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14. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches/90_simple_expose.patch
 - From upstream, rework the expose-event callback which have a high CPU
   usage (LP: #733912)
* debian/patches/20_disable_resize_grip.patch
 - Disable resize grip which break the background drawing (LP: #703658)

13. By Julien Lavergne

debian/lxdm.1: Fix wording in section FILES (initial patch by
Andrey Bondarenko) (LP: #733169)

12. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches/
 - 80_translations.patch: Update translations from upstream git (2011-02-14)
* debian/lxdm.pam:
 - Add @include common-session-noninteractive instead of
   @include common-session to disable consolekit pam support, already in lxdm
   (LP: #576073).
* debian/control:
 - Drop libpam-ck-connector conflicts, since the support is disabled in the
   pam file (LP: #709531).

11. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/control:
 - Add conflicts on libpam-ck-connector to workaround bug #576073.
* debian/16_gtk3_migration.patch:
 - Refresh with new depreciations.

10. By Julien Lavergne

* Merge with Debian git.
* Ubuntu remaining changes:
 - debian/rules:
  + Pass --libexecdir=/usr/lib/lxdm to keep the same location for the greeter
  + Add CFLAGS for GTK3 migration.
  + Add LDFLAGS for building with --as-needed
 - debian/patches/lxdm.conf_greeter_path_fix.patch:
  + Use /usr/lib/lxdm prefix to keep the same location for the greeter.
 - debian/patches/16_gtk3_migration.patch:
  + Build with CFLAGS for GTK3 migration.
 - debian/lxdm.postinst:
  + Remove alternatives file if it's not a symlink (LP: #616188).
 - debian/lxdm.prerm
  + Don't remove alternative on upgrade.

9. By Martin-Éric Racine

* debian/lxdm.postinst:
  - Only try to remove the alternative if the file actually exists.

8. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/lxdm.prerm:
 - Don't remove alternative on upgrade.
* debian/lxdm.postinst:
 - Remove alternatives file if it's not a symlink (LP: #616188).

7. By Julien Lavergne

* Sync with Debian git.
* Ubuntu remaining changes:
 - debian/rules:
  + Pass --libexecdir=/usr/lib/lxdm to keep the same location for the greeter
 - debian/changelog:
  + Merge last changelog entry.
* Ubuntu changes dropped:
 - debian/patches:
  + 11-use-desktop-session.patch: dropped, not needed.
  + 17-last-session.patch: fixed upstream.
  + 20-stderr_stdout_to_log.patch: removed, same patch that

[ Dinko Sabo ]
* added testing for /etc/default/locale
* modified LANG handling

[ Nikolas Poniros ]
* New upstream release
* Updated paths in maintainer scripts
* Add patch to change greeter path in lxdm.conf
* Update debian/copyright
* Add new dependencies to control
* Add autoconfigure override in rules to set correct paths for libs
  config files
* Disable stderr_stdout_to_log.patch for now

[ Andrew Lee (李健秋) ]
* debian/control:
 - Updated Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser tags.
* debian/patches/lxdm.conf_greeter_path_fix.patch & debian/rules:
 - Append libexec to the path so that it's clear to know it's libexec.
* debian/lxdm.init:
 - Read locale settings

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* Use /etc/lxdm/default.conf for configuration file, and symlink to the real
  file using update-alternative.
 - debian/rules: Pass /etc/lxdm/default.conf to set it as config file.
 - debian/lxdm.{postinst,prerm}: Register /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf for lxdm.conf.
 - debian/lxdm.1: Update man pages.
* debian/control:
 - Bump build-depends for libgtk2.0-dev to >= 2.12
 - Depends on debconf (>= 1.2.9) | debconf-2.0 instead of only debconf.
 - Depends on x11-utils | xbase-clients | xmessage instead of only x11-utils.
 - Bump depends for lsb-base to (>= 3.0-6).
 - Replace depends on libpam0g by libpam-modules.
 - Bump depends for libpam-runtime to (>= 0.76-14).
 - Provide x-display-manager.
* debian/rules:
 - Add LDFLAGS = -Wl,-z,defs -Wl,-O2 -Wl,--as-needed
 - Add --enable-debug to configure.
* debian/patches/
 - 10-selinux-fix.patch: From upstream, various fixes, including SElinux
 - 11-env-fix-1.patch & 12-env-fix-2.patch: From upstream, fix various
   environnement settings.
 - 15-path-replace.patch : don't let lxdm replace PATH. (LP: #524761)
 - 17-follow-symlink.patch: Follow symlink instead of saving the
   configuration file on a symlink.
 - 19-mode-debug.patch: From upstream, add a debug mode.
 - 20-fix-xauthority.patch: From upstream, fix xauthority export.
 - 99-autoreconf.patch: Refresh configure.
* debian/lxdm.upstart: Add upstart script.
* debain/po: Add po files from xdm package.
* debian/copyright:
 - Update copyright with debian/po files.
* debian/lxdm.insserv & debian/rules:
 - Add virtual facility x-display-manager for insserv.
* debian/lxdm.pam
 - Add.

6. By Julien Lavergne

* New upstream snapshot (735dbe5727f)
 - Fix PAM support (LP: #550551)
 - Fix use of encrypted partition (LP: #554583)
* debian/patches:
 - 11-use-desktop-session.patch: Refresh to only add startlubuntu for Lubuntu
 - 15-path-replace.patch: Refresh.
 - 17-last-session.patch: restore last session behavior (LP: #561377)
 - 20-stderr_stdout_to_log.patch: Refresh.
* Update PAM file with current gdm one.
* debian/lxdm.1 & debian/manpages: Add a man page based the one from Sidux
  (LP: #516703)

5. By Julien Lavergne

* debian/patches/15-path-replace.patch : From upstream, don't let lxdm
  replace PATH (LP: #524761).
* debian/lxdm.upstart: export PATH from /etc/environment.
* debian/patches/20-stderr_stdout_to_log.patch: From Sidux, redirect stderr
  and stdout to the log file.

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