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187. By Chris Coulson on 2011-03-15

[ Alex Murray <email address hidden> ]
* FFe: LP: #724324 - Add support to g-p-m for controlling keyboard
  backlight via upower.
  - add debian/patches/15-keyboard-backlight-support.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

186. By Artur Rona on 2011-01-26

* Merge from debian unstable. Remaining changes: (LP: #708229)
  - debian/control:
    + Build-Depends on gnome-common, needed for autoreconf in rules.
    + Build-Depends on libappindicator-dev.
  - debian/gconf-defaults:
    + Remove default preference on
      /apps/gnome-power-manager/actions/sleep_type_battery (was set to
      "nothing", however sleep_type_ac is "suspend".). Let's keep
      default value "hibernate" currently.
  - debian/{install, source_gnome-power-manager.py}:
    + Apport package hook.
  - debian/patches/00git-devices-changed-signal.patch:
    + Add a "devices-changed" signal. This was already in 2.31.1,
      but got dropped from the 2.32 branch. However, our appindicator
      patch needs it now.
  - debian/patches/02_autostart_init.patch:
    + Dropped. This moved g-p-m to start in the initialization phase
      and was inherited from Debian. It doesn't really solve any
      problems for us, but does slow down login performance.
  - debian/patches/02-notify-osd-support.patch:
    + Support Notify OSD.
  - debian/patches/06-bugreport-debian.patch:
    + Dropped. It's actually wrong for Ubuntu, we use lsb_release,
      not /etc/debian_version.
  - debian/patches/08-desktop-bugreport-path.patch: Update headers.
  - debian/patches/12-add-appindicators.patch:
    + Add support for application indicators.
  - debian/patches/13-energy-star.patch: Change default timings
    to be Energy Star 5.0 compliant, except for automatic suspend
    on AC (since that might be both inconvenient, and suspend might
    not work at all).
  - debian/patches/14_fix_no_xbacklight_crash.patch:
    + Don't crash on systems which don't have XBACKLIGHT.
  - debian/rules:
    + Run autoreconf.
    + Disable gconf-defaults, we have debian/gconf-defaults.
    + Enable flags for notify-osd, policykit and Indicator Applet.
    + Added CFLAGS on -Wno-cast-align to disable a warning on ARM
      that's generated when GCC changes the size of a struct
      due to alignment.
    + Don't install gnome-power-statistics.desktop
  - debian/watch: Watch unstable series.

185. By Martin Pitt on 2011-01-25

debian/gconf-defaults: Default to "suspend" for low battery and "sleep
type" on battery, as hibernate is reportedly rather unreliable and also
very slow (and thus was disabled by default).

184. By Chris Coulson on 2011-01-23

Drop debian/patches/02_autostart_init.patch. This moved g-p-m to
start in the initialization phase and was inherited from Debian.
It doesn't really solve any problems for us, but does slow down
login performance

183. By Chris Coulson on 2010-11-02

Fix LP: #533652 - re-add debian/patches/14-critical-message-timeout.patch,
as this wasn't committed upstream

182. By Michael Terry on 2010-09-27

* New upstream release
* debian/watch:
  - Fix version matcher to work

181. By Didier Roche on 2010-09-20

* New upstream release:
  - Only disable deprecated code for --enable-strict builds (Richard Hughes)
  - Remove last traces of DeviceKit-power (Michael Biebl)

180. By Robert Ancell on 2010-09-02

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/00git_brightness_applet_build_1.patch:
* debian/patches/00git_brightness_applet_build_2.patch:
* debian/patches/00git_inhibit_applet_build.patch:
* debian/patches/15_distclean.patch:
  - Applied upstream

179. By Ken VanDine on 2010-08-24

* debian/patches/12-add-appindicators.patch
  - Shorten strings for bettery status to match the specification at
    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BatteryStatusMenu#Items (LP: #619816)

178. By Chris Coulson on 2010-08-24

* Fix LP: #615047 - asks for root permission to do
  gnome-power-backlight-helper --get-max-brightness. Clean the distributed
  policy file from the source tree before building so we install a policy
  file with the correct pkexec path
  - add debian/patches/15_distclean.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

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