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9. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream release.
  - stop the animation *after* calling g_source_remove
  - Call the toplevel_leave_notify_event in the filter func
  - Use a blacklist instead of a whitelist (LP: #766660)
  - Add more apps to the blacklist: apport-gtk, Banshee, deja-dup eclipse,
    inkscape, liferea, lshw-gtk, meld, synaptic, and update-manager
* os/os-utils.c
  - Always return true from the whitelist check (LP: #766660)
* debian/overlay-scrollbar.install
  - Don't install the Xsession script
* debian/ayatana-scrollbar.py
  - Don't add ayatana-scrollbar tag

8. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream release.
  - ccsm crashed with SIGSEGV in os_pager_draw() (LP: #754717)
  - Banshee crashed with SIGABRT in g_main_context_dispatch() (LP: #754927)
  - The last line of files in a directory is being 'duplicated' (LP: #754306)
  - should not stay on screen when switching applications (LP: #754736)
  - Scrollbar does not work with vinagre (LP: #758581)
  - Cannot use the thumb to PgUp/PgDown multiple times, because it
    fades (LP: #758581)
  - Enabling Desktop-based Viewport Switching can cause fade on
    scroll (LP: #756243)
* debian/ayatana-scrollbar.py
  - added add_package_info to the apport hook

7. By Ken VanDine

* debian/ayatana-scrollbar.py
  - Don't use "_" in tag names, they are invalid
* os/os-pager.c
  - Cherry picked crasher fix from trunk for SIGSEGV in
    os_pager_draw() (LP: #754717)

6. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream release.
  - if the window is unfocused and you click on one of its scrollbars,
    the scrollbar disappear (LP: #737518)
  - Black Background on Overlay Scrollbar in Banshee (LP: #746189)
  - hide the thumb after a timeout, with a fade-out animation (LP: #751444)
  - Thumb blocks the right side of a maximized window (LP: #731653)
  - in wxWidgets, pager is not colored properly (LP: #737661)
  - animate the pager's colorization (LP: #746862)
  - colorize the pager following mouse movement (LP: #746864)
  - Add mouse-wheel functionality to the thumb (LP: #750879)
  - use g_source_remove instead g_object_ref/unref for
    g_timeout_add (LP: #751440)
  - lock position of the thumb when it's internal (LP: #751442)
  - Thumb doesn't fade-out after click (and no motion after
    release) (LP: #751652)
  - pager should immediately change color when changing gtk+
    theme (LP: #752705)
  - wrong colorization on restacking (LP: #752836)
  - Panel's scrollbar is left behind (LP: #753440)

5. By Ken VanDine

* debian/liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-0.symbols
  - Added symbols file

4. By Ken VanDine

* debian/control
  - Make overlay-scrollbar Break/Replace
    liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-0 << 0.1.5-0ubuntu2
  - Fixed overlay-scrollbar package description

3. By Ken VanDine

[ Ken VanDine ]
* debian/control
  - Fixed Vcs-Bzr
  - Bumped depends for gtk to >= 2.24.3-0ubuntu5
  - New binary package overlay-scrollbar
* debian/overlay-scrollbar.install
  - Moved the apport hook to non-soname specific binary

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/control: Fix Homepage. (LP: #750572)

2. By Ken VanDine

* New upstream release.
  - Compiz: make it sibling of the parent toplevel window (LP: #728412)
  - Rendering error on multiple monitors (LP: #736992)
  - overlay scrollbar thumbs not hidden if different window has
    focus (LP: #743229)
  - Scrollbar stays on top after closing window (LP: #744431)
  - use proper allocation, not from the parent (LP: #741885)
* debian/ayatana-scrollbar.py
  - Added apport hook (LP: #740278)

1. By Ken VanDine

Import upstream version 0.1.5

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