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20. By Matthias Klose on 2010-10-05

Don't build xmp-audacious, fails to build with audacious 2.4.
LP: #654635.

19. By Matthias Klose on 2010-09-29

Rebuild for libmowgli soname change.

18. By Matthias Klose on 2010-09-27

Rebuild for libmowgli soname change.

17. By Artur Rona on 2010-07-10

* Merge from Debian unstable, (LP: #604235) remaining changes:
  - Add PulseAudio support.

16. By StefanPotyra on 2010-04-18

* debian/control: Update build-dependency of audacious-plugins-dev to
  audacious-dev since the former was dropped with 2.3.
* src/plugin/audacious.c: Make it compile with audacious 2.3. Taken from
  upstream git together with two additional changes (LP: #564092).
* debian/control, debian/rules: drop dpatch build-dependency and remove
  the dpatch setup, as it didn't work in the first place.
* debian/patches: removed, the change for the 128 bit mixer wasn't applied
  with the last revision, and is not necessarily needed (cf, discussion at
  debian bug #536740).

15. By Artur Rona on 2010-01-15

* Merge from debian testing (LP: #507732). Reamining changes:
  + Add PulseAudio support:
    - debian/rules: Add --enable-pulseaudio to ./configure
  + RFE Compile with 128 bit mixer:
    - dpatch support

14. By Andreas Moog on 2009-07-13

* New upstream release:
  - add StarTrekker packer loader (untested, need samples)
  - extended key range to IT octave 9 (fixes beek-my_eleventh_year.it,
    reported by Mirko Buffoni)
  - ignore tempo/bpm settings to 0 in module scan (fixes albacore.it,
    reported by Storlek)
  - implement IT T0x and T1x tempo slides
  - process effects in IT muted channels (Storlek test #10)
  - generalized delayed event support (Storlek test #8)
  - emulate "always store instrument" IT bug (Storlek test #8)
  - add extra click removal step in mixer routines
  - fix loop size in GMC loader (reported by Mirko Buffoni)
  - GMC loader code cleanup
  - store in-file comments
  - apply amplification in the final downmix
  - set sample format to unsigned on 8-bit wav file output
  - attempt to handle BPM-based MED tempos a bit better
  - add option to use the IT LPF as a click/noise filter
  - deprecate $HOME/.xmprc, use $HOME/.xmp/xmp.conf instead
  - reintroduce modules.conf, move SYSCONFDIR back to /etc/xmp
  - display checksum for platforms where cksum(1) not readily available
  - add filter quirk for rn-alone.it
  - reintroduce manual setting for vblank timing in Amiga modules
  - add vblank quirk for mod.siedler ii (by Daniel Ã…kerud)
  - don't crash if SoundSmith instruments not found

13. By Bhavani Shankar on 2009-07-13

RFE Compile with 128 bit mixer (LP: #393717). Thanks to kevin otte
for the patch(which I modified a bit and was missed in last merge).

12. By Andres Rodriguez on 2009-06-30

* Merge from debian unstable (LP: #394058), remaining changes:
  - Remove arts from dependencies.
    + debian/control: Remove libartsc0-dev from build depends.
    + debian/rules: Remove --enable-arts from ./configure
* debian/rules: Add --enable-pulseaudio from ./configure to provide
  PulseAudio support. Patch provided by Kevin Otte. (LP: #393718)

11. By Andreas Wenning on 2009-01-29

* Remove arts from dependencies. (LP: #320915)
  - debian/control: Remove libartsc0-dev from build depends.
  - debian/rules: Remove --enable-arts from ./configure

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