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108. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-11-11

0.8.5 merge from Serge Hallyn

* New upstream release.
* Removed a slew of patches which have been
  applied upstream since 0.8.3.
  - 9012-apparmor-extra-tests.patch
  - 9013-apparmor-chardev.patch
  - 9015-Add-ubd-to-the-list-of-disk-prefixes.patch
  - 9016-Close-fd-s-of-persistent-tap-devices.patch
  - 9017-Make-sure-all-command-line-arguments-get-passed-to-U.patch
  - 9018-Make-umlConnectTapDevice-ask-brAddTap-for-a-persiste.patch
  - 9019-uml-fix-logic-bug-in-checking-reply-length.patch
  - 9021-Allow-chardev-of-type-file-for-UML-domains.patch
  - 9022-Rename-qemudShrinkDisks-to-virDomainDiskRemove-and-m.patch
  - 9023-Support-virDomainAttachDevice-and-virDomainDetachDev.patch
  - 9024-Explicitly-pass-uml_dir-argument-to-user-mode-linux.patch
  - 9025-Add-nwfilter-support-to-UML-driver.patch
  - 9026-Rebuild-network-filter-for-UML-guests-on-updates.patch
  - 9027-Make-newfilter-xml-transformations-endian-safe.patch
  - 9028-lp628055.patch
* Updated 9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch to use vshStrdup,
  as now required in that file. (use of strdup now causes compilation
  to fail)
* Removed 9008-run-as-root-by-default.patch, which has not been
  applied for awhile now, with no ill effects.
* Simple refresh of:
  - 0001-remove-RHism.diff.patch
  - 0003-allow-libvirt-group-to-access-the-socket.patch
  - 0004-fix-Debian-specific-path-to-hvm-loader.patch
  - 0006-patch-qemuMonitorTextGetMigrationStatus-to-intercept.patch
  - 9000-delayed_iff_up_bridge.patch
  - 9001-dont_clobber_existing_bridges.patch
  - 9003-better-default-arch.patch
  - 9004-libvirtd-group-name.patch
  - 9005-increase-unix-socket-timeout.patch
  - 9006-default-config-test-case.patch
  - 9009-autodetect-nc-params.patch
  - 9010-dont-disable-ipv6.patch
  - 9011-move-ebtables-script.patch
  - 9014-skip-nodeinfotest.patch
  - 9020-lp545795.patch
* Create a patch to include stdint.h so lxc_container.h, which
  #includes linux/fs.h, doesn't trip up on undefined uint64_t.

107. By Soren Hansen on 2010-09-24

releasing version 0.8.3-1ubuntu14

106. By Soren Hansen on 2010-09-24

Let Apparmor allow libvirtd to create PF_PACKET sockets. Several
utility functions require it. Of particular interest, the NWFilter
code uses it, so libvirt's firewalling functionality depends on
this. (LP: #646706)

105. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-09-22

debian/patch/9028-lp628055.patch: include sys/stat.h to fix compiler
warning and stat() failure on 32bit architectures when calling stat() on
large files. This can be dropped in 0.8.5. (LP: #628055)

104. By Emmet Hikory on 2010-09-20

NWFilter XML processing includes endian assumptions. Ensure
that XML is parsed in an endian-safe manner. Thanks to
Stefan Berger for developing the patch upstream. (LP: #643394)

103. By Soren Hansen on 2010-09-15

NWFilter updates are supposed to be immediate. Add this support to
the UML driver.

102. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-09-14

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/apparmor/usr.lib.virt-aa-helper: add read access to new 'loader'
  for eucalyptus (LP: #637544)

[ Soren Hansen ]
* Add 9025-Add-nwfilter-support-to-UML-driver.patch. Adds missing
  nwfilter support to UML.

101. By Soren Hansen on 2010-08-31

* Update 9023-Support-virDomainAttachDevice-and-virDomainDetachDev.patch
  based on a small last-minute change upstream.
* Add 9024-Explicitly-pass-uml_dir-argument-to-user-mode-linux.patch
  to stop user-mode-linux domains running under a libvirtd run by
  upstart from mysteriously and silently crashing during boot.

100. By Marc Deslauriers on 2010-08-25

debian/patches/9009-autodetect-nc-params.patch: updated to fix
connecting to a remote server when using zsh or tcsh. (LP: #605172)

99. By Jamie Strandboge on 2010-08-24

* debian/patches/series: per Ubuntu Server team, run qemu/kvm as non-root
  and comment out 9008-run-as-root-by-default.patch. This has now received
  significant testing in Debian, adds a good security benefit for people
  who disable AppArmor and fixes the libvirt portion of LP: #619843. With
  this patch removed, libvirt will default to the Debian configure arguments
  and run qemu/kvm VMs as 'libvirt-qemu:kvm'.
* debian/README.Debian: adjusted for the above

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