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21. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-03-28

* debian/copyright: Update upstream authors and license years.
* powernap/monitors/IOMonitor.py: If processes do not have a command line,
  search regex in the 'Name:' field of /proc/<PID>/status (LP: #735452)
* actions/cpu_frequency: Fix saving/restoring of wrong governor (LP: #743682)
  Thanks to Mathieu Berard for the patch.
  - Additionally, save 'ondemand' as default when acpi-support and ondemand
    are run on boot to handle special case when running on battery.
* debian/powernap.{preinst,postinst}: Add logic to handle the upgrade of
  the config file as format has changed. (LP: #744588)
  - install copy of config file in /usr/share/powernap to help with this.

20. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-03-14

Add support to load confs from /etc/powernap/config.d. Added to leverage
compatibility with other applications, such as Eucalytpus. (LP: #711587)

19. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-02-16

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Fix wall message timestamp (LP: #718242)
* Add powerwake-now support. Sends signal to powernapd to wakeup
  powersave mode if the daemon is in powersave.
* debian/powernap.upstart: Add pre-stop.
  - Issues 'powerwake-now' to wake up system if stopping while in powersave.
  - Add 'sleep 3' to wait for recover action to take place before actually
    stopping powernapd. Otherwise, it won't recover.
* bin/powernapd: Set flags back to initial values if GRACE PERIOD completed.
  Ensures that flags have correct values if powerwake-now signal was received.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* sbin/powernapd: only display wall message if action is other than

18. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-02-01

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* config,sbin/powernapd,powernap/powernap.py: New option to decide if
  powernapd will WARN the user via a wall message. Default yes.
* sbin/powernapd: Use a Timestamp when sending the wall message.
* InputMonitor now only enables/disables keyboard and mouse monitoring.
  - powernap/monitors/InputMonitor.py: Match regex in /by-id for kbd.
  - powernap/powernap.py: Support only mouse/keyboard
  - config: Only add options for mouse/keyboard.
* Enabled InputMonitors by default.
  - config: Enable.
  - powernap.py: Only try to initialize if "mouse" or "kbd" are connected
    by looking into /dev/input/by-id.
* powernapd: Add SIGIO handler. Ignores failure caused when disconnecting
  a monitored USB InputDevice, that caused powernapd to stop running.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* man/powernap-action.8, man/powernap_calculator.1: fix lintian warnings,
  escpae hyphens
* debian/control: update package descriptions

17. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-01-28

* actions:
  - cpu_smp_sched,eth_wol: Dropped. pm-utils provides its own verion.
  - cpu_frequency: Store default governor to reset it to default value.
* debian/rules: run dh_installdeb *after* dh_pycentral.
* Add lintian-overrides (LP: #706974)
* sbin/powernap: Fix pm-powersave command path.

16. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-01-26

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* config:
  - Default ACTION to pm-powersave instead of best-effort.
  - Enable WoLMonitor and ConsoleMonitor by default
  - Disable ProcessMonitor by default.
  - Change powersave defaults to 0 instead of 4. Update related files.
* powernap/monitors:
  - Rename RemoteMonitor to UDPMonitor.
  - Add WoLMonitor and support to run it.
  - Add ConsoleMonitor and support to run it.
* powernap/powernap.py:
  - Improve config loading method for Monitors.
* sbin/powernapd: Change approach of powernapd_loop.
  - GRACE period is time between ABSENT_SECONDS and
  - Only send a Wall message when on GRACE Period.
  - Enable Monitors to run at all times. Specifically when in PowerSave.
* man/powernapd.8: Update to list available Monitors with description.
* Update Copyright years/email in some of the files.

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* config, powernap/monitors/TCPMonitor.py, powernap/powernap.py:
  - add a TCP Monitor
* config, powernap/monitors/LoadMonitor.py, powernap/powernap.py:
  - add a system Load Monitor
* debian/control: bump standards version
* debian/rules: make sure powernapd starts on install, LP: #705959
* config: update service restart method

15. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-01-21

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* powernap/monitors: Re-work Monitors to integrate them with PowerNap.
* powernap/powernap.py: Minor fixes to not crash when loading monitors.
* sbin/powernapd: Integrate Monitors approach to work with Daemon.
* Update copyright headers for some files
* Update manpages and add one for powernap-action.
* Update packaging:
  - debian/control: Add python related fileds.
  - debian/rules: Add dh_pycentral related rules.
* Add new package to contain new modules and monitors:
  - debian/control: Add package powernap-common.
  - debian/powernap-common.install: Install new files (PowerNap class and
    Monitors); Move action scripts installation to this package.
* sbin/powernapd: Improve WoL monitor to listen in eth* interfaces.
* config: Update and cleanup.
* sbin/powernapd,bin/powerwake: Fix generation of WoL Magic Packet.
  Apparently, more data than required was addeed. (LP: #705943)

14. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-01-10

* Revert Adam changes to some files (rev148 - Original PowerNap behavior)
  - powernapd, powernapd.8, action, config.
* Re-organize the source and update the packaging:
  - sbin: Moved powernap, powernapd, powernapd-now.
  - bin: Moved powerwake, powernap_calculator.
  - man: Moved manpages here.
  - debian/{powernap,powerwake}.install: Update accordingly.
  - debian/{powernap,powerwake}.manpages: Update accordingly.
  - powernap/monitors: Moved Adam's Monitors.
* Add new powersave method, using pm-powersave:
  - actions/: Add a set of scripts to reduce power consumption
  - powernap-action: Add tool to enable/disable and list powersave actions.
  - debian/powernap.install: Install new files.
* Provide ability to select a PowerNap method to perform.
  - config: Add config variable to select method.
  - powernap/{powernap,powernapd}: Make necessary changes.
* Add WoL monitor to 'wake up' for when 'pm-powersave' action is taken.
  - sbin/powernapd: Add WoL Monitor.
  - sbin/powerna: Take pm-powersave action correctly.
* Add class to handle config:
  - powernap/powernap.py: Add class that handles config and initialization
    of different monitors

13. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-12-13

releasing version 1.10-0ubuntu2

12. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-03-04

[ Nobuto MURATA ]
* debian/powerwake.install, powerwake_completion: add bash completion
  for powerwake, LP: #551073

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* powerwake: create the ~/.cache/ethers file, if it does not already
  exist, LP: #582381

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