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46. By Martin Pitt on 2011-09-28

releasing version 1.0.7-0ubuntu2.1

45. By Martin Pitt on 2011-09-28

Preserve Ubuntu One service through longer replication period, 10 minutes
changed to 60 minutes. (LP: #834857)

44. By Ken VanDine on 2011-04-16

releasing version 1.0.7-0ubuntu2

43. By Kees Cook on 2011-04-08

releasing version 1.0.7-0ubuntu1

42. By Kees Cook on 2011-04-08

* New upstream release.
  - [critical] desktopcouch-service crashed with PreconditionFailed in
    request(): ('file_exists', 'The database could not be created, the file
    already exists.') (LP: #707321)
  - 0.6.9b => 1.0.5 API break: desktopcouch.find_port() (LP: #710424)
  - desktopcouch-service crashed with OSError in __init__() (LP: #530322)
  - update_bookmark_file() finds but does not use couchdb.tmpl from alternate
    path (LP: #673641)
  - erlang/desktopcouch/beam.smp don't let the processor go idle (LP: #746367)
  - [low] replication_services/example.py needs update (LP: #599847)

41. By Daniel Holbach on 2011-02-04

New upstream release.

40. By Chad Miller on 2011-01-12

* New upstream release, skipping a few buggy releases.
* Split code into binary packages:
  - desktopcouch, configuration files and dependencies, but no code.
  - python-desktopcouch: transitional package
  - python-desktopcouch-application: local DB startup and discovery
  - python-desktopcouch-records: library for DB access anywhere
  - python-desktopcouch-recordtypes: support specific data structures
  - desktopcouch-ubuntuone, replication and pairing with cloud service
* Drop patch that some maverick apps incorrectly needed.
* Update package compatibility-version, 6 -> 7.
* Use newer debhelper and use python-support instead of python-central.
* Depend on contemporary python-couchdb, instead of ancient version.

39. By Chad Miller on 2010-09-30

* New upstream release. Fix brown-paper-bag bug that broke compatibility with
  some apps that access attributes of view objects:
  - The view wrapper that assists with reconnecting did not implement
    attributes that some clients (like Lernid) use. Now, catch any attribute
    access on the wrapper and pass it through to the proxied object. This
    should make the proxy object functionally identical to the destination
    object. (LP: #652095)

38. By Chad Miller on 2010-09-28

* New upstream release.
  - Use the new Ubuntu-SSO package to get credentials to use to replicate
    with Ubuntu One couchdb. (LP: #649320)
  - Be more relisient by trying to restart couchdb when it crashes. Do
    this by passing a proxy object in place of lower-level view objects,
    and on access and failure, reconnect. (LP: #522538)
* Begin to Recommend ubuntu-sso-client, so ubuntuone replication will

37. By Eric Casteleijn on 2010-09-10

* Add Ubuntu One pairing to desktopcouch, the code looks for
  credentials at start time and will listen to them while the dbus
  service is running.
* On couchdb failure, reconnect with logic that starts up the
  couchdb server again and uses the new port. Instead of giving
  python-couchdb view objects to the user, give an object we own
  that implements reconnecting to the server on errors, and proxies
  commands otherwise. (LP: #522538)
* Support new Basic auth for HTTP that our bookmark file
  requires. Make Basic-auth part of compulsory INI file. (LP:
* When a stored record exists and is marked as deleted, and a user
  tries to store a new record with the same ID, do some ugly work to
  make the user's record be the deleted-record's successor. (LP:
* Removed debian/patches/lp_599745.patch since it was included in
* Fix errors in parameters in new code. (LP: #634396 #634784)

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