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150. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-03-25

* SECURITY UPDATE: Fake SSL certificates produced by Comodo, LP: #742377
* Update kubuntu_30_blacklist_ssl_certificates.diff from upstream staging
  - in qsslsocket_openssl.cpp block bad certificates
  - http://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-developers/qt/staging/commit/b87528a71b66e786c11804d7b79e408aae612748
  - http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-18338
  - http://www.comodo.com/Comodo-Fraud-Incident-2011-03-23.html

149. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-03-23

* libqtgui4 recommends appmenu-qt, LP: #733309
* SECURITY UPDATE: Fake SSL certificates produced by Comodo, LP: #742377
  - Add kubuntu_30_blacklist_ssl_certificates.diff from upstream staging, lists
    and blocks known bad certificates
  - http://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-developers/qt/staging/commit/04e074e8d7c097295505e63565abdc7ca2b49f7b
  - http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-18338
  - http://www.comodo.com/Comodo-Fraud-Incident-2011-03-23.html

148. By Scott Kitterman on 2011-03-13

[ Felix Geyer ]
* Drop accidentally added debian-changes-4:4.7.2-0ubuntu1 patch.

[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Rebuild again to get rid of gcc4.4 on armel now that pkg-kde-tools has
  been reverted to use gcc4.5 too

147. By Scott Kitterman on 2011-03-11

* Stop forcing Qt4 on ARM to build against gcc-4.4 (drop build-dep and
  related rules changes)
* Replace Debian Vcs-* fields in Ubuntu Vcs-* in debian/control

146. By Jani Monoses on 2011-03-04

* debian/patches/kubuntu_02_neon_flags.patch: Pass -mfpu=neon to
  files that use NEON instructions, fix ARM FTBFS.
* debian/patches/kubuntu_23_arm_memory_barriers.patch: Make ARM
  atomic operations SMP-safe by adding memory barriers. Backported
  from Qt master branch.

145. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-03-03

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* New upstream release
* Remove 17_add_postgresql_8.3_support.diff now upstream
* Remove 22_use___GLIBC__.diff now upstream
* Remove kubuntu_19_gtkstyle_inactive_background.diff now upstream
* Remove kubuntu_20_gtkstyle_tabwidget_focus.diff now upstream
* Remove kubuntu_25_qsortfilterproxymodel.diff now upstream

[ Chase Douglas ]
* If no widget is found on touch begin, stop processing touch (LP:

[ Felix Geyer ]
* Add kubuntu_29_egl_qglcontext_stubs.diff to retain ABI/API compatibility
  when Qt is built with EGL support. (LP: #707794)

144. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-02-28

Fix kubuntu_28_xi2.1.patch, use double instead of casting to qreal

143. By Felix Geyer on 2011-02-25

[ Felix Geyer ]
* Explicitly disable EGL support on all architectures except ARM. The last
  version accidentally enabled it as libegl1-mesa-dev was pulled in.
  (LP: #724867)

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Cast use of double in kubuntu_28_xi2.1.patch to fix FTBFS on armel.

[ Ricardo Salveti de Araujo ]
* Changing OpenGL backend from GL to GLES 2 for ARM (LP: #707794)

142. By Chase Douglas on 2011-02-23

* Add multitouch support through preliminary XInput 2.1
  - Add debian/patches/kubuntu_28_xi2.1.patch
  - Add build dependency on new libxi-dev with XInput 2.1 support

141. By Michael Casadevall on 2011-02-07

Force Qt4 on ARM to build against gcc-4.4 due to compiler regression in
gcc 4.5 (LP: #713452)

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