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89. By Chris Coulson

[ Felix Geyer <email address hidden> ]
* Fix LP: #572772 - can't save files in KDE
  - update debian/patches/mozilla-kde.patch

[ Chris Coulson ]
* Fix LP: #766151 - popuphiding and popuphidden events aren't dispatched
  when a menu is closed, leading to exceptions being thrown in
  browserPlacesViews.js (visible from the error console)
  - update globalmenu-extension to 1.0.2
* Fix LP: #744580 - Firefox doesn't autoscroll when selecting content
  - add debian/patches/fix-selection-drag-autoscroll.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

88. By Chris Coulson

* Update globalmenu-extension to 1.0.1
  - Fixes LP: #749450 - bookmarks editor doesn't work properly

* Added Spanish and Japanese translations for static quicklist entry
  - update debian/firefox-*.desktop.in
* Fix LP: #727372 - URI handling is broken. Use GIO for checking if
  a particular URI scheme has a handler, rather than probing GConf
  - add debian/patches/default-uri-handler-check-use-gio.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

87. By Chris Coulson

* Bump the version number to 4.0 final. This is just so we stop confusing
  people with rc2 in the version number, but the tarball is identical

* Update globalmenu-extension code to 1.0
  - Drop the hacks we had to workaround the lack of menu closed signals from
    Unity. We no longer synthesize our own menu closed events, but use the
    proper event from dbusmenu.
  - In addition to this, we split the work done during menu opening in to
    2 phases - the first phase triggered off "about-to-show" and the second
    phase triggered off "opened". In the future, we should be able to delay
    the menu opening with the about-to-show handler, which is where we
    do all the work to update the menu
  - Fix LP: #755701 - When iterating over each label, check if the current
    character equals the access key (to set a flag indicating we've already
    seen it) *before* we mangle the label, rather than after it.
    This fixes an issue where we never set the flag, and subsequently see
    the mnemonics repeated multiple times in labels
  - Also remove the hack we had to add placeholder entries to empty menus
    so that we could get an about-to-show signal (now that LP: #619811
    is fixed)

* Fix typo in German translation of static quicklist item (LP: #750220)
  - update debian/firefox-*.desktop.in
* Re-enable -pie (LP: #663294)
 - update debian/rules

86. By Chris Coulson

[ Chris Coulson <email address hidden> ]
* Ship a mozilla-plugin.pc and libxul.pc rather than our custom
  firefox-plugin.pc. No other source packages are aware of firefox-plugin
  and this way avoids patching a whole bunch of apps. We now conflict
  with the xulrunner SDK though
  - rename debian/pkgconfig/firefox-plugin.pc.in =>
  - update debian/pkgconfig/mozilla-plugin.pc.in
  - add debian/pkgconfig/libxul.pc.in
  - add debian/pkgconfig/mozilla-nspr.pc.in
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/control.pp
* Add some missing symlinks in the SDK
  - update debian/firefox-dev.links.in
* Add Asturian, Bengali, Croatian, Danish, Galician, Hebrew, Kurdish,
  Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovene, Uyghur and Ukrainian, and updated
  Catalan and French translations, plus add static quicklist translations
  for Chinese, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian and Russian
  - update debian/firefox-*.desktop.in
* Update globalmenu-extension code to 0.6.1. Pressing Alt shows the menu

[ Bilal Akhtar <email address hidden> ]
* debian/firefox-*.desktop.in: Add static quicklist item 'Open a New
  Window'. (LP: #741046)

85. By Chris Coulson

New upstream release v4.0 RC2 build3 (FIREFOX_4_0rc2_BUILD3).
D'oh! Should have spotted that before uploading build2

84. By Chris Coulson

New upstream release v4.0 RC2 (FIREFOX_4_0rc2_BUILD2)

83. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release v4.0 RC1 (FIREFOX_4_0rc1_BUILD1)

* Switch to mozilla-2.0
  - update debian/mozclient/firefox.conf
* Only build the globalmenu extension on Natty and newer
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/firefox-globalmenu.dirs.in
  - update debian/mozconfig.in
* Define MOZ_DISTDIR throughout the build
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/testsuite.mk
  - update debian/firefox-mozsymbols.install.in
* Don't disable the crashreporter for DEB_BUILD_UNOFFICIAL builds.
  - update debian/rules
* Automatically set DEB_BUILD_UNOFFICIAL for builds where we change
  - update debian/rules
* Disable the crashreporter for nightlies
  - update debian/rules
* Revert a previous change to add vendor preferences to distribution.ini.
  The preferences there aren't read by the pref service, but loaded
  and set later on, after profile-initial-state, which is too late to
  have any effect on the selected locale
  - add debian/vendor.js
  - update debian/distribution.ini
  - update debian/rules
  - add debian/patches/install-vendor-prefs.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Refresh patches
  - update debian/patches/mozilla-kde.patch
* Fix build on PPC64
  - add debian/patches/64-bit-be-fix.patch
  - add debian/patches/update-assembler-excl-arch-list.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

82. By Chris Coulson

* Land the Unity appmenu extension work. It's shipped in its own package,
  although we build it from the Firefox source tree (LP: #637827)
* Fix build with system NSPR
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
* Don't trample on existing alternatives in the postinst script if
  we detect Ubuntuzilla breakage
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in

81. By Chris Coulson

* Fix some typos in the manpage
  - update debian/firefox.1.in
* Fix up the mess left by Ubuntuzilla rather than leaving our official
  package in a broken and inconsistent state, which ends up with users
  reporting bugs to Launchpad and giving us a bad reputation. If
  /usr/bin/firefox has been diverted and there is no /usr/bin/firefox
  provided on the system, just do the job of whatever package it was that
  broke the users install and remove the diversion for them. This should
  hopefully stop the frequently reported bugs we get from Ubuntuzilla users
  about /usr/bin/firefox being missing
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in
  - Fixes LP: #512937, LP: #529136, LP: #552919, LP: #572733, LP: #574111,
    LP: #599978, LP: #600271, LP: #610522, LP: #610756, LP: #610907,
    LP: #612162, LP: #620400, LP: #623980, LP: #625014, LP: #630643,
    LP: #635166, LP: #638342, LP: #641838, LP: #658828, LP: #668809,
    LP: #672282, LP: #676239, LP: #707704, LP: #724090
* Don't allow users to report bugs with apport-bug when /usr/bin/firefox
  has been diverted
  - update debian/firefox.py.in
* Don't build with --disable-elfhack on armel. It's been fixed now
  - update debian/rules

80. By Chris Coulson

* New upstream release v4.0 B12 (FIREFOX_4_0b12_BUILD1)

* Add support for unpacked xpi's in the apport hook when reporting
  the extensions installed
  - update debian/apport/firefox.py.in
* Ensure the Apport hook can be tested properly without modification
  - update debian/apport/firefox.py.in
* Add DEP-3 compliant headers to all of our patches, and drop the
  bug numbers we carried in filenames. Some of the filenames are so long
  that we get constant lintian warnings about long lines in the changelog
* Drop libxul-sdk-nspr.patch - it doesn't seem to be needed
  - remove debian/patches/libxul-sdk-nspr.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Move default-apps/firefox.xml to firefox-gnome-support when it is installed
  - update debian/firefox.install.in
  - update debian/firefox-gnome-support.install.in
* Fix menu-icon-not-in-xpm-format lintian error - generate the xpm at
  build time
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/control
* Quieten embedded-zlib and embedded-libjpeg lintian errors. These aren't
  really errors, as we're intentionally embedding copies here
  - update debian/rules
  - add debian/firefox.lintian-overrides.in
* Fix some extended-description-is-empty lintian errors
  - update debian/control
* Add a manpage to fix a lintian warning
  - add debian/firefox.1.in
  - add debian/firefox.manpages.in
* Fix build on armel, make sure we install $(INCDIR)/tremor
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
* Fix description of firefox-dev
  - update debian/control
* Ship a pkgconfig file to enable browser plugins to build against
  Firefox rather than xulrunner
  - add debian/pkgconfig/firefox-plugin.pc.in
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
  - update debian/rules
* Check for tee surface support when deciding whether to use tree or
  system cairo
  - update debian/rules
* Check the hunspell version is new enough in DEB_MIN_SYSDEPS=0 mode
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/mozconfig.in
* Fix the permissions of some files once they are installed, rather than
  directly in debian/. We weren't restoring them in clean anyway
  - update debian/rules
* Quiten some image-in-usr-lib lintian warnings by adding them to
  lintian-overrides. There's not much point in moving them to /usr/share
  unless we split them out in to an arch-all firefox-common package
  - update debian/firefox.lintian-overrides.in
* Don't call update-menus in postinst, and add #DEBHELPER# tokens where
  those are missing
  - update debian/firefox.postinst.in
  - update debian/firefox.postrm.in
  - update debian/firefox.preinst.in
* Fix desktop-entry-invalid-category lintian warnings - remove Internet
  and Application categories, add GTK and GNOME
  - update debian/firefox-beta.desktop.in
  - update debian/firefox-final.desktop.in
  - update debian/firefox-nightly.desktop.in
  - update debian/firefox-unofficial.desktop.in
* Fix menu-icon-too-big lintian error, by downscaling the icon
  - update debian/rules
* Fix package-contains-hardlink lintian warning in SDK. Replace it
  with symbolic link
  - update debian/rules
* Don't ship a vendor.js with our preferences in, as it requires a patch
  in order to get it in to the distributed omni.jar. Instead, move our
  vendor prefs in to distribution.ini
  - remove debian/vendor.js
  - update debian/distribution.ini
  - update debian/rules
  - remove debian/patches/install-ubuntu-prefs.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Add "set -e" to launcher script as per Debian policy 10.4
  - update debian/firefox.sh.in
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1
  - update debian/control
* Fix dbg-package-missing-depends lintian warning - add firefox-gnome-support
  dependency to firefox-gnome-support-dbg transitional package
  - update debian/control
* Fix LP: #717666 - firefox needs to replace kubuntu-firefox-installer
  again. This got dropped accidentally during the package reorg after
  dropping abrowser
  - update debian/control
* Add some missing files to the SDK
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
* Refresh patches
  - update debian/patches/mozilla-kde.patch
  - update debian/patches/reload-new-plugins.patch
* Don't hardcode the browser executable to /usr/bin/firefox for the
  default browser. Instead, apply a patch reviewed upstream to set
  - drop debian/patches/system-path-default-browser.patch
  - add debian/patches/use-MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER-for-launcher-exec.patch
  - update debian/patches
* Fix the default browser check to use the new x-scheme-handler
  mechanism via GIO, rather than the old GConf way
  - add debian/patches/fix-nsGIOService.patch
  - add debian/patches/default-browser-check-use-gio.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Don't install $(INCDIR)/md
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
* The toolkit.networkmanager.disable preference has been removed. There is
  now only a single pref for managing network link status, and this is off
  by default. Re-enable that to restore the previous behaviour
  - update debian/distribution.ini

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