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12. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Standards-Version): Bumped to 3.8.3.
  (Homepage): Changed to docbook.org (closes: #545145).
  (Description): Fixed typo.
* debian/copyright: Fixed copyright-refers-to-versionless-license-file.
* debian/rules (get-orig-source): Fixed mktemp invocation (closes: #545147).
* debian/README.Debian: Updated a bit.
* debian/README.source: Added to make lintian happy.

11. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/compat: Raised to v5.
* debian/control: Vcs fields transition. Added DM-Upload-Allowed.
  (Vcs-Svn): Fixed location.
  (Build-Depends): Raised debhelper to v5.
  (Depends): Moved xml-core to Pre-Depends and increased the version to 0.12
  (closes: #482140).
  (Standards-Version): Raised to 3.7.3.
* debian/rules (debian/docbook-xml.install): Fixed to not put non-existent
  files into the .install file.
  (debian/docbook-xml.xmlcatalogs): Use `sed -i' and do not create a
  temporary file.
* debian/source.lintian-overrides: Added to override
  patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff warning, because file creation is

10. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control: Homepage field transition.
  (Suggests): Replaced non-existing docbook-doc package with
  (Description): Added information about the included versions.
* debian/docbook-xml.postinst: Removed (only pre-etch legacy stuff).
* debian/docbook-xml.preinst: Parsing of dpkg status file is considered
  harmful. Replacing this with a dpkg-query call. Thanks to Guillem Jover
  for bringing this up.
* debian/README.Debian: Added note about the DocBook guide.

9. By Daniel Leidert

[ Daniel Leidert ]
* debian/docbook-xml.preinst: Added some code to remove
  /etc/sgml/docbook-xml/3.1.7/dbgenent.ent automatically, if not touched
  (closes: #426058).
* debian/watch: Added watch file.

8. By Daniel Leidert

* debian/control (Maintainer, Uploaders): Set the Debian XML/SGML team as
  maintainer, so bug-reports go to the team list first.
* debian/rules: Removed bashisms (closes: #421897). Thanks to Sebastian
  Dröge for the report.

7. By Sebastian Dröge

Set the shell for make to bash as a workaround for Debian bug #421897.
This fixes the Gstreamer build and everything using the docbook-xml
package for now.

6. By Daniel Leidert

* Adding the Debian XML/SGML group and myself as co-maintainers closes:
  #358520. Simply forgot it.

[ Daniel Leidert ]
* catalog: Added system IDs too for DOCTYPE declarations only containing a
  system ID.
* docbook-4.0/docbook.cat: Likewise.
* debian/patches/06_add_system_identifiers_to_catalog.dpatch: Likewise.
* debian/docbook-xml.examples: Fixed examples location: will re-add them
  back to the package.
* debian/docbook-xml.xmlcatalogs.in: Added entry for "-//OASIS//DTD XML
  Exchange Table Model 19990315//EN" FPI to the root catalog.

5. By Adam Di Carlo <email address hidden>

* 4.3/dbpoolx.mod: xml-base.attrib needs to be properly protected
  from SGML; note the XML and SGML versions of these files stand in for
  each other
* 4.{3,4}/htmltblx.mod: rules made into CDATA attribute rather than an
  enumeration list; cf
* 4.{3,4}/htmltblx.mod: include tag minimization entity for
  cross-function with SGML
* examples/Makefile: cosmetic

4. By Adam Di Carlo <email address hidden>

* register "http://docbook.org/xml/" in for pre-4.3 versions as well
* proper XML catalog registration for "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1//EN"
  (to 4.1.2)
* proper XML root catalog registration for "http://docbook.org/xml/"
  (thanks, Michael Smith!)
* debian/examples: testing of URL system identifiers
* correct the filename of ISO entities in the 4.4 DTD; closes: #305745

3. By Steve Langasek

* Non-maintainer upload.
* High-urgency upload for sarge-targetted RC bugfix
* Edit debian/rules to remove build-dependency on symlinks, which is
  slated for removal; and drop no-longer-needed dependency of
  symlinks (closes: #284453).

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