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17. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-03-31

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Run apport-checkreports with python, otherwise KProcess leaves zombies

[ Aurelien Gateau ]
* Improve layout of hook dialog:
  - Make it impossible to shrink the dialog beyond its minimum size
  - Make the run button bigger, but centered instead of stretched
  - Changed label of OK button to Close

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Hide apportevent after it is activated

16. By Jonathan Thomas on 2011-01-05

Only set gstreamer0.10-pitfdll as a multimedia codec on i386. Thanks to
Alex Lowe for the patch (LP: #696184)

15. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-11-18

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Add optional system tray notification option, as well as a tray icon/
  KDE popup notification combo option. With this option, the popup does not
  stay around forever, and does not have actions embedded in the popup.
  The popup retains persistency and embedded action buttons in popup-only
* Fix a small memory leak where the install dialog was not deleted when
  closed via the window decoration buttons.
* Several small optimizations by passing QStrings by reference, as well as
  improved use of initializer lists.
* Clarify that packages suggested for installation by InstallEvent may not
  always be suggested due to non-free-ness, but also due to Live CD size
  constraints, as in the case of KScreensaver. Also remove the bit saying
  that all packages suggested for installation are multimedia-related,
  since some of them aren't.
* Split the packages suggested for installation into more groups, so that
  web browsers don't suggest CD codecs when installing flash, and vice-versa

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* In src/daemon/installevent/installevent.cpp replace Xine plugin with
  GStreamer plugins

14. By Felix Geyer on 2010-09-22

* Fix InstallEvent not being able to install packages as it passes
  an empty string as the first argument to qapt-batch. (LP: #644947)
* Add a bzr-builddeb config to make it build a native package.

13. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-09-03

* Code style fixes
* Add support for kopete-gcall to InstallEvent, since kopete-gcall depends
  on nonfree libs

12. By Felix Geyer on 2010-08-03

* Change libavcodec-extra-52's description to "Video Encoding".
* Add Vcs-* control fields.
* Enable parallel building.
* Fix treating removed (but not purged) packages as installed.

11. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-07-20

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Install libavcodec-extra-52 instead of a transitional package (LP: #571139)

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Update the KCM's .desktop file for the new System Setting layout
* Use KWindowSystem::forceActivateWindow to bring the install and hook
  dialogs on top when the user activates them
* Use lazy initialization techniques to minimize the impact we have on the
  startup of kded
* Use QStringBuilder for some minor string construction optimizations
* Fix a memory leak where Hook objects would not get deleted until reboot
* Port InstallEvent from install-package to qapt-batch
* Add a dependency on qapt-batch, and remove the dependency on
* Remove now-unnecessary update-notifier-kde transitional package
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1

10. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-05-18

Add explicit build-depend on cmake since kdelibs5-dev no longer does

9. By Jonathan Thomas on 2010-04-14

[ Amichai Rothman ]
Correctify iterators for stability and optimization

8. By Harald Sitter on 2010-04-08

[ Harald Sitter ]
* Add screensaver support to the installerevent (LP: #558333)

[ Jonathan Thomas ]
* Do a one-time check for hooks on startup, so that hooks meant for the
  first boot actually show up. (LP: #557217)

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