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15. By Chris J Arges

increase buffer used for pam_authz_search (LP: #951343)

14. By Arthur de Jong

* fix handling of idle_timelimit option
* fix error code for problem while doing password modification

13. By Arthur de Jong

set a short socket timeout when shutting down the connection to the LDAP
server to avoid disconnect problems when using TLS
(addresses part of #596983)

12. By Arthur de Jong

* updated Vietnamese debconf translation by Clytie Siddall (closes: #598500)
* grow the buffer for the PAM ruser to not reject logins for users with
  a ruser including a domain part (closes: #600065)

11. By Arthur de Jong

handle errors from ldap_result() better and disconnect (and reconnect)
in more cases (closes: #596983)

10. By Arthur de Jong

* fix for --with-nss-ldap-soname configure option by Julien Cristau
* fix double "be" in English template thanks to Christian Perrier
  (closes: #593646)
* updated Czech debconf translation by Miroslav Kure (closes: #593510)
* updated Simplified Chinese debconf translation by zym
* updated Italian debconf translation by Vincenzo Campanella
* updated Japanese debconf translation by Kenshi Muto (closes: #593692)
* updated Danish debconf translation by Joe Hansen (closes: #594205)
* updated French debconf translation by Christian Perrier (closes: #594311)
* updated German debconf translation by Chris Leick (closes: #594456)
* updated Catalan debconf translation by Agusti Grau
* updated Swedish debconf translation by Martin Ågren (closes: #594679)
* updated Spanish debconf translation by Francisco Javier Cuadrado
  (closes: #594723)

9. By Arthur de Jong

* minor portability improvements and clean-ups (thanks Alexander V.
  Chernikov and Ted C. Cheng)
* don't expand variables in rest of ${var:-rest} and ${var:+rest}
  expressions if it is not needed (closes: #592320)
* libpam-ldapd.postinst: offer to add ldap to shadow in nsswitch.conf if
  a potential broken configuration is found (closes: #592104)
  (thanks to Justin B Rye for the template review)
* merge the suggests of libnss-ldapd and libpam-ldapd into those of the
  nslcd package to have a single consistent list of PAM alternatives
  (closes: #591773)
* add libpam-sss as an alternative to libpam-ldapd (closes: #591773)
* upgrade to standards-version 3.9.1 (no changes needed)
* updated Portuguese debconf translation by Américo Monteir
  (closes: #593404)
* updated Russian debconf translation by Yuri Kozlov (closes: #593491)
* added Norwegian Bokmål debconf translation by Bjørn Steensrud
  (closes: #593501)

8. By Arthur de Jong

* don't use use_authtok for password modification by default
* fine-tune pam-auth-update configuration after discussion with Steve
  Langasek (see: #583492)
  Note that this currently requires that shadow information is also provided
  by LDAP (in /etc/nsswitch.conf).
* ensure that nslcd is started after hostname lookups are available so
  getting to the LDAP server via DNS will work (patch by Petter
  Reinholdtsen) (closes: #585968)
* start k5start from the init script to keep the Kerberos ticket active if
  nslcd is configured for SASL GSSAPI Kerberos authentication, based on a
  patch by Daniel Dehennin (closes: #585639)
* upgrade to standards-version 3.9.0 (switch to Breaks/Replaces instead of
* refactoring and simplification of PAM module which also improves logging
* implement a nullok PAM option and disable empty passwords by default
* portability improvements and other minor code improvements
* the mechanism to disable name lookups through LDAP from within the nslcd
  process has been improved
* the undocumented use_sasl option has been removed (specifying sasl_mech
  now implies use_sasl)
* the sasl_mech, sasl_realm, sasl_authcid, sasl_authzid and sasl_secprops
  configuration options are now documented

7. By Arthur de Jong

* include libpam-heimdal in libnss-ldapd recommends list of PAM
  implementations (closes: #582407)
* fix a problem with empty attributes if expression-based attribute
  mapping is used (patch by Nalin Dahyabhai)
* make debug logging for pam_authz_search option a little more informative
* documentation improvements
* update pam-auth-update configuration to always perform LDAP autorisation
  for LDAP users

6. By Arthur de Jong

* fix a problem in the session handling of the PAM module if the minimum_uid
  option was used (Debian package default)
* refactor the PAM module code to be simpler and better maintainable
* perform logging from PAM module to syslog and support the debug option to
  log more information
* Switch to "3.0 (native)" format.

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