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17. By Matthieu Baerts

* New Upstream Version (LP: #723995)
* Upstream short ChangeLog (since 2.3.0~0rc1):
 - Updated translations
 - Updated the integration of the new versions of kwin and compiz
    (Switcher, ShowDesktop, etc.)
 - Removed a lot of useless g_print
 - Updated a few plug-ins to fit with the new version of the API (gldit)
 - Fixed a few bugs
 - Updated MeMenu, MessagingMenu and Status-Notifier to works
    with the latest version of dbusmenu, etc.
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install:
 - Added new files (interfaces for python, ruby, vala and mono)
* debian/control:
 - Added new dependences for new applets (sensors and zeitgeist)
    and new interfaces (python, valac, ruby and mono)
 - Updated the version of cairo-dock build-dependences
* debian/rules:
 - Added a new CMake flag to install python interface in debian/tmp
* Updated debian/watch

16. By Matthieu Baerts

* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on libwebkitgtk-dev instead of libwebkit-dev (LP: #704032)

15. By Ken VanDine

No change rebuild for libindicator1 > libindicator2 transition

14. By Bhavani Shankar

No change rebuild for libdbusmenu-gtk1 > libdbusmenu-gtk2 transition

13. By Matthieu Baerts

* New Upstream Version (LP: #653702)
* Fixed a few bugs:
 - All .mo files aren't installed into the right directory (LP: #653336)
 - Dbus: Fixed a crash when exiting Cairo-Dock
 - Indicator: Some modifications needed for the latest
               version of libindicator
 - RSSreader: Prevented a crash if myDrawContext != NULL
 - Clock: Prevented a crash if myDrawContext != NULL
 - Switcher:
  - Prevented a crash if myDrawContext != NULL
  - Fixed a crash if the plugin is launched much time before the WM
 - musicPlayer:
  - Used the right image set from the config panel
  - MPRIS plugin: fixed a bug with the tracknumber
 - Systray: not drawn outside the screen.
 - tomboy: not popup a dialogue inside the screen
 - xfce-integration: displayed a window when logout applet is launched
* debian/control:
 - Updated the version of cairo-dock-dev and cairo-dock-core

12. By Matthieu Baerts

[ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
* New Upstream Version (LP: #638529)
* Fixed a few bugs on LP:
 - Fixed a crash in rainbow view when the cone is completely opened
 - Fixed a crash in rainbow view if the subdock is empty
 - Installed in lib directory by default even in 64bits arch
 - Status-Notifier: fixed few bugs
 - Clock applet:
   - Notify of missed tasks (moved some functions to a new file)
   - Fixed a little memory leak
 - Removed some 'g_print' (LP: #500677: xsession-errors log)
* Updated translations
* debian/control
 - Updated the version of cairo-dock-dev and cairo-dock-core

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/control: depends on latest libindicator-dev (LP: #637692)

11. By Matthieu Baerts

* New Upstream Version (LP: #632054)
* Fixed a few bugs on LP:
 - LP: #616176 Dust Bin Hang and Incorrect Configuration
 - LP: #604034 Change terminal tab's name lost the color
 - LP: #582452 GMenu does not contain any applications
* Fixed a few bugs on glx-dock forum:
 - Fixed support of GMusicBrowser.
 - AlsaMixer has no emblem.
 - Status-Notifier doesn't be drawed into the dock.
* Updated translations
* debian/control:
 - Added cairo-dock-core as build-depends in order to prevent
   some builds errors.

10. By Matthieu Baerts

* New Upstream Version (LP: #614625)
* Fixed a few bugs on LP:
 - LP: #483963: Dustbin applet does not display trashes on all volumes
 - LP: #485159: Some apps have problem with Systray
 - LP: #500677: ~/.xsession-errors is too much used by CD
 - LP: #500979: Shortcuts: the order gets messed up
 - LP: #521531: Mail: crashes on Maildir
 - LP: #519915: GTG: create a new applet to control GTG
 - LP: #526138: GMenu doesn't handle desktop file exec strings properly
 - LP: #531317: CMake: Added an error if the prefix of 'cairo-dock-plugins'
                 is not the same 'cairo-dock-core'
 - LP: #531319: CMake: check the version of 'cairo-dock' when building
 - LP: #537115: Click at the position where icon lavel was, the icon
                 and dock still receive the event
 - LP: #537943: Terminal applet shortkey behaviour
 - LP: #538637: Trash applet doesn't create .trashinfo files on XFCE
 - More details on the 'ChangeLog' file
* debian/rules:
 - Autotools has been replaced by CMake
 - cdbs is now used.
* debian/copyright:
 - Updated with the new applets
* debian/control:
 - Autotools has been replaced by CMake
 - Added libcurl4-gnutls-dev, libindicator-dev, libdbusmenu-glib-dev
   libido-0.1-dev, libical-dev, libdbusmenu-gtk-dev as Build-deps
 - Bump Standard-Version to 3.9.1
 - Wget is required for dnd2share applet
 - Added the exact realease for 'cairo-dock-dev' in order to prevent any
    build error if this package is not already available (thx to didrocks)
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins*.install:
 - All sonames are now installed into lib32 or lib64 (lib*)

9. By Matthieu Baerts

* New bug-fixed release (LP: #576647)
* LP: #575178 (MP: fixed a double-free on the "cover-dir" variable
             of the banshee backend)
* LP: #523447 (MP: fixed a memory buffer overflow when getting the
             cover if the artist or album has chinese/russian characters)
* CD Forum: Switcher : fixed a division by 0 in the case he number
  of desktop is null (can occur if the dock is launched before the WM)
* CD Forum: Mail : allow the dock to isolate the applet if it crashes

8. By Matthieu Baerts

[ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
* LP: #568258 (Rebuild plug-ins with the same version of cairo-dock (core))

[ Iain Lane ]
* debian/control: Update versioned BD on cairo-dock-dev to be restricted to
  applicable upstream versions.

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