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15. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2010-06-02

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2010-02-19)
* debian/patches/10_semi-pgg-parse-4880.diff: Patch from David Maus to
  fix missing mandatory MIME parameter in multipart/signed entities.
  (closes: #584113)
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.

14. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2010-02-08

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2010-02-07)
  - Fix non-compliant messages that are signed and encrypted with OpenPGP.
    (closes: #555472)
  - Fix missing mandatory "Version: 1" field for application/pgp-encrypted.
    (closes: #554720)
* debian/rules: Add direntry to *.texi for *.info. (closes: #528895)
* debian/prerm, debian/postinst: Removed.
* debian/control:
  - Add `dpkg (>= 1.15.4) | install-info' to Depends.
  - Add `${misc:Depends}' to Depends.
  - Set Section to lisp.
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.8.4.
* debian/copyright: Updated.

13. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2009-04-10

debian/emacsen-install: Don't fail even if mailcrypt isn't installed.
(closes: #523309)

12. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2008-11-18

debian/emacsen-install.in: Fix that installation succeeds despite
byte-compilation errors. (closes: #506044)

11. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2007-07-09

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2007-06-18)
* debian/rules: Use emacs instead of emacs21.

10. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2007-06-10

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2007-06-08)
* debian/control: Depend on emacs instead of emacs21.

9. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2007-04-30

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2007-04-24)
* debian/emacsen-install.in: Recompile cmail which uses SEMI's macro.
* Rename debian/env.el to debian/__env.el.

8. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2007-04-08

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2006-12-20)
* debian/emacsen-install.in: Don't recompile w3m-el. (Instead, flim
  recompiles w3m-el.)
* debian/prerm: Check whether the argument is "remove" or "upgrade".
* debian/control:
  - Depends apel (>= 10.7).
  - Set Priority to extra.
  - Add `Homepage:' to Description.
* debian/watch: Set Action to uupdate.
* debian/copyright: Updated.

7. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2006-12-02

* New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2006-12-02)
* debian/copyright: Reformat copyright years.
* debian/copyright: Mention Debian packaging conditions.

6. By Tatsuya Kinoshita on 2006-06-24

New upstream release. (CVS semi-1_14 branch on 2006-06-23)

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