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9. By Chris Coulson on 2012-09-03

* New upstream stable release to support Thunderbird 16 (CALENDAR_1_8_BUILD1)
  - LP: #1062587

* Add extra Makefiles that are needed for the build
  - update debian/rules

8. By Chris Coulson on 2012-08-20

* New upstream stable release to support Thunderbird 15 (CALENDAR_1_7_BUILD1)
  - LP: #1042165

* Add extra directories required by the build system to the tarball
  - update debian/rules
* Drop fix-dtoa-build-on-ppc.patch, which is fixed upstream

7. By Chris Coulson on 2012-07-16

* New upstream stable release (CALENDAR_1_6_BUILD1) (LP: #1024564)

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Fix LP: #995054 - Ensure the /usr/lib/thunderbird/extensions symlink
  exists on upgrade, which may not be the case when upgrading from a really
  old lightning version
  - add debian/lightning-extension.postinst

[ Ben Collins <email address hidden> ]
* Fix LP: #1025387 - FTBFS: powerpc build fails
  - add debian/patches/fix-dtoa-build-on-ppc.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

6. By Micah Gersten on 2012-06-08

* New upstream release from the beta channel (CALENDAR_1_5b2_BUILD1)
  - LP: #1007556

* fix LP: #996817 - Add a transitional package to remove the old
  lightning-extension package which still has files installed in
  - update debian/control

5. By Chris Coulson on 2012-04-20

* New upstream stable release (CALENDAR_1_4_BUILD1)
  - LP: #987305
* Fix build with unversioned SDK path
  - update debian/rules

4. By Chris Coulson on 2012-04-17

* New upstream stable release (CALENDAR_1_3_BUILD1) (LP: #972840)
* Add mozilla/mfbt to tarball
* Refresh debian/patches/01_no_sunbird.patch
* Add some additional mailnews makefiles to the tarball, to make the build
  system not sad anymore
* Add the new python IDL parser to the tarball
  - update debian/rules
* Pull from comm-beta
  - update debian/rules
* Add db/mork/Makefile.in to the tarball
  - update debian/rules
* Pass --mozilla-rev to client.py when creating the tarball
  - update debian/rules
* Include the files containing the mail/suite version numbers in the tarball,
  as they're used to populate the version requirements in the install.rdf
  - update debian/rules
* Strip everything we don't need out of the tarball (Firefox, Thunderbird,
  Seamonkey), leaving just the calendar and build system. This gets the
  tarball down from 85MB to 6MB, which will make those carrier pigeons
  who carry the bits from my house to the archive much, much happier
  - update debian/rules
  - remove debian/remove-binonly.sh
* Add a get-orig-source target
* Build with --disable-tests
  - update debian/rules
* Fix LP: #809757 - FTBFS on armel. Build with --disable-elf-hack, as it's
  basically a noop on Ubuntu anyway
  - update debian/rules
* Bump thunderbird-dev build-dep to 5.0~b1
  - update debian/control
* Build with --disable-webm and --disable-libjpeg-turbo, to avoid needing
  a build-depends on yasm
  - update debian/rules
* Add useless build-dep on mesa-common-dev, it's mandatory to be able to
  configure lightning, even though it doesn't need it
  - update debian/control
* Look for any version of the Thunderbird SDK
  - update debian/rules
* Don't build with --with-system-nspr and --with-system-nss - thunderbird
  doesn't use these, so we just get everything from the SDK
  - update debian/rules
* Build with --enable-chrome-format=jar. The calendar build.mk should
  probably specify a default here
  - update debian/rules
* Build with --enable-libxul to force JS_SHARED_LIBRARY=0 and stop some
  makefile targets depending on a shared libmozjs
  - update debian/rules

3. By Chris Coulson on 2010-09-24

* Fix FTBFS on i386 by building with --disable-crashreporter
  - update debian/rules

2. By Chris Coulson on 2010-09-20

* Resurrect Lightning package from Karmic and update to 1.0 b2, to
  support Thunderbird 3.1 (CALENDAR_1_0b2_BUILD2)
  - Fixes LP: #531867

* The packaging is basically rewritten, but the notable changes are:
  - We no longer ship the standalone Sunbird application - this is
    deprecated upstream and will see no more releases.
  - Source is renamed to lightning-extension (from lightning-sunbird).
    The old source package name makes no sense now.
  - Ported to debhelper v7, and simplified significantly now that
    we are only building xpi's.
  - Binary package names have been updated according to the Debian Mozilla
    Extensions policy. There are no transitional packages provided, as
    Lightning was missing entirely from Lucid. This means that any
    backport to Lucid will require the addition of transitional packages
    to migrate from the old package names in Karmic.
  - We use the Thunderbird SDK now rather than building the entire Mozilla
    toolkit. This saves a significant amount of build-time.

1. By Chris Coulson on 2010-09-20

Import upstream version 1.0~b2+build2+nobinonly

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