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26. By Martin Pitt

[ Shane Harbour ]
* NEWS: fixed a typo. (LP: #726616)

[ Martin Pitt ]
* computerjanitorapp/gtk/ui.py: Update require_version() call to current
  pygobject API. Bump python-gobject dependency accordingly.
* computerjanitorapp/gtk/ui.py: Drop the "event.button.button" workaround.
  PyGI now properly handles unions, so it's just "event.button" now.

25. By Barry Warsaw

[ Loïc Minier ]
* debian/control: computer-janitor-gtk depends gir1.2-pango-1.0 not
  gir1.2-pango-2.0. (LP: #720529)

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* setup.py, computer-janitor-gtk.install: Install 24x24.png into
  /usr/share/computer-janitor which is where gtk expects it to be.
  (LP: #720743)
* Fix various apt_cache deprecation warnings.
* debian/rules:
  - Switch to dh_python2.
  - Run the unit tests at build time.
  - Add --keep to dh_installchangelogs.
  - Remove override_dh_pysupport.
* debian/control:
  - Add Build-Depends on python-dbus and update-manager-core so that the
    unit tests can be run at build time. Remove B-D on python-support.
    Change B-D to python-all for tests under all available Python versions.
  - Fix typo in descriptions.
  - Remove XB-Python-Version and add X-Python-Version for dh_python2.
* Note: 2.1.0-0ubuntu2 was a quick fix upload to the archive containing
  the above debian/control file fix.

24. By Loïc Minier

* control: computer-janitor-gtk depends gir1.2-pango-1.0 not
  gir1.2-pango-2.0; LP: #720529.
* Temporarily comment out Vcs-Bzr as I can't commit to it.

23. By Barry Warsaw

[ Martin Pitt ]
* data/ComputerJanitor.ui: Drop obsolete has_separator properties.
* run_from_checkout.sh: Drop setting of $PYTHONPATH. Current directory is
  there by default anyway, and this breaks setting it from the environment.
* computerjanitorapp/gtk/*: Port from pygtk2 to pygi. Works fully with GTK3
  now, with GTK2 we need to disable the right-click popup menu
  (popup_for_device() is introspection safe, but only exists in GTK3.
  popup() isn't introspectable).
* computerjanitorapp/gtk/ui.py: Force GTK2 for now, as we do not yet have a
  GTK3 theme in Natty, and don't carry the GTK3 stack in the default
* debian/control: Update dependencies for the pygtk → pygi switch.
* debian/control: Drop obsolete system-cleaner conflicts and gksu

[ Barry Warsaw ]
* Add Edit menu items for selecting and deselecting cruft.
* Bump version number.
* Update copyright years.
* Python style, whitespace, and import cleanups.
* Print error messages via logger instead of stderr.

22. By Barry Warsaw

* python-dbus cannot type-convert a set, so use a tuple for the package
  set when --all is given to the computer-janitor cli. (LP: #601585)
* Fix exceptoin when the user de-selects all cruft in the ui, then clicks
  on the 'Do' button. Instead, a dialog pops up that says there's nothing
  to do. (LP: #591433)
* Clean up some unused imports.

21. By Barry Warsaw

* debian/control: Add explicit dependency on dbus since depending on
  python-dbus does not yield an implicit dependency on dbus. (LP: #665740)
* computerjanitord/authenticator.py: Explicitly convert start-time to a
  UInt64(0). Under Natty, implicit conversion uses a UInt32 which does
  not match the CheckAuthorization signature. (LP: #676488)

20. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild with python 2.7 as the python default.

19. By Barry Warsaw

Fix icon; given by Pavol Klačanský. (LP: #434431)

18. By Barry Warsaw

Remove dependency on python-fstab since the fstab_plugin is disabled
now and no package provides python-fstab any more.

17. By Barry Warsaw

* Fixes for translation support.
  - Turn {foo} string substitutions back into %(foo)s strings since
    gettext does not yet support validation of {foo} or $foo
    substitutions. (LP: #621723)
  - Ensure that POTFILES.in has the proper type information for the
    ComputerJanitor.ui file. (LP: #612493)

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