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37. By Lionel Le Folgoc on 2010-09-12

* debian/patches/50_driver_screensaver-properties-desktop.patch: dropped;
  it's not really a vectorized svg and it breaks xfce4-settings-manager;
  startup notification doesn't work as the dialog never removes itself.
  lp: #603222
* debian/patches/series: refreshed.

36. By Robert Ancell on 2010-06-15

* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining Ubuntu changes:
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on ubuntu-artwork
  - Add Vcs-Bzr link
  - Move xli | xloadimage xscreensaver recommends to suggests
  - Add/Update replaces with Ubuntu versions
  - Update package descriptions to list Ubuntu screensavers
* debian/rules:
  - Use /usr/share/backgrounds as image directory
  - Add translation domain to .desktop files
* debian/source_xscreensaver.py:
  - Add apport hook
* debian/split-hacks.config:
  - Use different set of default hacks to Debian
* debian/xscreensaver.dirs
  - Install /usr/share/backgrounds. By default, settings search in
    /usr/share/backgrounds and without it, it displays an error
* debian/patches/53_XScreenSaver.ad.in.patch:
  - Use Ubuntu branding
  - Updated new login command (newLoginCommand) to work with new GDM by
    truncating deprecated arguments to gdmflexiserver.

35. By Harald Sitter on 2010-04-14

Import parts of debian's current .preinst file to get rid of the
previously removed autostart desktop file.

34. By Alessandro Ghersi on 2010-04-10

Removing autostart from xdg, is now on /usr/share so user can copy it if
wants autostart (LP: #554069)

33. By Steve Langasek on 2010-04-06

* Reintroduce changes lost from version 5.08-0ubuntu5:

[ Julien Lavergne ]
* Add debian/xscreensaver.dirs with /usr/share/backgrounds. By default,
  settings search in /usr/share/backgrounds and without it, it displays an
  error (LP: #129769)

32. By Robert Ancell on 2009-11-30

* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes: (LP: #489062)
  - debian/control: add Build-Depends on ubuntu-artwork
  - debian/rules: use /usr/share/backgrounds
  - debian/control: Move xli | xloadimage recommends to suggests
  - debian/split-hacks.config: Use different set of default hacks to Debian
  - debian/source_xscreensaver.py: Add apport hook
  - debian/patches/53_XScreenSaver.ad.in.patch: Use Ubuntu branding

31. By Julien Lavergne on 2009-09-13

Add debian/xscreensaver.dirs with /usr/share/backgrounds. By default,
settings search in /usr/share/backgrounds and without it, it displays an
error (LP: #129769)

30. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2009-09-09

* Install fewer screensavers by default. (LP: #385850)
 - Move all screensavers except fiberlamp, fuzzyflakes,
   antspotlight, glblur, glcells, glmatrix, glschool,
   glslideshow, gltext, and hypertoru to the extra
* Add files split-hacks.sh and split-hacks.config in /debian
  inorder to simplfy moving screensavers between packages. Patch
  from Debian (Thanks to Tormod Volden):
* debian/control:
  - Make xscreensaver-data and xscreensaver-data-extra replace each other
    as files have moved between the two packages. The same is done for
    xscreensaver-gl and xscreensaver-gl-extra

29. By Brian Murray on 2009-07-13

Added an apport package hook (LP: #398007)

28. By Timothy Pearson <email address hidden> on 2009-06-29

Included patch for Phosphor segfault (LP: #357556)

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