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22. By Michael Vogt

* debian/cron.weekly:
  - do not modify the DB "in-place" with --update to avoid
    software-center seeing a corrupted database when it has
    it open at the same time

21. By Michael Vogt

* update-apt-xapian-index:
  - do not crash if the DB is already logged, thanks to Martin Schaaf
    (LP: #590998)

20. By Michael Vogt

* data/org.debian.AptXapianIndex.conf:
  - fix typo

19. By Michael Vogt

* data/org.debian.AptXapianIndex.conf:
  - update policy to avoid warning in software-center on

18. By Michael Vogt

* update-apt-xapian-index-dbus:
  - fix type of "start-time" for policykit (LP: #675533)

17. By Michael Vogt

* Merge from debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - when upgrading, ensure the index is fully rebuild (in the
    background) to ensure that we get updated information in
    /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/{index.values} and that the index
    fully utilizes the new plugins (LP: #646018)
  - use ionice for the index building

16. By Michael Vogt

* debian/postinst:
  - when upgrading, ensure the index is fully rebuild (in the
    background) to ensure that we get updated information in
    /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/{index.values} and that the index
    fully utilizes the new plugins (LP: #646018)

15. By Colin Watson

[ Enrico Zini ]
* Fixed tests on Ubuntu (Thanks Michael Vogt for the patch)
* Added cataloged-times plugin by Michael Vogt
* Handle multiple invocations of indexer via dbus
* Described axi-cache in the package description

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix more crashes when the Dir::Cache::pkgcache file doesn't exist, along
  the same lines as Martin Pitt's change in 0.38 (LP: #267330).
* Use the new MSetItem attribute API, introduced in Xapian 1.0.0, rather
  than the sequence API which was removed in 1.1.0 (closes: #595916).
* Create the XDG cache directory with appropriate permissions if it
  doesn't exist.
* Set better NAME sections in manual pages.

14. By Michael Vogt

* debian/patches/0001-add-cataloged-times-plugin.patch,
  - add cataloged_time plugin that allows us to show "whats new"
* debian/patches/fix-tests:
  - fix test to use "libept-dev" instead of "debtags" because
    debtags is in universe
* debian/rules:
  - add quilt as a build-dependency

13. By Enrico Zini <email address hidden>

[ Martin Pitt ]
* plugins/apttags.py, AptTags.info(): If the Dir::Cache::pkgcache file does
  not exist (such as in our test suite, or simply if the system disables
  it), do not crash but return timestamp == 0, as per documentation.
  (LP: #267330)
* plugins/descriptions.py, indexDeb822(): Fix KeyError on "Description" when
  running in a non-English locale. Instead, look for a translated key and
  index that one.
* axi/indexer.py, setupIndexing(): Round timestamps when comparing them.
  This fixes the test suite failing on almost-but-not-quite-identical
* debian/rules: Run the test suite during build. Add the necessary python
  libs (-debian, -xapian, -apt, and -nose) as build dependencies.

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