Reapply ant1.7-optional to ant-optional change, was
accidentally reverted in last upload.

28. By Thierry Carrez on 2010-11-23

debian/tomcat6.init: Add missing -p option in start-stop-daemon when
starting tomcat6 to avoid failing to start due to /bin/bash running
(LP: #632554)

27. By James Page on 2010-11-08

* Build-depend on ant/ant-optional (1.8.1)
* Amended debian/rules, fix xslt processing in ant 1.8.1 to
  fix FTBFS (LP: #662588)

26. By Thierry Carrez on 2010-10-20

Build-depend on ant1.7 / ant1.7-optional to fix FTBFS (LP: #662588)

25. By Tony Mancill on 2010-10-06

* Team upload.
* Add Czech debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Michal Simunek. (Closes: #597863)
* Add Spanish debconf template translation.
  Thanks to Javier Fernández-Sanguino (Closes: #599230)
* Modify postinst to handle JAVA_OPTS strings containing the '/'
  character. This was causing upgrade failures for users.
  (Closes: #597814)

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