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35. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* Cherry-picked from upstream:
  - the Places and Applications tabs now caters for localized text
    longer than the English ones (LP: #644275)
* debian/libunity0.symbols:
  - updated for new symbols

34. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* Cherry pick from upstream:
  - Finally load the right translations from .place files for
    "Applications" and "Files & Folders" tooltips (LP: #644215)

33. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* Cherry pick from upstream:
  - hanges the launcher behaviour to launch a new application if no user
    visible windows are found to fix (LP: #647979)

32. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* New upstream release:
  - use get_basename instead of silly str manipulating, should fix (LP: #648625)
  - fix remaining issues when software is at start for non 3D detection
    (LP: #614088)
  - Fix duplicate ubiquity entry in UNE live session (was importing it from
    the GNOME desktop) (LP: #648827)

31. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* New upstream release:
  - refine launcher tile super key overlay aesthetic (LP: #633069)
  - improve Cof logo (LP: #644686)
  - fix a crasher in the place activation (LP: #634364)
  - fixes favorite loading for didrocks (thanks!) (LP: #645835)
  - workaround translation issue for Unity trash (LP: #646653)
  - MT final adjustement for maverick (LP: #645848, #640501)
* debian/control:
  - depend on latest unity-asset-pool
* backport fix to respect workspace layout
* debian/libunity0.symbols:
  - updated

30. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

we need the .c file too (not automatically rebuilt) to fix crash on system
indicators (LP: #645923)

29. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

Cherry pick from upstream bzr to avoid crash when clicking on system
indicators (LP: #645923)

28. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* New upstream release:
  - "Applications" and "Files & Folders" tooltips are not translatable
    (LP: #644215)
  - Fix inactive menus are accessible on switching to a window (LP: #604505)
  - Fix wrong launcher tile label/quicklist x position (LP: #631446)
  - Fix highlighted items in quicklist have different widths (LP: #643315)
  - In migration tool, being safe when people are using crazy caracters in
    desktop file (LP: #644114, #635156)
  - Detect if 3D acceleration support is provided. Otherwise, prompt for
    logout and change default session (LP: #614088)
  - Fix quicklist shows hidden menu items (LP: #641543)
  - Fix removing launchers via dnd fails (LP: #643434)
  - Better launcher auto-scroll performances (LP: #640560)
  - Make the insensitive state of the forward- and back-button more obvious by
    decreasing their opacity, thus users don't assume they are actually
    clickable. (LP: #638285)
  - Fix some dialogs aren't maximized but are undecorated (LP: #628822)
  - Fix some menus don't go away when window closes (LP: #640557)
  - Fixes bug where the wrong icon where at times associated with a tile in
    the places view. (LP: #642935)
  - Speedup icon loading (LP: #641246)
  - Make trash menu items in Unity are either not translatable or translations
    are not loaded (LP: #645038)
  - Fix using dnd on launcher makes focus not work out of the unity ui
    (LP: #637123)
  - Multi-monitor support (LP: #637123)
  - Enable/disable super key by a gconf key (LP: #632581)
  - Remove glow on fold (LP: #619344)
  - Ensure we dont map windows when expose is active (LP: #599766)
  - take new indicator API for action for top-level dropdown menu item not
    activated (LP: #637692)
  - Make the home buttons reactive (LP: #638857)
  - Add red tint when search fails (LP: #607821)
  - New (and final!) UI adjustement, but UNE isn't in the doc as seen with
    the doc team (LP: #627009)
  - Single-touches on the launcher are usually interpreted as a drag
    (LP: #641328)
  - URI activation in global view (LP: #612562)
  - Clicking a Place icon while viewing the same place in the Dash should
    return to the Home screen of that place and clear the search (LP: #607829)
  - Fix mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance() (LP: #641561)
  - Fix panel and menu item font colors don't match (LP: #637480)
  - Fix indicators have orange color (LP: #632975)
  - Fix inactive menus are accessible on switching to a window (LP: #604505)
  - Use semi-transparent rectangle around launcher-icon (LP: #643388)
  - Fix mutter crashes when closing pop-up dialog (LP: #642669)
  - Change launcher icon reference size loading (LP: #641669)
  - Fix mutter crashing in mumble start (LP: #641335)
  - Fix clicking on a category from CoFs does not directly take you to the
    desired category (LP: #638402)
  - Fix some menus don't go away when window closes (LP: #640557)
  - Launchers should act like if the application was not focussed in the place
    views (LP: #637136)
  - Fix mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in mutter_window_get_window_type()
    (LP: #645066)
  - Fix new windows don't get focus (LP: #642994)
  - Fix cropping an image in shotwell crashes unity (LP: #641554)
  - Some fixes on matching user icons (LP: #622146)
* debian/control:
  - depends on latest libindicator-dev for ABI change transition
* debian/libunity0.symbols:
  - update to track internal ABI symbols (only used by places)

27. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* New upstream release:
  - Fix inactive menus accessible (LP: #604505)
  - Fix some more memory leaks (LP: #604777, #621690, #628144)
  - Fix weird behaviors of quicklist (LP: #617339)
  - Provide an "open this folder" button (LP: #633201)
  - Hidden menu causing gap (LP: #600191)
  - Cannot go fullscreen for flash videos (LP: #631381)
  - Can't access menu items from the keyboard (LP: #636728)
  - Don't register for MDRAGs since they aren't used (LP: #632613)
  - Don't run indicator on special launchers (LP: #627488)
  - Center arrows position in folded launcher tiles (LP: #633084)
  - Launcher icons first appear as white upon login (LP: #601093)
  - Removes jittering when rubber band is in use on the launcher (LP: #632991)
  - Mutter restarts on closing almost any application (LP: #634701)
  - Can't launch apps like synaptic with root privileges from launch bar
    (LP: #599298)
  - Launcher tile dragging shouldn't be masked (LP: #631443)
  - Fix Carousel-ed icons have distorted perspective (LP: #607515)
  - Use no longer sync call (LP: #620011)
* update debian/libunity0.symbols

26. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

* New upstream release:
  - Correct the offset of the quicklist so it doesn't jump to the right when
    expanding from a tooltip. Fixes (LP: #631446)
  - Log apps launched via unity-place-application (LP: #632203)
  - Fix launcher does not contract if a menu is open (LP: #631452)
  - Auto scroll speed is now corrected (LP: #633045)
  - Removes jittering when rubber band is in use on the launcher (LP: #632991)
  - Fix clicking on the right of the divider also triggers action on logo
    (LP: #636602)
  - Full i18n support (LP: #637128)
  - Avoids the crash on Super-key-shortcuts with places. (LP: #632460)
  - Pressing enter in search mode should activate the first result
    (LP: #620945)
  - Esc close the places view (LP: #599891)
  - Launcher shouldn't 'fold' when hovering on a quicklist (LP: #632079)
* update debian/libunity0.symbols

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