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12. By John Wright

* New upstream version
* Preserve upstream's original makedumpfile.8 in clean target
* kdump-config: Fix a typo
* Switch to the "3.0 (quilt)" source format
  - Remove unneeded Build-Depends on quilt
* Update kdump-tools.README.Debian to reflect that recent kernels
  don't need a crash kernel start address
* Apply patch from Petter Reinholdtsen to fix incorrect dependencies
  in kdump-tools.init (Closes: #569685)
* Indicate support for Linux 2.6.32
  - Although upstream hasn't updated its LATEST_VERSION macro, this
    version works without modification on Linux 2.6.32. Squelch a
    warning that a 2.6.32 kernel is not supported.
* Backport upstream commit 4a16bd39866093f4949f8e9dc183fa2321bda22d
  - Fix buffer overflow when writing dh->signature

11. By Michael Vogt

* debian/patches/02-Add_x86_64_linux-2.6.31.patch:
  - apply patch by Ken'ichi Ohmichi to support 2.6.31 on
    amd64 (kernel memory layout changed)

10. By Michael Vogt

* debian/rules, debian/control:
  - add dpatch
* debian/patches/01_fix_makefile:
  - fix make install target

9. By Michael Vogt

fix FTBFS due to missing man dir

8. By Michael Vogt

* New upstream release
* depends on latest libdw-dev (the previous version does
  not ship the required static lib)

7. By Martin Pitt

Add missing build dependency "zip" to fix FTBFS.

6. By Michael Casadevall

Corrected FTBFS caused by a mistake in the makefile

5. By Kevin Worth

* New upstream version (LP: #271956)
* Support ia64 discontigmem kernels of linux-2.6.20+.
* Support x86_64 linux-2.6.27 kernel.
* Add "--vtop" option for debugging.
* Add the debugging message for ia64 pgtable.
* Get information from vmcoreinfo of /proc/vmcore even if -x/-i option.
* Add free() for error handling.
* Fix NOT_FOUND value of SIZE(nodemask_t).
* Use the terminal sizes of 80 for the IMPLEMENTATION file. (Bernhard Walle)
* Use static allocation instead of malloc().
* Add get_num_dumpable() function.
* Remove the unused pointer.
* Remove the unused code.
* Make the ELF methods simple.
* Merge the same code in write_elf_pages().
* Add "void" to some arguments.
* Separate the dependency code to machine and linux version.
* Cleanup vaddr_to_paddr() function.

4. By Ben Collins <email address hidden>

Added lpia to architectures.

3. By Ben Collins <email address hidden>

* Get rid of prerm and postinst from packaging, they were empty.
* Added copyright for packaging.
* Added copyright for ppc64.c to debian/copyright
* Check return value of read(), gets rid of warnings.

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