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41. By Alberto Milone on 2011-08-19

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that caused freezes and crashes when resizing
    windows in KDE 4 with desktop effects enabled using X.Org
    X server version 1.10 or later.
  - Added support for X.Org xserver 1.10 (LP: #741930).
* debian/dkms.conf.in:
  - Prevent DKMS builds with kernels newer than the ones we ship.
* debian/dkms/patches:
  - Drop obsolete patches.
* debian/nvidia-96.postinst.in:
  - Remove slave link to nvidia-smi since the binary does not
* debian/nvidia-96.postrm.in:
  - Make sure that all of the libraries are removed in the postrm.
    This should work around cases such as LP: #540143 where some
    misteriously unremoved links cause the directory removal to
* debian/nvidia-96.README.Debian.in
  - Update the README with the DKMS OBSOLETE_BY option.
* debian/rules:
  - Do not hardcode the X ABI any more.
  - Remove obsolete instructions from debian/rules
  - Prevent the build from failing when no patches are available.

40. By Alberto Milone on 2011-03-08

Correct typo in debian/control{.in} again, as the correction
was not included in the previous revision (LP: #639955).

39. By Bryce Harrington on 2011-03-07

[ Andrea Carpineti ]
Fix typo in package description Geforce to GeForce
(LP: #639955)

38. By Alberto Milone on 2011-02-28

* debian/control{.in}:
  - Depend on ${xviddriver:Depends}.
* debian/rules:
  - Manually set video ABI compatibility to 8 so that the driver is not
    installable in applications such as Jockey or manually.
  - Correct comment about what the file is based on.

37. By Alberto Milone on 2011-01-07

Remove .patch files that were accidentally uploaded.

36. By Alberto Milone on 2011-01-07

* debian/nvidia-96.prerm{.in}:
  - Call dpkg-trigger with --by-package=$PACKAGE_NAME.
* Add support for blacklisting card ids from GRUB gfxpayload=keep:
  - In Natty gfxpayload=keep is set by default so as to provide a framebuffer
    early in the boot process. Some cards don't play nicely with it, therefore
    we need to blacklist them in a file. The format is a sequence of lines of
    the following form:
    Blacklist lines are regex-matched against a corresponding PCI ID string.
    In practice this means that you can replace any part of the ID string
    with .* to match anything.

35. By Martin Pitt on 2010-12-18

* Move from separate modalias file package to using a package header:
  - debian/control.in, debian/rules: Drop -modaliases package.
  - debian/control.in: Add XB-Modaliases header and dh-modaliases build
  - debian/rules: Build the modalias list to
    debian/nvidia-96.modaliases, where dh_modaliases picks it up, and
    invoke dh_modaliases.
  - debian/control.in: Add Conflicts:/Replaces: to nvidia-96-modaliases, so
    that the obsolete modaliases package gets cleaned up on upgrade.

34. By Alberto Milone on 2010-12-01

Rebuild the package for Natty (LP: #681208).

33. By Alberto Milone on 2010-07-16

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that could cause X.Org xserver >= 1.7 to hang when

32. By Alberto Milone on 2010-04-20

* New upstream release:
  - Fixed a bug that caused X server crashes when certain
    rendering occurred. This was triggered by the Ubuntu
    10.04 GDM login theme (LP: #553200).

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