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41. By Bryce Harrington

* Add 106_tc1100_stylus_buttons.patch: Support TC1100 stylus buttons.
  Thanks Krzysztof!
  (LP: #377444)
* Update note that there is not a -dev for this package because apps
  should be using input properties now, instead.
  (LP: #5918)

40. By Bryce Harrington

Remember to include patch in series file.

39. By Bryce Harrington

Add patches/105_wacf008_baud_38400.patch: Baud rate for this hardware
is autodetecting to 9600, but 38400 gives a better user experience.
(LP: #444612)

38. By Timo Aaltonen

* New upstream version. (LP: #405800)
* xsfbs: Remove deprecated --print-installation-architecture. (LP: #403316)
* waltop-ntrig.diff: Drop support for WALTOP, it doesn't work and crashes
  the server.

37. By Timo Aaltonen

* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes:
  - Bump the epoch because of old Ubuntu packaging.
  - debian/control:
    - Change the Maintainer address.
    - Bump the epoch on Replaces/Conflicts.
    - Don't build wacom-kernel-source anymore (#71944).
  - debian/wacom.postinst:
    Remove old files.
  - debian/rules: Disable the scaling quirk.
  - Enable patch system (quilt).
    - Import debian/xsfbs/*
    - Add quilt to build-deps.
  - Include wacomcpl so the stylus can be calibrated. (#216347)
    - debian/rules: --enable-libwacomxi
    - debian/control: Add tcl-dev, tk-dev to Build-Depends, and tcl,
      tk to wacom-tools Depends.
  - Modify 10-linuxwacom.fdi to support WALTOP and N-Trig.
  - Add 104_revert-check.diff: Don't check the serial number, it breaks
    some devices. Disabled for now, needs testing because part of it
    is upstream now.

36. By Timo Aaltonen

Replace 101_fedora-fix-mapping.diff with
101_dont-touch-the-button-map.diff by Thomas Jaeger, which does the
same and more, and is already upstream.

35. By Timo Aaltonen

* New upstream release. (LP: #355340)
* Patch 100_allow_eraser.patch dropped, included in this version.
* 100_fedora-fix-build.diff
  - Make the driver to build against xserver 1.6.
* 101_fedora-fix-mapping.diff
  - No button 0 in the server, all offsets have to begin at 1.
* 102_fedora-wcmmaxx.diff
  - Don't assign priv->wcmMaxX/Y back into common->wcmMaxX/Y.
* 103_fedora-hal-setup.diff
  - Add a hal callout program to set up the device.
  (LP: #215689, #356091)
* 104_revert-check.diff
  - Don't check the serial number, it breaks some devices.
* Modify 10-wacom.fdi to include changes from Fedora. Should allow
  hotplugging (built-in) serial tablets. (LP: #337112)
* rules:
  - Run autoreconf on build
  - xserver-xorg-input-wacom includes /usr/lib/hal/hal-setup-wacom
* control:
  - autoreconf: add automake, libtool to build-deps.
  - hal-setup-wacom: add libhal-dev to build-deps.

34. By Scott James Remnant (Canonical)

Remove the xserver-xorg-input-wacom init script; the entire script is
better expressed as a single line added to the xserver-xorg-input-wacom
udev rules.

33. By Steve Langasek

* Drop reference to non-existent build-stamp target in debian/rules,
  fixing a build failure.
* debian/rules: call 'unpatch' as part of the clean target, and remove
  the stamp dir.

32. By Bryce Harrington

* Add build system (quilt)
* Add 100_allow_eraser.patch (LP: #257495)
  + Respect TPCButton preference for eraser devices when using pen

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