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14. By Damyan Ivanov

* New upstream release

* bump liborlite (build-)dependency to 1.46
* bump libparse-errorstring-perl-perl (build-)dependency to 0.14
* bump libwx-perl-processstream-perl (build-)dependency to 0.29
* update the list of incomplete manuals

* Upload to unstable

13. By Damyan Ivanov

New upstream bugfix release

12. By Damyan Ivanov

* new upstream bugfix release

* add libpod2-base-perl (>= 0.043) to dependencies
* update translator list in d/copyright
* update debian/not-real-manual.list
* rules: upstream no longer installs .po files next to the .mo files; stop
  removing them

11. By Damyan Ivanov

rules: run tests with HOME=$fake_home to avoud failing when $HOME points
to a non-existent location. Closes: #579289

10. By Damyan Ivanov

[ gregor herrmann ]
* debian/control: change dependency on "libclass-xsaccessor-array-perl
  (>= 1.02)" to "libclass-xsaccessor-perl (>= 1.05-2) |
  libclass-xsaccessor-array-perl (>= 1.02)".

[ Damyan Ivanov ]
* New upstream release
  + copyright: add a new translator
    - describe share/doc/perlopref copyright and licensing
  + update patches:
    - refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
    - drop fix-man-whatis.patch and fix-pod.patch (merged upstream)
    - drop fix-helpprovider-with-no-perlopref.patch: no longer necessary
* repack.sh: in 0.49 padre.exe moved from script/ to bin/
  + perlopref is now properly licensed
* add perl (>= 5.10.1) as a preferred alternative to versioned (build)
  dependencies on libtest-simple-perl and libpod-simple-perl
* update debian/not-real-manual.list for 0.50 (one file added, two files
  changed in size)
* rules: remove cruft from padre.deb
  + license etc from perlopref directory (already present in d/copyright)
  + remove .po files from the .deb (there are .mo files installed)

9. By Damyan Ivanov

also provide padre-plugin-api-1

8. By Damyan Ivanov

* New Upstream Version
  + new dependencies:
    - libdevel-refactor-perl 0.05
    - libfile-next-perl 1.04
    - libpod-perldoc-perl 3.15
    - libversion-perl (perl 5.10)
    - pip 0.13
  + new Recommends:
    - libformat-human-bytes-perl
  + dropped dependdencies
    - libcapture-tiny-perl
    - libfile-sharedir-par-perl
    - libpar-perl
  + bump libfile-which-perl, libppi-per, libppix-editortools-perl,
    libtest-script-perl and libwx-perl-processstream-perl dependencies
  + update translators list in d/copyright
  + add copyright holders for code borrowed from ExtUtils::MakeMaker
  + rules: drop empty Padre::Wx::Dialog::OpenResource::SearchTask manpage
  + refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
  + drop patches applied upstream: fix-perl-interpreter-path.patch,
    fix-pod-errors.patch and fix-whatis.patch
* Standards-Version: 3.8.3 (no changes)
* update debian/repack.sh to remove script/padre.exe,
  share/padre-splash-ccnc.bmp and share/doc/perlopref.pod and plug it
  into debian/watch; describe repackaging in debian/copyright
* copyright: update
* update lintian override of template/example scripts not being
* add fix-helpprovider-with-no-perldoc.patch so that the Help browser does
  not hang because of the missing perlopref.pod
* update README.debian with regard to repackaging

7. By Damyan Ivanov

* New Upstream Version
  + add explicit dependency on libtest-simple-perl (>= 0.88)
  + rules: use dh --with quilt (and bump quilt build-dependency to 0.46-7)
  + rules: no need to re-generate .mo files from .po. Upstream does it now
  + copyright: describe share/icons/padre/16x16/logo.png
    - describe share/icons/padre/16x16/toggle-comments.png
    - Padre license is the same as Perl (i.e. not Perl 5)
    - update list of copright holders
    - also list translators
  + drop libtest-most-perl from build-dependencies
  + add liblocale-msgfmt-perl to build-dependencies
  + add libcapture-tiny-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libfile-remove-perl (>= 1.42) to (build-)dependencies
  + drop libmodule-inspector-perl from (build-)dependencies
  + add libppix-editortools-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + add libparse-exuberantctags-perl to (build-)dependencies
  + patches:
    - drop lower-wx-requirement-to-2.8.7.patch and replace it with
      SKIP_WXWIDGETS_VERSION_CHECK=1 when configuring
      adjust README.debian accordingly
    - refresh disable-tcp-server.patch
    - drop don't-require-new-file-path.patch (applied upstream)
    - rework fix-pod2-errors.patch (new release, new errors :))
* add fix-perl-interpreter-path.patch fixing the path to the perl interpreter
  in three examples (thanks lintian)
* add more lintian overrides about script-not-executable for scripts that are
  treated as examples/templates
* add fix-whatis.patch fixing the whatis entry of Padre::Wx
* add menu and .desktop file

6. By Ryan Niebur

* remove build dep on locales-all (Closes: #535248) (LP: #394128)
* Debian Policy 3.8.2

5. By Damyan Ivanov

* New Upstream Version

* install eg/ as examples only in padre (not also in libwx-perl-
* mention --pristine-tar in README.source
* add disable-tcp-server.patch
  the tcp server is used for communication with running instance of padre.
  Although it only listens on, there is no measures taken to
  ensure that the user connecting to the server is the same as the user
  running padre.
* add README.debian documenting changes in the package compared to
  upstream sources

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