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251. By Kees Cook

[ Kees Cook ]
* debian/rules: really ignore "start" result at install (LP: #767829).

[ Brian Murray ]
* Only prepend linux bug titles with [STAGING] if a title exists
  (LP: #767864).

250. By Stéphane Graber

Ignore return code on startup (LP: #767498)

249. By Martin Pitt

* Merge from trunk:
  - Use kde-open instead of kfmclient to open URLs under KDE. Thanks Philip
    Muškovac. (LP: #765808)
* etc/default/apport: Disable by default for the final release.

248. By Martin Pitt

[ Brad Figg ]
* The kernel team has decided that asking the user for a bunch of
  information which they may not be able to answer is the wrong thing to do.
  Therefore, all the propmpting of the user for said information has been
  removed. Also removed is the tagging of "needs-upstream-testing".

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Merge bug fixes from trunk:
  - apport-gtk: HTML-escape text for dialogs with URLs. (LP: #750870)
  - dump_acpi_tables.py: Check to see if acpi/tables dir is mounted first.
    Thanks Brian Murray. (LP: #729622)
  - man/apport-cli.1: Document recently added -w/--window option. Thanks
    Abhinav Upadhyay. (LP: #765600)

247. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Add bash completion support for new -w/--window option that was
    introduced in 1.20. Thanks Philip Muškovac.
  - apport-unpack: Fix crash if target directory already exists.
  - Fix crash if UnreportableReason is a non-ASCII string. (LP: #738632)
  - Fix crash if application from desktop name is a non-ASCII string.
    (LP: #737799)
  - unkillable_shutdown: Fix rare crash if ExecutablePath does not exist
    (any more). (LP: #537904)
  - kernel_crashdump: Fix crash if the vmcore file disappeared underneath
    us. (LP: #450295)
  - unkillable_shutdown: Fix crash if the checked process terminated
    underneath us. (LP: #540436)
  - ui.py: Properly raise exceptions from the upload thread that happen at
    its very end. (LP: #469943)
* data/package-hooks/source_ubiquity.py: Read root-only accessible log files
  as root. (LP: #745455)

246. By Martin Pitt

* New upstream release. Changes since our previous snapshot:
  - Add support for -w/--window option which will enable user to select a
    window as a target for filing a problem report. Thanks Abhinav Upadhyay.
    (LP: #357847)
  - Disable the filtering on SIGABRT without assertion messages. Turns out
    that developers want these crash reports after all. (LP: #729223)
  - Add support for a "DuplicateSignature" report fields. This allows
    package hooks to implement custom duplicate problem handling which
    doesn't need to be hardcoded in Apport itself. Update the launchpad
    backend to tag such bugs as "need-duplicate-check".
  - hookutils.py Update WifiSyslog regex to correctly catch application log
    messages in syslog. Thanks Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre. (LP: #732917)
  - hookutils.py, attach_hardware(): Avoid error message if machine does not
    have a PCI bus. Thanks Marcin Juszkiewicz. (LP: #608449)
  - backends/packaging-apt-dpkg.py: Replace deprecated getChanges() call
    with get_changes().
  - apport-gtk: Fix broken dialog heading if the name of the crashed program
    contains an & or other markup specific characters.
  - apport-gtk: Don't crash if GTK cannot be initialized. This usually
    happens without a $DISPLAY or when the session is being shut down. Just
    print an error message. If there are pending crashes, they will be shown
    again the next time a session starts. (LP: #730569)
* debian/local/apport-chroot: In retracing mode, fix the passed --auth and
  --duplicate-db arguments to be paths within the fakechroot.
* debian/local/apport-chroot: Apply the same absolute path fix to retracing
  mode that we already applied to login mode in 1.19-0ubuntu1.

245. By Martin Pitt

* Merge fixes from trunk:
  - apport-retrace: Intercept SystemErrors from ill-formed gzip attachments
    as well.
  - Fix crash if crash database configuration does not specify a
    bug_pattern_url. Just assume None. (LP: #731526)
  - If a custom crash database does not specify a bug_pattern_url, fall back
    to using the default database's. (LP: #731526)

244. By Martin Pitt

* gtk/apport-gtk: Update require_version() call to current pygobject API.
  Bump python-gobject dependency accordingly.
* Merge from trunk:
  - report.py, add_hooks_info(): Properly report TypeErrors from hooks.

243. By Martin Pitt

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream release:
  - apt backend: Do not generate a warning if the opportunistically added -dbg
    package does not exist.
  - apt backend: Only add -dbg in --no-pkg mode, as there will be conflicts in
    normal package mode.
  - apt backend: Call tar with target cwd instead of using -C; the latter causes
    an extra openat() call which breaks with current fakechroot.
  - launchpad.py: Fix retracer crash if DistroRelease field does not exist.
  - Convert deprecated failIf()/assert_() TestCase method calls to
  - In apport-bug, if the user specifies a PID referring to a kernel thread,
    do the right thing and file the bug against the kernel
  - In hookutils.attach_dmesg, skip over an initial truncated message if one
    is present (this happens when the ring buffer overflows)
  - Change bug patterns to just use one central file instead of per-package
    files. This allows bug patterns to be written which are not package
    specific, and is easier to maintain as well. IMPORTANT: This changed the
    format of crashdb.conf: bug_pattern_base is now obsolete, and the new
    attribute bug_pattern_url now points to the full URL/path of the patterns
    file. Thanks to Matt Zimmerman!
* debian/local/setup-apport-retracer: Drop local installation of packages,
  we now just check that they are installed in the system.
* debian/local/apport-chroot: Convert --auth argument to absolute path, as
  fakechroot needs that.

[ Steve Langasek ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: don't collect bug reports on missing
  menu.lst - this is a user error that they need to fix up on their side.
  (LP: #668888)

[ Matt Zimmerman ]
* data/general-hooks/ubuntu.py: Add UpgradeStatus field to show if the
  system was upgraded from a previous release (and when)
* debian/apport.install: actually install the java_uncaught_exception script

242. By Martin Pitt

* Merge from trunk:
  - Update stack unwind patterns for current glib (slightly changed function
    names), and also ignore a preceding '*'. (LP: #716251)
  - Fix crash_signature() to fail if there is an empty or too short

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