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43. By Mario Limonciello on 2010-09-23

Grow support for installing GRUB to USB sticks if it's detected in the image
rather than isolinux. (LP: #633712)

42. By Colin Watson on 2010-09-07

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Mangle whether the 'ui' keyword is in syslinux.cfg based on the OS version.
  (LP: #608382)

[ Colin Watson ]
* GTK frontend: don't grey out "Make Startup Disk" when the source is a
  physical CD.
* Use python-debian for Ubuntu release version comparison.
* Add an --allow-system-internal option (Unix only) to allow installation
  to system-internal devices such as hard disks. This is useful when
  preparing test USB images in KVM.

41. By Evan on 2010-08-03

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Continue evaluting whether or not a partition can be used even if
  there is no source present (LP: #566390).
* Change the team from the Installer Team to usb-creator Hackers to
  match the bzr ACL.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Make usb-creator-common depend on parted (LP: #529366).

[ Roderick B. Greening ]
* Fix cannot resize usb-creator-kde main window (LP: #580551).
* Update branding on KDE Icon (LP: #580558).
* Switch from exists to isfile detection in backend (LP: #608741)
* Bump version strings to 0.2.23

[ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* desktop:
  + removed obsolete encoding keys from desktop files
* man:
  + fixed hyphens, minus signs & undefined macros
  + removed non-working "-v" flag from usb-creator-gtk.8 (LP: #574089)
* po:
  + translations dump from lucid. (LP: #570174)
* debian/usb-creator-common.install:
  + install translations (for ppa's, archive will strip them)
* debian/source:
  + using 3.0 (native) format
* debian/copyright:
  + updated to DEP-5 format
* debian/control:
  + removed transitional package (LTS is released)
  + improved extended description
  + added forgotten python-support dependency
  + updated descriptions (thanks Matthew Paul Thomas)
* debian/rules:
  + using dh tiny rules
  + using python-support
  + vendor branded icons installed if available
  + debian-menu installed if there are branded xpm's
* .bzr-builddeb:
  + defaults to native

* Use XDG_CACHE_DIR for usb-creator.log
* Use XDG IconTheme spec for window icons (LP: #535061)
* Fix install button sensetivity (LP: #582531)

[ Ignace Mouzannar ]
* Initial Debian release (Closes: #582884, #576359)
* debian/control:
  + Added Build dependency on kdesdk-scripts (Debian specific)
* debian/usb-creator-gtk.menu and debian/usb-creator-kde.menu:
  + Added these files as per the Debian Menu Policy
* debian/Debian/*.xpm:
  + Added the xpm icons needed by the menu files
* debian/copyright:
  + Added myself in the debian/* copyright

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* Fix kde/frontend.py for PyQt 4.7 which now expects a string not a
  QString for loadUi

40. By Evan on 2010-04-13

[ Roderick B. Greening ]
* Get rid of the needs-format warning for now. It was always shown
  for parent block devices and the confusing resulting from that was
  quite bad. This was previously done for gtk but not kde version.
* Update kde frontend format option to match gtk frontend/backend
  (LP: #553460)
* Add warning dialog to format button for usb-creator-kde, to match gtk.
* Add BusyCursor while formatting under usb-creator-kde, to match gtk.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Change the format button's label to 'Erase Disk' as it wipes the
  entire disk, rather than an individual partition (LP 484252).

39. By Evan on 2010-04-01

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Encode ISO path with UTF-8 when mounting (LP: #460298).

[ Roderick B. Greening ]
* Update KDE Frontend to work with newer PyQt bindings (LP: #553243).
* Bump version to 0.2.21 in setup.py, kde_about.py, usb-creator-gtk,
  and man pages.
* Add explicit version requirement to depend on latest usb-creator-gtk
  for usb-creator.

38. By Evan on 2010-03-30

Fix format failing due to the device being busy (because we were
mounting it unnecessarily).

37. By Evan on 2010-03-24

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Don't force select a source unless the list is empty.
* Reverse the order of the populating ISOs and command line option --iso
  again so that --iso always trumps others.
* Hide the source_vbox again when --iso is used.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Get rid of the needs-format warning for now. It was always shown
  for parent block devices and the confusing resulting from that was
  quite bad.
* Rework partition mounting so that it doesn't fail if the partition
  was mounted between dbus calls.
* Somewhat fix progress reporting.
* Don't write usb-creator-helper's log to /root (LP: #461064).
* Provide a format confirmation dialog (LP: #443330).
* Error out of formatting if we're unable to unmount all of the
  partitions (LP: #507420).
* Provide feedback via a spinning cursor and disabled format button
  while formatting (LP: #457737).
* Only call gtk.main_quit if we're in a mainloop.
* Don't try to unmount a partition in usb-creator-helper unless it
  actually is mounted.
* Unmount the partition at the end of install using
  usb-creator-helper rather than umount as a regular user.
* Handle device changes by synthesizing a remove and add.
* Pulse the progress bar while flushing changes to disk.
* Pulse when installing the bootloader.

36. By Evan on 2010-03-08

[ Mario Limonciello ]
* Move the populating of ISOs from ~/Downloads to before adding an ISO
  from command line option --iso. This allows the command line fed
  ISO to be selected automatically.

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Provide a quick workaround for LP 529366 while a better fix is
  prepared. Ignore errors on setting the boot flag for the target

35. By Kees Cook on 2010-03-04

[ Martin Pool ]
* If the source image is not an Ubuntu image (does not contain syslinux)
  provide a better clue when failing.
* When you add a new source to the source list, select it.

[ Brian Murray ]
* Add an apport package hook (LP: #489908)

34. By Martin Pitt on 2010-02-15

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Fix window layout when -i argument is used.
* Use ubiquity's label wrapping fix.
* Don't tell devicekit-disks to set the partition table to 'none'
  before 'mbr', as it's no longer required.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Port to udisks: Rename all DeviceKit-Disks related D-Bus interfaces,
  object paths, source code files, function names, and variables to their
  UDisks counterpart.
* Replace devicekit-disks dependency with udisks (1.0.x)

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