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16. By James Page on 2011-04-18

* Fixed management of bind9 (LP: #764391):
  - debian/patches/40_ubuntu_bind9_management.patch:
    - Manage bind9 instead of named daemon.
    - Generate configuration in /etc/bind.
    - Use default bind9 configuration as much as possible.
  - debian/control: Added Suggests: bind9 to cobbler.

14. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-04-07

* Fix koan launch of Ubuntu images in KVM (LP: #751959).
  - debian/patches/37_koan_install_tree.patch: Obtain install tree for
    Ubuntu/Debian differently as we use preseeds rather than kickstarts.
  - debian/patches/38_koan_qcreate_ubuntu_support.patch: Add ubuntu support
    when creating images on KVM. Used for communication with virtinst.
* debian/patches/debian-changes-2.1.0-0ubuntu4: Dropped automatically
  created quilt patch.

13. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2011-04-04

debian/patches/36_tainted_file_path.patch: cherry-pick fix
to tainted file path errors, LP: #750402

12. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2011-04-04

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Really create/install python-koan binary package, LP: #731616
  - debian/control: Add binary package. Depend on python-ethtool.
  - debian/python-koan.install: Install koan python modules.
* debian/patches/35_fix_hardlink_bin_path.patch:
  - Fix hardlink tool bin path and arguments as hardlink in Ubuntu/Debian
    is a different tool from other distros (Fedora/RHEL).

[ Dustin Kirkland]
* debian/cobbler.templates, debian/cobbler.config, debian/cobbler.postinst:
  - add a debconf question for the cobbler user's password
  - update the cobbler/admin user's password in cobbler/settings
* debian/control:
  - depend on openssl, which we use to update the password in cobbler/settings
* debian/patches/33_authn_configfile.patch:
  - move from denyall to configfile authentication now that the password
    is debconf-managed; makes cobbler work out of the box, LP: #741661
* debian/patches/34_fix_apache_wont_start.patch:
  - comment out line that's causing Apache to fail to start, LP: #741661
* debian/cobbler.postinst, debian/cobbler.postrm:
  - fix installation errors associated with restarting apache2 here
  - a2enmod wsgi
* debian/cobbler-web.dirs, debian/cobbler-web.postinst:
  - must create/chown web sessions directory to www-data for the web ui
    to be usable, LP: #741661

11. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2011-03-31

* debian/rules: clean out manpage zipfiles, so that rebuilds work,
  LP: #746847
* debian/cobbler-web.postinst: LP: #746854
  - fix broken link
  - use ln -sf so that upgrades work

10. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-31

* New upstream release.
* Make it a bit more easier to configure cobbler_web (LP: #741661)
* Drop java dependencies since cobbler4j is no longer shipped upstream.

9. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-18

New upstream release.

8. By Andres Rodriguez on 2011-03-11

* debian/patches/31_add_ubuntu_koan_utils_support.patch: Add support for
  ubuntu distro in koan utils.py.
* debian/patches/32_fix_koan_import_yum.patch: Fix import error of yum
  python module; adds flexibility for other package managers. (LP: #731620)

7. By Chuck Short on 2011-03-11

[Chuck Short]
* New upstream release

[Andres Rodriguez]
* Add python-koan package (LP: #731616):
  - debian/control: Add python-koan binary package; fix typo
  - debian/python-cobbler.install: Do not install koan python modules.
  - debian/python-koan.install: Add. Install koan python modules.

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