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35. By Marc Deslauriers on 2012-09-24

* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service and possible code execution via
  crafted client certificates
  - debian/patches/CVE-2012-3547.diff: use correct size in
  - CVE-2012-3547

34. By Matthias Klose on 2010-12-09

Rebuild with python 2.7 as the python default.

33. By Chuck Short on 2010-12-06

debian/patches/ftbfs-no-add-needed.patch: Fix FTBFS.

32. By Josip Rodin on 2010-11-13

* The zombie period start time variable mistakenly got set to a random
  value because of an upstream typo. Cherry-picked upstream commit
  7b7dff7724721f8af5fd163f2292d427a869992d into a Debian patch,
  requested for squeeze in #600465.
* Since 2.1.9, the daemon stopped reopening the default radius.log file
  constantly, which means the default logrotate setup breaks the default
  logging. D'oh. We now have to send SIGHUP to the daemon as a postrotate
  action, which makes it reopen log files and continue normally.
  * Added delaycompress to the logrotate options, just to be on the safe
  * Added a reload action into the init script accordingly, so that the
    right pidfile is picked up (one that can be overridden by the admin
    in /etc/default/freeradius, available since the last release).
  * Called reload from the postrotate section, closes: #602815.
  * However, the latter signal also makes the server re-read configuration
    files, but unlike the initial server start, this all happens under
    the unprivileged user. That in turn means that if by any chance there
    is any part of FR configuration that happens not to be readable by
    group freerad (or whatever non-default is configured), the reload
    will fail, effectively silently, as the log has been moved away. Gah.
    So we have to make an effort to ensure that the configuration files
    are still readable by that user, otherwise the reload fails and the
    aforementioned bug is not fixed. The files seem to revert to
    root:root upon conffile actions, at least that's what happened to me
    and I think that was the cause. So, on upgrade, try to re-apply the
    dpkg-statoverrides on our /etc/freeradius/* stuff, whatever they are,
    under the assumption they will let the freerad group read config files
    as is the initial setup. (I wish dpkg-statoverride --update $file
    just did the right thing, but it doesn't, so there's a new local
    function that does that.)
  * While doing the latter, noticed that we were checking for directories
    in dpkg-statoverride --list output with trailing slashes, but they
    get output without it, so it was a no-op. Fixed the check by removing
    the trailing slashes. Also then noticed that we were grepping --list
    output, but it takes an optional glob pattern, so saved us that
    pointless grep fork by using that facility, just as described in the
    policy manual.
  * force-reload switches from restart to reload, per policy 9.3.2.
* lenny backport needed also libltdl-dev (2.2.x) to build properly, rather
  than libltdl3-dev, which is obsolete and doesn't make sense anyway.

31. By Josip Rodin on 2010-10-14

* New upstream version, closes a bunch of reproducible SNAFUs,
  including two tagged as security issues, CVE-2010-3696, CVE-2010-3697,
  closes: #600176.
* Build-depend on newer Libtool because of lt_dladvise_init(), also
  upstream now has a configure check so we no longer need a patch,
  yet we still don't want the old behaviour. Noticed by John Morrissey,
  closes: #584151.
* Added the /etc/default/freeradius file as suggested by
  Rudy Gevaert and Matthew Newton, closes: #564716.
* Stop symlinking /dev/urandom into /etc/freeradius/certs/random,
  it breaks grep -r in /etc. Instead, replace it inside eap.conf,
  both in the new shipped conffile and in postinst.

30. By Chuck Short on 2010-06-21

* Resynchronize with debian:
  + Update maintainer according to spec.

29. By Chuck Short on 2010-05-25

* New upstream version.
  + Fixes several bugs, and adds more features.
* Rediffed patches.
* Add watch file.
* Fixed up lintian warnings.
* Bump standards to 3.8.4

28. By Chuck Short on 2010-01-04

Resynchronize with Debian.

27. By Chuck Short on 2009-11-04

* New upstream release.
* Clean up packaging.
* debian/freeradius.init:
  + Clean up init script.
  + Better init headers for dependency based boot stuff.

26. By Chuck Short on 2009-09-17

raddb/radiusd.conf.in: Dont enable sql by default. (LP: #430730)

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