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22. By Chuck Short on 2011-04-15

New upstream release.

21. By Chuck Short on 2011-04-08

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release.
* debian/nova-doc.docs: Adjust directory to the right docs path.

[Soren Hansen]
* Refresh nova-manage-flags patch.
* Adjust call to ajaxterm to work with the packaged ajaxterm instead
  of the one we ship in the tarball.
* Remove all traces of the adminclient package. It moved to its own
  tarball. There are no known consumers, so this should not be a
* Remove build-dependency on python-suds again.
* setup.py now takes care of installing the CA code, so yank those
  bits from debian/nova-common.install.
* setup.py now places api-paste.ini correctly, so stop working around

20. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-31

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release.

[Soren Hansen]
* Make the build fail if the test suite does. The test that used to
  fail on the buildd's has been complete rewritten. (LP: #712481)
* Specify that we need Sphinx > 1.0 to build.
* Remove refresh_bzr_branches target from debian/rules. It is not used
* Clean up after doc builds on debian/rules clean.
* Add a nova-ajax-console-proxy package.
* Add Recommends: ajaxterm to nova-compute, so that nova-ajax-console-
  proxy will have something to connect to.
* Stop depending on aoetools. iscsi is the default nowadays (and has
  been for a while).
* Move dependency on open-iscsi from nova-volume to nova-compute.
  They're client tools, so that's where they belong.
* Add a build-depends on python-suds.
* Add logrote config for nova-ajax-console-proxy.
* Add upstart job for nova-ajax-console-proxy.

19. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-18

* New upstream version.
* debian/control: Add python-lockfile as a build dependency.

18. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-11

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream version.

[ Thierry Carrez (ttx) ]
* nova-api.conf was renamed api-paste.ini (LP: #705453)

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Start on filesystem event rather than local-filesystems.
* Weed out a *lot* of out-dated information from debian/control.
* Create /var/lock/nova in upstart jobs and set lock_path in the
* Add dependency on python-novaclient.

17. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-04

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream version.
* Fix up typos in debian/control. (LP: #721414)

[ Thierry Carrez (ttx) ]
* Add python-distutils-extra as build-dep (for i18n)
* Ship .mo files in /usr/share/locale
* Add lvdisplay to nova_sudoers, clean up dupe entries

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Always run "nova-manage db sync" from postinst, unless an explicit
  sql_connection has been set in nova.conf. (LP: #705758)

16. By LaMont Jones on 2011-02-26

rebuild for permissions issue

15. By Chuck Short on 2011-02-25

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release.

[Thierry Carrez]
* Add python-distutils-extra as build-dep (for i18n)
* Ship .mo files in /usr/share/locale
* Add lvdisplay to nova_sudoers, clean up dupe entries

14. By Chuck Short on 2011-02-18

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version.

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Rely on --logdir to find and use the correct logfile.
* Remove the postrotate magic for all but nova-objectstore. It is not
  needed anymore due to using RotatingFileHandler for logging.

[ Thierry Carrez ]
* Ship adminclient in a separate package.

13. By Chuck Short on 2011-02-11

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream verison.
* Add python-paramiko to debian/control.

[Soren Hansen]
* Honour nocheck and nodocs in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
* Add /sbin/route to sudoers file.

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